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So, why do Windows users get to have fun?

A topic by ToTheMax created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 482 Replies: 10
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It's a bit unsettling that the Mac and Linux versions are like extra DLC that require a paywall while people who use Windows can get this presumably fantastic emulator for free. I came here when I saw that the Mac version was available ready to pay $10 for this, but when I saw that paywall I got a little disgruntled. It makes no real sense to make Mac users that don't have a PayPal to donate with download Wine so that they can use this. If you don't mind my asking, G, if/when will the Mac version be made free? Because when it is, I'll donate a few bucks your way.

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Your question is welcome! Since the launch of 3DNes i already run a survey;


and ~98% Mac and Linux users who participated in the survey are willing to pay a few bucks to get the native 3DNes build for their OS. I know after all it's still unfair for them. Let's see it as a temporary price model. In the future when 3DNes support more advanced features (like virtual reality for example) there will be two versions Free and Paid for all OSs users.

Thank you for your interest and understanding!

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Here is the survey result:


thanks man

It just honestly makes no sense. You're creating extra trouble for an area of your users- the Mac version's already made. You don't see any other developer charging more just because of device choice-why not just release it?

Dude, it is a donation, and it is only $5. What is done here is amazing, stop whining and help a brother out. Do not have paypal account? Well get a paypal account. They allow for reloadable cards to be purchased from stores that offer credit now, so you do not even need a bank account anymore.

I don't have a PayPal, I don't have a credit card... I haven't seen those purchasable cards. If I have a way, I will gladly pay money for this. Will investigate further.

Do you have a debit card from your bank with a Visa or Mastercard logo? You can do a paypal payment with that.

Who pays your cable internet bill? Whoever pays that uses a credit or debit card.

No idea what country you live in, but Walmart sells them, or any store like Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.

Personally I like the way its being handled now with a pro version so all users can have some fun no matter what device they are using.

Right-it doesn't require payment now, so I've demoed it to know that it was worth it and then paid for it.