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it took me a while to figure out what to do, but when i finally got it, i was very impressed by the idea. it's like you invent your own alphabet and have to learn it on the fly. but the learning curve is very steep at the beginning and i think it would work better on a tablet?! i found the mouse control somewhat frustrating...

ok, this was a blast. linguistic puzzles are a great idea for a game and one i haven't seen in games so far. haven't played all the 1200 other games, but think mark should really take a closer look here...

nice spin on a classic. though, you kinda do push boxes around. there's a strange behaviour, that the boxes stay green, when you push them off the circles, especially when you push several boxes over the same circle, as they will all turn green, but the door won't open. other than that: i can see some potential there, especially when you embrace the bomberman-side of the game a bit more (like long blast radius that makes it part of the puzzle not to be bombed to death, or a fast paced multiplayer...)

game runs for me, concept sounds interesting and art is nice, but i couldn't figure out what to do, other then switch to night mode and be killed - control scheme would be crucial, also: a way to exit the game. i would recommend to make a template for basic scene management (title screen, controls, main game, game over screen) that has all the scene transitions and just use it for prototypes, so you don't have to spend time on them, but still make the game more accessible.

quite challenging (in a good way) though to be fair: it doesn't really miss a game mechanic, but the controls are changed instead.