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2 Emulated controllers on one Keyboard

A topic by Just-in created Jul 20, 2016 Views: 332 Replies: 7
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When I play 2 player games it only allows 1 player on the keyboard not 2. For example when I play Mario Bros (NES port) and I play 2 player mode, but I can only control player 1, so...

Could you maybe add the ability to play with 2 people on one keyboard?

I second this, as i plan to use it on an arcade with an iPac interface.

Why not use controller if you play that seriously?

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I don't always have controllers lying around you know...

Anyway I don't play games that seriously... all I want is a fun time! :)

And 3D graphics...

It's fully support now with the version 1.1.1

Thx for adding support in :)

AntiMicro would be workaround for ur problem

AntiMicro download + FAQ

im sorry i misunderstand ur question workaround for u would be to downlad and install vJoy

and it will create virtual joystick for ur pc which u can control with keyboard

for example u map backspace to virtual joystick button 1 then u just go to 3dnes input mapping and select controller and click on for example button A to remap it and press backspace and now for if u wanna press A button in a game for3dnes it will be virtual joystick button 1 but for u it will be backspace