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Nintendo 3DS port?

A topic by Margen67 created Jul 09, 2016 Views: 711 Replies: 7
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Since the Unity engine is now on the 3DS would it be possible to port 3DNES to it?

Theoretically everything is possible

I am very interested in having this on my 3DS. Seems like a perfect pair of mates!

Would be tough to get Nintendo to endorse something like this for 3DS, better luck with mobile platforms

You can make it as a homebrew.

does Unity allow for 3DS Homebrew? I thought it was only for licenced devs

Some people did used it for homebrew, search for waluigi simulator or Super Mario Kart 3D. You obviously can't use 3DSX files tho, so you need to be able to install CIAs.

The 3DNES emulator runs pretty slow on my pc, and it was a pretty good pc... about 4 years ago (although the 1.3.0 update did speed things up a bit). so I would assume it would run like crap on the 3ds. I'm not sure about the new 3ds though.