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That’s just because it was made for pixel day.

Personally I like the art style change but I think I still prefer the original art style.

I’ve done everything in Hard except for South in Week 2. The speed increase for some songs means you’ll defs need a good reaction time but that’s the sort of thing which you can get better at by playing any reaction based game.

Though the fact that this game has a beat/rhythm does make quite a bit easier to react to in time but you still need to know which arrow to press not just when to press it.

Is it an issue specific to this game... or just in general.

Sadly it’s probably just lost for good. You could try looking into the .json and compare it with the other .json song files to see why the crash may be happening but idk if you’ll be able to fix it.

I’ve been working on a Very Easy mode for the songs already in the game and due to known issues like these I always make sure to save every time a finish a few “sections” in case something breaks.

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Yeah I do kinda agree the difficulty is out of order. It seems like the devs decided to put things in release order rather than difficulty order.

If they don’t want to switch the order around they could have some sort of difficulty rating (such as stars) to show how difficult it is before you try. But personally I’m more concerned about having rebindable controls and having extra features like multiplayer rather than the out of order difficulty since the game lets you skip weeks/songs as well as lower the difficulty.

Though as I said before I think the reason the song is harder mostly comes down to the nature of those songs so I wouldn’t necessarily say they are doing hard mode wrong. That’s just the way it tends to be in these types of games.

On Windows you shouldn’t since there is a seperate 32 bit download but I’m not as sure about the Mac or Linux versions.

My guess is its probably some incomplete quick restart feature.

It would be easy if it was designed with this in mind... there are certainly many people who have wanted this but I'm not sure how feasible it is with the way things are set up right now.

Though I think before this happens they really need to add in rebindable controls so you have plenty of options for 2 players or more.

Well hard mode is suppose to be hard...

Though I do kinda get how the difficulty between songs is a bit unbalanced but that has more to do with the nature of the songs then anything else.

Are you using a specific OS or something? It works all fine for me using the Windows 64 bit version or are you trying to play the online version?

I was thinking maybe they could simply have a ranking system (similar to Sonic games) where at the end you get a rank for how well you did in the song.

It could simply be based on the score and for the best rank you would need to get the max possible score (all perfects). That way it encourages people to improve outside of just some improving your score. The game could say you were x points away from the next rank which in a way would encourage you to do better.

Your idea would certainty work buts a feature that would only be limited to good players while something like a ranking system wouldn't be as daunting.

On the other hand for players going for all perfects it would be nice to have the game auto restart when you miss or don't get a perfect as an option rather than always having to go through the menu.

It sadly doesn’t seem to work with the week 5 update.

If the mods creator updated it I guess it could but at this point I think it would just be better if the higher FPS was applied to the original game if possible.

If you want this to be seen its probably better to put it as an issue on GitHub (

With that being said the most recently released update does somewhat address issue 1 since it now has icons to show which side is for the player and which is for the opponent for each section.

I'm currently working on a "Very Easy" difficulty mode for the game which will either be added to the actual game or in the form of a mod but I'm not sure if its going to be enough to help you.

You will still need a certain level of reaction time since the arrow speed is the same (as with the other difficulties) but I have reduced the number of arrows so hopefully things will be more manageable for you once its done. if your curious

With that being said I've only done the Tutorial and 2/3 week 1 songs as of writing. None of them are final so its possible that they will become even easier then they currently are.

In the mean time maybe try playing with a friend where one player uses WASD while the other uses the arrow keys. That way you can split it so that one player does up and down while the other does left and right (or some other combination) to make things a bit easier on yourself.

There is an unofficial Android port you could try but at the moment it has issues with crashing and lacks some options (such as changing the on screen controls) which you can try here

With that being said its probably to WIP to get a release on the Google Play store and I'm not sure if the original creators would allow it.

Here's a somewhat odd suggestion but maybe try playing the game with a friend.

