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well Chrome OS should have android app support, so just getting the android version kills 2 birds with 1 stone

Pay for it then

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Really? You are complaining about something free not being released? The author will release his work for free when he is comfortable and ready to release it for free. If you want it so bad, then yes pay $5. Go to any dollar store or convenient store, and get a preloaded credit card for $5. Perhaps you are still a child? Then ask your parents, and if they say no, tough. Welcome to the real world. Be glad any version of this project exists for free.

Also, doesn't count as a new version, it is just a minor change, probably a bug fix.

wow, all we would need is a way to paint the edges, and you could play this game from behind the car, nice work

Unity supports WIndows IoT, and Pi runs IoT, so it may be possible to run this on PI with Windows IoT running

With Kevtris's NES HDMI Kit technology allowing 1080p output, wouldn't it be neat to take it to the next level and add a 3D accelerator mixed with this kind of technology? Just leaving it open for discussion for people to think about as a possible future of the beloved NES.

does Unity allow for 3DS Homebrew? I thought it was only for licenced devs

How would the emulator know what pattern to use?

Open source is not always a good thing, you have too many people sticking there hands in things, offering up their own builds and what not. Let's have this project stabilized and place in some standards first, then worry about open sourcing it if the author wishes to do so.

No, never knew that was a thing

oh I understand it is not a priority, just would be nice to see if it was possible based on what is already been done. I have always wanted to write an NES emulator that took in a higher definition tile set, I just never had time to write it, and from seeing this, immediately thought of it.

No idea what country you live in, but Walmart sells them, or any store like Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.

Would be tough to get Nintendo to endorse something like this for 3DS, better luck with mobile platforms

From what I have been reading, you look at particular patterns to achieve what you are doing graphics wise. Have you ever thought about taking it to the next step, and allowing for higher res patterns to be injected, as well as a larger palette selection.

Dude, it is a donation, and it is only $5. What is done here is amazing, stop whining and help a brother out. Do not have paypal account? Well get a paypal account. They allow for reloadable cards to be purchased from stores that offer credit now, so you do not even need a bank account anymore.