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Thank you. The issue was in fact fixed for me, and while I still have to bind my left and right joystick directions inverted, everything else was fixed.

The 3DNES emulator runs pretty slow on my pc, and it was a pretty good pc... about 4 years ago (although the 1.3.0 update did speed things up a bit). so I would assume it would run like crap on the 3ds. I'm not sure about the new 3ds though.

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I have this problem with my bluetooth controller ( it's the game sir G3) where it's difficult to map the camera controls to the analog stick ( left stick and right stick). First off, when mapping the controller, pressing left on the analog stick made the camera turn right and pressing right made the camera turn left. I fixed this by swapping the left and right control mappings. The big problem is that if you map the camera controls where Right = Left, Left = Right, Up = Up, and Down = Down, which is what you would expect to work, but the camera will be completely messed up completely, depending on the order you mapped them in. For instance, if you map left first, the controls will be as follows. left = left and down, right = right and down, up = up and right, and down = down and right. Also a bizarre thing that happens is that diagonal movement overrides this issue, for instance, up and left = up and left, down and right = down and right, and vice versa. Also the camera can only move in eight directions, and i'm not sure if it's supposed to be analog.

also it works fine if maped to anything else

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just plug in the controller before you start up. Or as an alternative you could use a bluetooth controller and you won't have this issue. The same thing happened to me.

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the new first view person feature is pretty cool, but for now not very useful. A fantastic thing thing to add would be the ability to tether the camera to a sprite/object. just find the coordinates to any given sprite/object, and in real time match the coordinates of the camera to the given sprite/object. Also allow the ability to make any sprite/object transparent in first person, as they could get in the way of the camera in some games.

also, the ability to make all sprites/objects render sideways for top down games ( ie. Legend of zelda) would also be a nice addition as well ( assuming that it would be easy to change the formula for making games 3d.)