I did this with someone who isn't very good at the game by having them only do the up and down arrows (using the arrow keys) while I did the left and right arrows (using WASD) making it quite a bit more relaxing.

One thing some players do is that they play using both hands (one on WASD and the other on the arrow keys) to help reduce physical limitations but personally I've always found it more comfortable/easier with one hand.

I also found that for whatever reason I seemed to play a tad better after watching some YouTube videos on the game. When I came back I found that I played more "floaty" like you would on a piano rather then keeping my fingers to be always on the keys like I typically do for other PC games which I found made things a bit easier for whatever reason.

Another thing which may help (although it may require more focus or brain power) is copying the keys that the opponent uses (while the arrows are on there side) or just keeping an eye out for which keys are more common and which are unused. When doing the copying you can simply tap the keys on the keyboard rather then actually straight up pressing them. It can work well as a warm up of sorts but its not something I do to often since it requires extra brain power.

Some songs only have some difficult parts which means you can get good enough at the easier parts so that you still have some health left for the harder parts.

Also I think its worth noting the songs aren't really in difficulty order... I would say Week 2 is the hardest followed by Week 4 with Week 3 and 1 being around the same difficulty level.

As for the whole "overloads my brain" thing I have somewhat learnt a skill with panic pressing which for whatever reason I tend to find easier with my right hand. I guess the best way I can describe it is that I focus more so on simply pressing the keys at the right time rather than worrying about which key I am pressing so it somewhat leads to pressing the wrong keys but at least I manage to hit some arrows.

Another thing which may help is just keeping calm and trying to get some "groove" back in even if it means not pressing any keys for a little while and finding a good point to attempt to continue. If you miss a key you really should just look ahead at what's next rather than worrying about it that way you don't run into the issue of "pressing some keys for notes that passed seconds ago".

Anyway I hope that helps you out in any way. I'm probably not the best person to ask since I haven't been able to do the 2nd song of Week 2 on hard mode but I think the friend suggestion (at the very top) is definitely worth trying.

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Even if they just added in a local 2 player mode at least you would be able to use Parsec to play it online.

If you made it so that everyone plays the same song at the same time... you could literally just have it be a battle royal game of sorts (kind of like Tetris 99). I guess in this case though you wouldn't be eliminated and your score at the end of the song(s) would determine position or instead you eliminate players if they mess up to much like the actual game.

Don't worry their is now a free Mac port of the game which doesn't have the same issues as the Wine port.

You question has been answered...

Your question has been answered...

Good news! VR support (with Trinus) has been added as of the PRO version of 3DNes v1.2.

You will need to delete the file called "unity.Geod Studio.3DNes.plist" as it contains the inputs you have set and deleting it will set the inputs to the defaults. This is just the way Unity 5 saves inputs so their is no way to change this as far as I know.

Personally I like the way its being handled now with a pro version so all users can have some fun no matter what device they are using.

The only solution I know of is lowering the quality settings (the defaults will crash).

Personally a port for the Nintendo 3DS makes more sense especially because Unity does 3D automatically (so you only have to worry about the controls) however the PS Vita port would be nice due having more power (less lag) and a longer battery life.

If you send any help with a port I know a few things related to accelerometer and touch screen input in Unity 5 and I have had some practice I have ported a few of the games I made (on Game Jolt) to iOS and Android however I haven't released them due to one issue, the loading times.

Thx for adding support in :)

Will you release a Mac version?

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I don't always have controllers lying around you know...

Anyway I don't play games that seriously... all I want is a fun time! :)

And 3D graphics...

I tried using Wine and playing it by opening the .exe file and the text works fine. So their must be some sort of configuration you can use to fix this.

Wine version = 1.8-rc4

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When I play 2 player games it only allows 1 player on the keyboard not 2. For example when I play Mario Bros (NES port) and I play 2 player mode, but I can only control player 1, so...

Could you maybe add the ability to play with 2 people on one keyboard?

No release date for the game... yet...

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Could you release a Mac version? If you need I can test it for you.