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Thanks for the feedback, there's some bugs that I didn't get to fix before the deadline unfortunately

Thanks for the feedback, I think the button collisions on some devices are smaller than on other, and reproduction occasionally glitches, sounds like you got unlucky sorry

Glad you liked it, they probably died if they didn't have enough food, didn't have enough time to do a death action so they just disappear :)

Looks like a good idea, but I don't know what I'm meant to do 

You drag fish in from the sides of the tanks, when you release your mouse a fish will spawn

Nice polished game, meets the theme very well

Nice game enjoyed playing, would have be nice to be able to control shooting direction

Thanks for the feedback, Can you not drag any food in? The collisions on the buttons are close to the edge of the screen

Nice casual game done well, very complete

Glad you liked it, I have just uploaded a info sheet, I hope this helps :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Thanks, glad you liked it

Nice game with great visuals

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the detailed feedback:

- if you hit F11 will show the whole screen as the game is 1080 x 1080

- unfortunately had never made a grid based game before so had to bodge one for this jam

- I think there might be a bug with that but it worked fine for me??

- Plan on releasing as a phone game so hopefully swipe controls will be more intuitive

Yh sorry about that the collision shapes on the walls and objects are a bit scuffed :)

Thanks glad you liked it :)

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback :)

Great thank you, I can understand why people found it hard to understand now, your help is greatly appreciated

The option to change between is a good idea, but do you think it's that down should correlate to face on the cube that is the darkest? And originally i was working on an image with the dark face on the other side of the cube.

The artwork is great, and the game has a nice concept

Very creative game, with good playability

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Glad you liked it, isn't the theme collaborating with ai? (ai being a robot, machine, npc, anything but a human "as stupid as you want"), and isn't the player collaborating with a robot in order to reach the next level?

Just tried that and feel it would makes it easier to get used to the controls, but it does cause a few more bugs

Fun game once you work out what each of the tiles do

Great game, I liked how hectic it gets with everything happening at once

Good game with potential, would have been nice to have more level to complete

Fun game, I feel the ships detection area is too small as I struggled to shoot some of the faster ships 

Thanks for the feedback, do you have any ideas of how the controls could be changed in order to make them more intuitive?

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback, I plan to implement both those ideas

Thanks for the feedback, any advice on how the controls could be improved would be great as this is the first isometric game I have made. :)

Really fun game, enjoyed all the customisation options. I got to wave 19 it was so laggy it became unplayable but apart from that great game

Nice game concept, great job

Great game, really like the simple graphic and game mechanics

Nice concept, but I'm unsure how much effect my actions had on the outcome

Fun game, I like the robots controls

Thanks, good idea :

Good idea we had the same idea but ran out of time to make those levels.

Really liked the artwork and the ability to customise the bot, couldn't understand what the robot voice said

I really like this game, a very unexpected ending

Great game really like the concept, personally found the short timers too hard to work with