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place it in same folder where rom file is located and set both of files to have same name
for example

Kirby Adventure.nes

Kirby Adventure.3dn

and this will work

not reading or you are not seeing them? i think they need to be extracted not zipped

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btw are there any other registry keys that DO NOT have 3dnes in path name?
cause i did search 3dnes in registry and removed only that keys with that name in their path

dont lknow if it matters but im on win 7 ultimate 64

ok so it goes like this

(DEFAULT BINDS) = i have them from the start and cant remove them no matter what

(WORKS 100%) = 3dnes recgonize it with no default binds i can change input in 3dnes

(NOT DETECTED) = no default binds 3dnes dont recognize this controller cant change input


PS(R) Gamepad <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Trust GXT 30 < (DEFAULT BINDS) < *** this is my main controller ***

Natec Genesis PV44 < (DEFAULT BINDS) < *** this is my secondary controller ***


Generick USB Joystick <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Tracer Scorpion TRJ -114 < (DEFAULT BINDS)

Genius Maxfire Grandias GamePad < (DEFAULT BINDS)

Trust CXT 24 USB GamnePad < (WORKS 100%)

Media-Tech Pretorian USB GamePad < (NOT DETECTED)

Media-Tech Rogue MT1504 USB GamePad < (WORKS 100%)


USB Gamepad <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Trust Predator USB GamePad < (NOT DETECTED)


my problem would be solved if i would know where that bindings are saved

i have the last 3dnes version which dont have mapping input option i just downloaded the latest version to desktop launched it changed bindings and the bindings from previous version was still there
so i removed latests 3dnes version from desktop and even cleaned registry from 3dnes keys then downloaded latest version again and same problem there

only thing i can think of is if 3dnes creates some folder in appdata or some other location like that with settings

maybe i just miss the point but what clear button will do? i got no keys binded but 3dnes acts like there are key bindings

so for me just removing that bindings would solve the problem

its like aside from normal bindings that i can make in emulator it have some bindings hardcoded

well i didnt think about it but i in fact have here like 10 controllers (was testing/looking for perfect one) i need to try them out if they have same issue


i binded all under 1 key

and same thing happens

there is no difference if i bind it to different buttons or dont have any bindings or if i bind each action to different button

so problem is not in that i dont have binded any buttons or that i should bind them to different buttons

problem is in that no matter what i do default controller buttons binding are still there (even so no controller buttons are binded)

what i need is to remove that default bindings

im sorry i misunderstand ur question workaround for u would be to downlad and install vJoy

and it will create virtual joystick for ur pc which u can control with keyboard

for example u map backspace to virtual joystick button 1 then u just go to 3dnes input mapping and select controller and click on for example button A to remap it and press backspace and now for if u wanna press A button in a game for3dnes it will be virtual joystick button 1 but for u it will be backspace

so i downloaded version for windows

and my problem is even so i dont have any keys binded in controller section it still uses default binded keys so i have (if you would look on playstation controller) triangle shoots,circle jumps and square and x is zoom in/out not to mention L1,2 and R1,2 rotates screen

so when i set it up like original nes controller to shoot with x and jump with circle

i zoom while shooting with x and shoot while jumping with circle cause of default bindings

so in the end i could not much change my controls why is that?

AntiMicro would be workaround for ur problem

AntiMicro download + FAQ

hey dragontamercos

with this


you can at last add different keys

(Edited 1 time)

you are just 10 steps away from your own controls

ok so 1st of all this is no rocket science, you can be complete retard just like, and even so this post is long excluding downloading it should not take you more then 5 min to do everything

1st of all you will need 2 programs (you dont wanna install anything? even so its installer, its just extracting folder to same location from which it was executed, everything here is portable) - (if you have any of this already then dont download just use yours)

AutoHotKey https://sourceforge.net/projects/mwayne/files/Auto...

notepad++ http://portableapps.com/apps/development/notepadpp...

1. download both extract now you can place them anywhere you want and just run them both

2. click this link http://pastebin.com/raw/2LZpC6QA copy whole content of this site (ctrl+A) open notepad++ and paste it there (ctrl+V)

3. in notepad++ hold ctrl+F now choose replace tab from top of the window

4. now is da configuration in "find what" field you input "button b" in "replace with" field you type button you wanna use for that action for example put in "q" in "replace with" just one symbol without "button" word and you just hit button on the right its 3rd from the top with "replace all"

keys you will need to change are

button b

button a

button start

button select

button up

button down

button left

button right

5. when you are done select all text and copy all content (ctrl+A > ctrl+C)

6. run autohotkey and in tray area (lower right corner of screen next to clock) will show up its icon right click it and choose edit this script which will open autohotkey.ahk

7. delete everything here

8. paste it (ctrl+V) and save it (ctrl+S)

9. right click autohotkey icon in tray same like in step 6 and choose reload this script


side notes

list of keys like ctrl alt and stuff if you want to use them



this will work only when 3dnes is active so you wont have a problem with messing up something in other windows if you click them while AHK is still on

there are 1 problem it adds that controls to existing ones which means if you normally attack with Z and with this tutorial add attacking with Q then both Z and Q will do the same thing it wont disable existing controls

although i was shock how easy to use is editor interface and how fast you can learn wtf all options there do i think there could be done few things that would make it even more simple faster and easy with few options that would make it more useful

ok 1st of all this is image of how it could look

i just wanna say im not master of aesthetics and placement so this is just my concept same as my english so dont cry (for sure that window is too big now)


instead of drop down menu in layer and pattern we could have RADIO buttons (it dont make sens in my language but works like this if you select this option it will automatically deselect other options in that section and choose that only 1 you selected)

instead of being only able to typing numbers we could have arrow buttons above and below each square where still we could type number but just add that little buttons so we could change numbers with mouse click in range from 0~9

add option to auto adjust changes whenever we change something (on and off switch)

add option for us to hold SHIFT to select multiple objects and CTRL to remove objects from selection so we can edit many objects at once and only the ones we want

SAVE to 3DN file button should be ALSO in editor window

and preset option and tabs

so like when we configure lets say our main charracter layer depth zscale and pattern so we could save it to preset then rename this preset to lets say characters and then click on enemy and load that same preset so we dont need to configure it from the start checking zscale layer depth and pattern on our character again to go back and set it up on enemy

just click enemy load preset puff done

add and remove presets buttons so we could just with few clicks edit more objects more quickly without doing same configuration over and over

i dont know how much of this is possible but i know much of it would be worth it cause it would speed up a ton making 3DN files

actually i would say we need option to change controls
and disable gamepad support

cause im gamepad user and if you ever seen playstation controller then for me fire is triangle and jump is circle which is retarded
i can use external program like anti micro or xpadder to map keyboard keys to my controller but then i have conflict with triangle which should or could be turbo fire

also are there controls for player 2?