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The theme was adorable. The balance was pretty punishing (which is fine), but for a Binding of Isaac style game, I expected more item drops. I found that some runs I got 3 items on the first level and some I got 1, but it felt like it was a bit all over.

Enjoyed it quite a bit.

Oh, another suggestion that I forgot: Having the cards ordered so that "sell" effects are always after "play" effects would be helpful templating.

Similarly, always having a consistent order like "pay cost, damage, heal, draw" might make the cards more readable.

I had a blast and made it to 14 kills before dying using the "draw as many cards as possible" strategy which was really fun. Probably played for 2 hours at least.

This game hits me right in the genre that I love most, so thanks for making it.

Only suggestions (other than balancing) would be:

- allow keyboard controls like Slay the Spire so that I can hit 1,2,3,4 instead of the cards since my finger got tired on the trackpad

- allow more than 5 cards in hand or warn before doing something like using a draw 2 with 5 cards in hand. It was surprising in a disappointing way

- allow some way to permanently shred cards since the base cards and early cards end up cluttering the deck quite a bit. I understand that this might be intentional, but it was sad to pick early cards knowing that they'd be detrimental later

I loved the concept of the game, but I found the controls pretty jarringly hard, particularly with the time constraints. I wish I had better understanding of the combos as I was playing because I just felt like I didn't have time to process things for the first game. A more gracious learning curve might help, but also the real-time nature will probably make it hard eventually regardless (which isn't a bad thing!)

It seems like a fun concept! I wish that there was more level progression because I just  dumped money into the upgrades early and then it kinda felt like a grind without difficulty progression for the next 4-5 levels. I also found that the slime random movement felt cool at first (and looks neat) but was mostly annoying since they would move on top of me and I didn't feel like I had much need for control of my movements once I ran out of swords (which weren't really needed).

I love the core concept/theme of the game as a fun take on Moonlighter and I think it could be explored way more. Well done for 7 days!

Really cute animation and I loved all the jokes. The gameplay felt pretty odd since most of the game I just tried to keep my level low and killing enemies mostly didn't help. The level progression also seemed to have no impact.

I'm not sure why pushing is good or bad, or why sometimes boxes can't move.

Overall doesn't really feel finished, but has some nice elements.

There is something horrifyingly cannibalistic about a tomato eating tomato slices though!

This is smart! I didn't notice it but I also tend to fly through instructions faster than I should probably.

I like the current oath situation as one of some mystery. It seems like the game is telling me that I should try to not hit anything until the final boss if possible, which just seems pretty tricky!

This is such a tight and cute game. I agree it was pretty easy, and wish there was more of a progression beyond just learning enemy moves.

That being said, the game was beautiful and engaging to the point that I didn't think about this until I won on the first play through. Really well done!

Fun little space shooter that is right in my wheelhouse since I love Endless Sky. It has a much harder learning slope than most of these kinds of games and enemies come in fast! I wanted more breathing room to explore the world and get my ship the way I wanted since even the little enemies were pretty lethal to me as a newbie.

Seems super interesting, but trying to play in a browser is pretty hard, at least on a Mac since it's limited to 800px so it's just *very* small and I have old-man eyes.

Such a cool concept, especially on as limited a system as a PICO8. Being able to see a preview of the next level with drop-through location is going to have me thinking for a long time.

I do wish that there were more of a progression and a "win" concept, but this is such a good result for a 7DRL.

Fun and clearly gorgeous. I wasn't very good at it and I felt myself in the "I can never spend an item because I might need it later" problem a lot, but I think this could be a great game for people who enjoy the puzzle aspect of stealth games.

The game felt nice and the aesthetics are gorgeous, even down to the music. I didn't know what I was doing for a fair amount of it, and definitely felt bad always breaking my vows, particularly because I didn't know how to avoid it.

I also just always got wrecked by the first boss, so I'm probably doing something wrong.

Can't help the feeling that I'm missing quite a bit because it seems nicely crafted but I got stuck a little.

Nice little real time game. Not too complicated, and some of the level jumps are jarring, but it is a great simple real time rogue.

Really easy to understand, fun to play, and has depth to it! Only suggestion would be to make the first few levels a little faster since they are repetitive once you know all the monsters.

Yeah, it seems like the core was good, but this experience really taught me a lot about the limits of a browser-based mobile game.

It tends to perform well on wifi connections, but lag is very real given the way it's all set-up and the hardware it's on. Overall not ideal, but it was a fun experiment. Thanks for trying it out!

I had lots of fun and finally won on Easy. The movement is so responsive that it's fun to just kite around, but the weapons add a fun choice element.

Fun little game! The animation definitely helped me understand the pathing. It did seem a little easy once I got the hang, but it could be that armor is just very good. The time pressure could maybe ramp up to make it feel like I had urgency since my armor managed to tank all of the "damage coming in X turns".

Still a fun concept and well implemented!

Cool concept. For some reason it just stopped after level 4 and I never figured out if the pick-ups mattered since Q seemed not to work for me.

for me the part that confused me was which enemies I should care about or how much they’d deal. I probably just need to pay better attention to the log!

Enjoyed the concept a lot! It was a little hard for me to figure out how to get mana production going and it seemed like I lost all my mana every level, but I can imagine getting a fun engine going if I got better at it.

Level size is definitely big right now. As with every 7DRL, we had grand plans and ended up not having time to do everything.

Since it's stealth-based but lets you switch to loud running, it's hard to decide what "too slow" is for move speed, but I sympathize with the long corridor walks issue.

Yeah, the gunners are scary! Basically hiding behind walls and waiting for them to come to you is the only way I've found through them.

The ambiance of this is amazing. Since I'm reading the book right now I could really feel it.

This also reminded me of Shandalar! I love that game and it was great.

This was one of the most fun ones I've played! I wish there were a one sentence description on pieces so I could learn about them (I never figured out some of my own pieces even by level 7) but still had such a fun time. The game gets so out of control on the high levels, it's amazingly fun and silly.

Had a lot of fun with this one. It was definitely confusing on how essence worked, since I was unsure (even to the point that I died on level 19) what could hurt me and what couldn't. Still a fun game, and the core mechanic of consuming small enemies to gain their abilities OR your HP was a fun one.

Played this one for a couple hours and it was a blast (no pun intended). Thanks for the fun game (even if I relied on the broken telescope a bit too much)

This was honestly a blast. Thanks for the innovative game!

Had a great series of plays. The variation on potions having multiple effects is really cool.

This game is such an amazing idea! I enjoyed playing through and despite having some annoyances (that are expected and not the game's fault) about not having tab completion and other things I'm used to in BASH, I still loved it.

Not sure if it was just the browser size, but when I tried to "cd agent-reg.government" on the page, it chopped off the "t" and put it on a new line which meant I couldn't figure out how to actually take down the server. Allowing "*" or something would make that easier, but I understand that 7 days is super hard.

Thanks for the cool experience!

Thank you so much for playing! I honestly didn’t expect anyone to, especially since it was my first and my goal was to just make it mildly playable. Dragons are definitely bearable, but it’s pretty much just based on luck of drops.

As always during hackathons, timing crushed my ability to balance or add the fun stuff I wanted.

Thanks for the friendly review of a pretty minimal game.