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Don't worry their is now a free Mac port of the game which doesn't have the same issues as the Wine port.

You question has been answered...

Your question has been answered...

Good news! VR support (with Trinus) has been added as of the PRO version of 3DNes v1.2.

You will need to delete the file called "unity.Geod Studio.3DNes.plist" as it contains the inputs you have set and deleting it will set the inputs to the defaults. This is just the way Unity 5 saves inputs so their is no way to change this as far as I know.

Personally I like the way its being handled now with a pro version so all users can have some fun no matter what device they are using.

The only solution I know of is lowering the quality settings (the defaults will crash).

Personally a port for the Nintendo 3DS makes more sense especially because Unity does 3D automatically (so you only have to worry about the controls) however the PS Vita port would be nice due having more power (less lag) and a longer battery life.

If you send any help with a port I know a few things related to accelerometer and touch screen input in Unity 5 and I have had some practice I have ported a few of the games I made (on Game Jolt) to iOS and Android however I haven't released them due to one issue, the loading times.

Thx for adding support in :)

Will you release a Mac version?

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I don't always have controllers lying around you know...

Anyway I don't play games that seriously... all I want is a fun time! :)

And 3D graphics...

I tried using Wine and playing it by opening the .exe file and the text works fine. So their must be some sort of configuration you can use to fix this.

Wine version = 1.8-rc4

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When I play 2 player games it only allows 1 player on the keyboard not 2. For example when I play Mario Bros (NES port) and I play 2 player mode, but I can only control player 1, so...

Could you maybe add the ability to play with 2 people on one keyboard?

No release date for the game... yet...

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Could you release a Mac version? If you need I can test it for you.