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Thank you for your support!

The app is writtten in GameMaker, it is possible that I forgot to swap to the yyc compiler for the latest release 🙂

If you have any thoughts, questions or feedback feel free to post them here or by contacting me on discord! (JustFredrik#2275)

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I instantly die when pressing play. 

I would recommend placing some platforms under the player when the game starts so players can get familiarized with the game environment before having to do inputs. As of now, I have to instantly press right to survive when I start the game. 

The controls are very rough and it's very hard to do micro-adjustments. If you changed the movement to have some acceleration or that inputs would ramp up in strength when held in so small taps would do micro adjustments I think it would be a lot easier to maneuver and get the player to where you intend / to want it to go. 

The game is really lacking sound effects. If you are not an audio designer then I recommend checking out BFXR, it's a really easy software that anyone can use to generate 8-bit sounding sfx! :)

Interesting game and rolling dices are truly a core mechanic of the game. Great use of the theme.

The main issue with the game is that it lacks clarity. There are a lot of hidden mechanics that are not clearly telegraphed to the player. I had you in chat while I played it, but without being explicitly told of certain mechanics I would've never understood the mechanics.

I would focus on telegraphing important info to the player such as the side that you are not allowed to land on by possibly changing it's color. You should also try and figure out if you could make levels that teach players the mechanics intuitively. 

Absolutely fantastic game.

It's very clear that you are an experienced group of devs who know what you are doing.

The only thing to note is that the difficulty ramping was fairly slow and could use some tweaking.

At one point it felt easier than in the beginning. You could possibly skip a few of the waves and make it harder faster. 

I think the game would gain a lot from making the numbers flash and scale as they get updated to draw the player's attention. Right now the game screen is very static. Adding a flash and some squash to the character getting damaged would make it visually clear which character gets damaged and would make the game look less static.

The friends / assisting characters stack and there's a UI bug where you see two of the buddy texts at the same time if the mouse hovers above both where their sprites overlap.

The art is very nice but you have different pixel scaling for the assets which make the game look like a mash-up of unrelated assets. Having a uniform pixel scale for all assets would've made the game look a lot more polished and cohesive. 

Artist did a great job on the sprites.

Very nice introduction to the game mechanics.

It's a very original mix of quiz/game show and a puzzle game.

I personally think the theme could've been worked into the game a bit more. As of now, the dice aren't much more than a substitute for regular numbers in the UI.

The UI design is nice but you've got weird pixel scaling between assets. The game would look more cohesive if you had a uniform pixel scale for all of your assets.

I think that with some polish this could for sure be a full release, possibly as a mobile game! :)

Very well-made puzzler with great visuals.

The dice when held in the hand obscures the crosshair making it hard to see what I'm doing/ where to place things. I would move the dice to the side or away from the crosshair so players can see where they are looking. Some sort of feature where you can inspect the sides of the dice before placing, perhaps a UI element showing the sides that you can't see would help.

It was a bit unintuitive that dice sides had to be equal to connect. I think you could've taught players about it by having a puzzle where two dices had the same side connected and a third where they were different values without a connection. Having a setup like this would intuitively teach players about the mechanic. 

The sensitivity was a bit odd and movement felt rough.

With some polish, more levels, and more mechanics you could release this as a full release.

Pixel scaling is way off between assets. I would highly recommend keeping a uniform pixel scale for all in-world elements and a uniform pixel scale for all UI elements. Even though you made all art assets for the Jam they look like a mash-up of random assets due to the mix of pixel scales.

The black boxes with text at the beginning of the game made me understand what to do instantly and got me into playing very fast.

Fun and interesting gameplay. My main concern is the difficulty scaling. In the middle of the game, I felt like  I was very close to winning with little to no awkward/weird meter. That got fixed in the later game but I feel when I got a lot of bad results and my awkward meter caught up with the 'good' meter. 

The only thing that confused me was the dice that gave me more dice. I think it could be clarified a bit more what it is by having a similar black box around it with text that explains it the first time one of them appears.

 In the current build, a lot of assets have different pixel scales which makes the game look like a mashup of unrelated assets. Art-wise your game would've looked a lot more cohesive if you would've gone with a uniform pixel scaling.

The gameplay is fairly complex and while fun and interesting and I love that you went with a digital board game I think a concept like this may hinder you in ratings due to the complexity of the game. People do not spend too much time learning games and if mechanics are too complex you may run the risk of people dropping the game.

