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Thanks for playing!

Very spooky!

I like the name of the game!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing our game! This game definitely needs polishing in many areas, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing our game!

File size is way too big. Does look nice though.

Nice game about murdering cows.

Very freaky game.

very cool idea.

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Thanks for playing our game!

Planning to update the game a bit to lower difficultly, hope you can give it another go when that happens.

Otherwise thank you for 

thanks for playing our game!

Brilliant interpretation of the theme!

I can't find that ID

thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your feedback!

I like the humor. 

Interesting interpretation of bullet hell.

Nice game, the characters look very cute.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing our game!

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The game is pretty good, just needs a bit of polish here and there.

The game loop is there, you definitely have a complete game. The art is pretty nice, the chibi girl is really cute looking. Music is pretty good too has a fantasy feel to it. 

If squash and stretch could be added through code to the portraits whenever they change from one image to another, that may add a bit of life to them. The magical girl could use a bit more animations and or some kind of procedural ones that add some overlapping animation for things like the cloth and the ponytail, will make it look more dynamic/alive. 

Audio and visual feedback could also use a bit of work. When the waves/bullet hits the player and or the enemy, there should be something shown visually or a sound should play to indicate that the reaction. There is already red flashing on the enemies on hit, but maybe it needs a bit more.  Things you can consider adding are things like stuttering, particle effects, Hit sounds, screenshake/sprite shake.

Scroll wheel controlled aiming is a bit awkward, might be nicer if the aim is tied to direction of where the cursor is.

Other than that, the game is pretty good, as brought up at the start of the review/feedback.

I like the juice in the game, there is just enough audio visual feedback to make the action and reactions look and feel nice. The enemy animations look cute. A lot of animations in this game, really nice to see. 

Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for playing our game!

Thank you for playing our game and for your in-depth review/feedback!

Thanks for playing our game and for the feedback!

Art is nice, characters look cute. 

Animation looks good but the way the motion themselves look rather odd. When attacking, it might be better to have the character look like they are leaning forward a bit more. Standing perfectly straight almost leaning backwards and swinging that knife doesn't look as nice as leaning forward and swinging. 

Gameplay needs a bit more polish, in a way that makes everything string together better, maybe some particle effects here and there, enemies can have some knockback effect like the one one the player, I am sure these will benefit the game visually. 

Overall pretty good.

The art has a very N64 feel to it, quite nice. Sadly my PC is too potato to run this thing in a good framerate.

Thanks for playing our game!

nice spookie atmosphere

I like the art style. 3D bullet hell enemies are interesting.

The character are nice, they stare into souls. 
Enemies look cute. 

3 weeks is a lot of time for a game jam, our game doesn't even have that much 3D assets. Regarding the models having stock-asset feel, I guess I can take that as a compliment, though I think my assets are really rough, don't think they are even worthy of being stock-assets.

Thanks for playing our game and leaving feedback.

Thanks for playing our game !

You don't suck, our game is just too buggy TT^TT

With level 1, you must scare the npc down the platform and then get him to jump over you towards the exit. If he lands on the left side, where the platforms are, he will get stuck and you may need to ctrl+f4 to force exit.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you for playing!

The chicken are unfortunately fated to be eaten T.T