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The "a-ha" moment is satisfying, especially in the final level! This is a great concept that I think could be extended even further, if you want. I also like that the player snaps to the moving platform, makes it much easier to control. In my opinion, a side view would be better for this game than the isometric view, as the game only lets you move left, right, up, or down.

Thank you! I agree, I think I should've made the difficulty curve less steep.


Thank you for your feedback!

This is a nice game, though a bit rough around the edges. I like that the orange cube kills the player, as it means the player would need to be constantly on their toes. The level design is good, too. 

If there's one thing I'd want to be improved on, it would be to make the screen slightly larger than the stage itself, so the player has space to move the orange box, instead of the orange box instantly jumping from one spot to another. Another way would be to have the orange box collide with the edges of the screen, so the orange box would stay in screen, even when the mouse position is out of screen.

This is a good interpretation of the theme. I like most of the puzzles, though for some of them I feel the solution to be unsatisfying, since a lot of the parts weren't used in my solution. The music is great!

Thank you for the nice feedback!


Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for playing! I unfortunately couldn't add the music/sfx in time, so the game is silent.

Thank you very much!

Solid platforming controls, and I like the audio being distorted as the camera goes out of control.  I think this game made use of its mechanics well.

Whoa. I love this. The mechanics and the level design delivers the message very well.


The way the game starts by making sure the player knows they're in danger, then repeats that lesson several times. By the end you don't encounter any more cliffs and you think "Wait... am I safe now?" and push on, despite being a bit nervous. That's a genius idea right there.


Also, the music is great.

This is really fun! Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd like to see improved on this, since it's already very well made. I think the only thing I don't really agree with is the decision to put the controllable character's health on the corner of the screen, instead of under the character like the other guy.

I had also encountered a bug where the uncontrollable character goes back and forth near the coin and doesn't collect it. Can't seem to reproduce the bug, though.

A character whose movements is out of control, that's a good take on the theme. I think the mechanic of allocating points to control the characters is a good idea. I end up using the same configuration of point allocations for all of the levels, so if that wasn't your intention, I think that would be something to improve.

This is among my favorite submissions in the jam. The puzzles are great. I'd love to see more of this.

This is a neat idea. I find it a bit frustrating to have to go back and forth by clicking the robot, but otherwise I like it.

This is a great idea! It would be great if the player could see a bit more, so they can anticipate the cars/cones coming.

I like the idea, and it's executed well. The solution makes sense, though it's pretty hard to come across.

This is a great interpretation of the theme! It's well executed, though I think the platformer controls could be better.

This is an interesting take on the theme, turning a platformer into a puzzle. It was pretty hard to fight my instincts, but I finished it regardless. I find it a little annoying that I can't see the entire level beforehand, but overall this was pretty fun.

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A cookie clicker that went out of control! I love it. I had a lot of fun playing it, too. Also, maybe the amount of cookie needed to fail could be maybe smaller.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! I agree, I think I could've made the wall jump better.

I like this interpretation of the theme. Just like the other commenter, I also end up just mashing my keyboard throughout the end. I'm not quite sure if this game was better with or without that strat, but since it seems this was your intention, I think it's all good. I also had a bit of fun with the game!

Sorry, I didn't test the Windows version beforehand. It seems the browser version is working well, though.

I love the art! The character was fun to control. I also appreciate the timer being fast forwarded if all the tasks are completed.

Hey, thank you for playing and for your nice feedback! Unfortunately, I couldn't add the audio in time, so the game will have no audio. Sorry!

I like it. Like others have mentioned, the impacts feel great. I feel like the player's movement feels a bit too slippery, though.

Thank you! It definitely was a mistake on my end, as I didn't state the rules clearly.


I agree that this idea could be executed in a much better way. I think my biggest blunder was spending too little time in designing the puzzle part. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I like this. The gameplay feels good, just add some sound effects and it would be super juicy! I'm also kind of confused as to how the health system works.

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Oh hey, we have a similar idea! To add to what the other commenters have said, I can't really tell which enemy I've hit. Would love to see what you'd come up with, given more time.

The camera control is feels off, but everything else is great and I had fun playing it.

This is a great idea, really like the horror vibes.


It was explained during the story bit at the beginning, but I probably should've made it clearer. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks a lot! I purposefully made the player's hit box smaller to make it easier.