You have fairly large cards for placing upgrades but it only counts as an upgrade if you place the dice in the specific dice spot. I assumed I would get the upgrade by just placing the dice on the upgrade card. I would recommend adding a feature where dices get magnetized to the correct spot if they are placed anywhere on the upgrade card.

You could also add a scale and a flash to numbers whenever a number is updated to draw attention to the player that something has changed. The numbers are an important aspects so it's important to make sure players are aware when the change. 

I think art-wise you could've restricted your palette a bit more. Some assets have a lot of very similar shades which could've been simplified to a smaller palette. I think you could also look into pillow shading and study how to avoid it. 

I appreciate that you have a uniform pixel scale in the game world, all assets blend well and the art style is cohesive. 

You have a mechanic where you can shift gears, but as of now, it seems like there is no drawback to going at max gear all the time. A way you could've made the shifting mechanic more engaging is that you could've added a trade-off to the higher speeds in the higher gear by making higher gears turn slower. This would force players to weigh in pros and cons and constantly shift up and down to optimize their driving. Go fast in straight lines and shift down to turn in corners and back again. 

The Dice mechanic is not much more than a UI replacement for random numbers, the theme could've been more deeply ingrained into the game design.

There doesn't seem to be much of a difficulty ramp up. I would tweak things so each delivery would require faster and faster deliveries until players eventually fail and then prompt the player with their high score before ending the game!

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Very well-structured and designed game with a nice ramp-up of difficulty.

Very good level design that teaches players mechanics intuitively through gameplay.

Simple and cohesive art style. 

I have no negative things to say or any thoughts on how this could be improved.

A very good game.

Interesting gameplay where players need to manipulate enemy placement to line them up in order to conserve ammo. But the only connection I can see to the theme is that you've replaced a number in the UI with faces of dices. 

I think the incorporation of the theme could have been worked in more.

Buttons such as X Y A B are around 20 pixels, there are no animations 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

oh wow! Thank you! 😄

Oh! I was wondering how to get to the text messages! I'll try and find the phone! :)

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Haha Our teams did the exact same concept! 😂

Nice Audio and nice art. Really easy to understand that you can click the three panels but I never quite understood why I died I just seemed to die at random. Could have been cool to have a screen that told you why you died so you could try and prevent that in your next playthrough!

Thank you! 🙂

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Thank you!  unfortunately we ran out of time to add an ending screen/win condition. :)

I managed to get a stable orbit that just kept going on my last atempt a few times, super fun to get a stable orbit and succeed on the last atempt! Great stuff! 

Fun game that has nice length to it! Are the rooms randomly generated? Reminds me of my teams last year Submission for GMTKJam :)

Thank you! 😄

Thank you! 🙂

Glad you liked the art! :)

Thank you! :D

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Thank you! :)

Unfourtunatly no- not at this time :)

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Thank you for the kind words! We wanted to- but we unfortunately did not have time to incorporate a way to inform the player of what the cards do.

Thanks! This idea of handcrafted levels and tailored decks sounds like an interesting idea for sure! :D

Thank you! Yes the card mechanics were very rushed to meet the deadline and I totally agree that they could use some tweaking.

I did not quite understand how this was connected to the theme "Only One" 

The monster looked great and scary. But when it chased me and I ran into a box it was just spinning around the box and nothing happened. Maybe make it so it wanders off after a while if you hide in a box.

There was no clear distinction on what you were supposed to do either. I figured out that I could pick up keys and that they could unlock doors but there was no clear visual distinction between keys and other objects so I ran around walking into objects trying to pick them up. I would recomend adding some sort of visual indicator to interactable objects. The game could also use some more ambient sounds such as steps from walking and random creaks and ominous distant sounds. 

Could not figure out how to run, would be interesting to have the ability to run for short bursts to increase the intensity of chase sequences. 

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Thank you! 😁 Yea we did not have time to implement propper a way to explain the systems.

Thank you! 😃

Thanks for the feedback! Cards seems to be the overall issue with players as of now. We had to add the card spam as a last minute fix to what otherwise was a boring system. We will look into ways of making it more interesting 😁

Thanks! Agree on the card part! We had no time to integrate a way to teach the player unfourtunatly.

Thanks for the feedback! :) I do agree that there is things with the card system that could be improved

Thanks :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Don't know about the wave but my highest score is 28,900 :)

If you spam draw cards you will eventually lose points. Its a trade, cards for score :)