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Right intresting thanks for the info :)

Yh i suppose your probably right. Snow really, I wouldn't have thought that close to the equator, I've wanted to go to Africa for a while now but I would guess it's very different depending on where you go. Is Morocco westernized?

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Yh I think judges would be a much better idea, I've never tried a 30 day jam yet, I feel like personally that would be too long as I am a professional procrastinator, Morocco looks nice probably a bit too hot for me but it's always a good idea to get out of the UK as soon as possible :)

Hello again, hope your doing well.

Game Jams


  • Forces you to "complete" a game in a short period of time
  • Get feedback to see if the game is worth completing
  • Get to see other people's solutions to the same theme
  • Good way to test skills as a developer


  • Many jams are a little too short for a solo developer
  • A few of the comments left on peoples games are either negative, not useful, or just fishing for ratings
  • Ratings seemed to not be a clear indicator of how good the game was, I feel people tend to rate emotionally rather than seeing the game for what it is

Only suggestion for this jam would be for it to have been a little longer as I feel the rivalry theme takes a lot of work (I think 12-14 days would have been perfect)

Favorite Games

In this jam: Looper

General: Counter Strike 2, (currently). Minecraft, GTA5 (all time)

Strong/Successful Games

I feel the strength of video games is that they have the ability to transport you to an alternate reality, and in turn bring a lot of joy to many people

I feel like the key to a successful game is long term playability and community engagement


I am  an indie games developer (have released 3 games and 1 app on android) straight out of college (UK) and have struggled to gain any significant traction on any of my games, have some ideas for some bigger games but either need funding or to make some decent money before embarking on that mission

Nice spin on the classic restaurant game, the artwork is nice and the overall mechanics are good, felt the paw drops a little off to where i think it should and found it overwhelming at the start whilst working out how to play, but maybe thats a me problem :)

I like the artwork it fits the game well, the pace feels good, there were multiple times where i had no clue what to do, I think a short tutorial would really help someone new to this genre :)

Nice game, the artwork is very cool, personally felt like the pet had too much power for the size of the map :)

Glad someone else found this amusing too, didn't quite get enough time to fix all the AI problems, thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, what part of the gameplay didn't make sense?

Nice game, with great artwork, the blood effect looked very good, the amount of enemies felt overwhelming to start with, and I think an ammo and reload feature would help stop just constant spamming, but then again I died quite quickly so maybe unnecessary :)

Nice difficulty progression, would be nice to see your score ingame, the fruit sometimes spawns half off the screen which make it look less polished aswell as the character being able to go off screen, some ideas I had for development would be stun the player if a fruit lands on them rather than the blanket and have the dropping items spawn in the tree first before they fall so there is more unpredictability, unfortunate that you were disqualified :( good luck on future projects :)

Nice game concept and the simple art style works well :)

Very cool game, artwork all felt complete, and overall game felt good, I don't know if this is intentional but when you used all your shrink you wouldn't be able to move and it felt a bit buggy to me, but still very enjoyable :)

Nice start to a game, found it confusing when you reset after every round, and died what seemed randomly when 2 enemies where close on round 6 :)

Glad you enjoyed :)

Oh :( the lag is unfortunate such an easy fix but didn't quite get round to it glad you still enjoyed inspite of it, thanks for the input, I'll have a look at that game and see if it has some inspiration :)

Hello, glad you liked it, thanks for such a motivating comment :)

Glad you liked it, I plan on adding in this feature for the full release, thanks for playing :)

Fun speed running game, the grappling hook is very satisfying but as it can reach so far it means i don't really use any of the other controls, don't know if this is intentional but feels like cheating to me :)

Fun game with a great leveling system, i really like the crowd creates a good atmosphere, noticed a bug where the player stat upgrades dont save :)

Simple but addictive, shame about the bird, another way you could fix it is to make it swoop down as the arms raise up :)

Oh right I thought the different weapons were just cosmetic, I think different damage would make it more clear, but I do like the fast time to kill makes it more realistic

This game is very cool, I like the consept and the art style, some other maps would have been nice to increase diversity and make the game more enriching in the long term :)

The art is very cool and the multiplayer element is great, I feel the how to play could be condensed i don't think you need to explain the main menu and it could just be the quick start guide :)

Nice variety of weapons, a lot to do in such a short time, the levels felt bare in there current form would be nice to see the menu art style  used throughout :)

Nice laid back game with good graphics, would have been nice if there was minigames for each sabotage to make the game more dynamic :)

Nice little game, with a good difficulty progression, personally think nonlinear movement would improve the feel :)

Nice simple game, enjoyed the overall feel of the game, think a choice of weapons with different damage for each would have been a nice touch :)

Hello, good thanks, I haven't worked on any optamization yet ran out of time, I use Godot and Pixel Studio, making a game alone in such a short period of time is quite stressful but apart from that the only real difficulty was the AI, ispiration came from super smash bros and cs:go but it should have it's own unique feel hopefully. Hope you enjoyed playing and this answers all your questions :)

Right, I'll have a look at this, your probably right didn't get much time to play test, thank you for the input :)

Alright thank you for the input, I'll tweak the duration for the full release :)

Thanks for playing, hope you had fun, there is a draw function but it takes about 10 seconds to kick it would have been better for it to calculate based on the last nade thrown but unfortunately didn't get round to this so it does cause some awkward moments, i plan to add in nade drops and potentially supply   crates which would allow for longer gameplay, what did you mean by make the weapons faster, there speed throught the air?

Glad you enjoyed playing, i was aware of this overpowered combo but unsure the best way to fix it, would be happy to take any suggestions if you have a good solution, thanks for the feedback

Thanks for playing, glad you liked the graphics, the AI was a bit rushed surprised me that it seems to be beating the majority of people who played i think with a  few tweaks this could be fixed, the lag is just caused by the shaders loading in for the first time unfortunately didn't have enough time to preload them, really affects first impressions :(

Sorry no I wasn't saying it was bad (it's good) I enjoyed my time playing. But I just feel that with some polish it has the potential to be great. Some ideas that come to mind are: warnings on the main page, slightly slower difficulty progression, and maybe some other gamemodes that you have to visit less often

Fun murder mystery game, fits the theme well, the spies are great suprisingly difficult to see every murder

Very easy to understand, felt the fights were a bit one sided depending on which wizard you used

I like the art style works well together, the puzzles are fun to try figure out the best solution, would be nice to have some sort of indication of how well you did after each puzzle

The game is very atmospheric, and I like the simple colour theme, the difficulty progression felt very extreme couldn't make it past the second spawner, I think if you didn't have to reload this would potentially fix that

The artwork goes well together, the pigeon is a nice addition, would be good to be penalised the longer you wait to drop the next block maybe by droping the height of the crain slowly over time