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customizable controls with AutoHotKey well kinda

A topic by ZeroX4 created Aug 21, 2016 Views: 308 Replies: 1
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you are just 10 steps away from your own controls

ok so 1st of all this is no rocket science, you can be complete retard just like, and even so this post is long excluding downloading it should not take you more then 5 min to do everything

1st of all you will need 2 programs (you dont wanna install anything? even so its installer, its just extracting folder to same location from which it was executed, everything here is portable) - (if you have any of this already then dont download just use yours)



1. download both extract now you can place them anywhere you want and just run them both

2. click this link copy whole content of this site (ctrl+A) open notepad++ and paste it there (ctrl+V)

3. in notepad++ hold ctrl+F now choose replace tab from top of the window

4. now is da configuration in "find what" field you input "button b" in "replace with" field you type button you wanna use for that action for example put in "q" in "replace with" just one symbol without "button" word and you just hit button on the right its 3rd from the top with "replace all"

keys you will need to change are

button b

button a

button start

button select

button up

button down

button left

button right

5. when you are done select all text and copy all content (ctrl+A > ctrl+C)

6. run autohotkey and in tray area (lower right corner of screen next to clock) will show up its icon right click it and choose edit this script which will open autohotkey.ahk

7. delete everything here

8. paste it (ctrl+V) and save it (ctrl+S)

9. right click autohotkey icon in tray same like in step 6 and choose reload this script


side notes

list of keys like ctrl alt and stuff if you want to use them

this will work only when 3dnes is active so you wont have a problem with messing up something in other windows if you click them while AHK is still on

there are 1 problem it adds that controls to existing ones which means if you normally attack with Z and with this tutorial add attacking with Q then both Z and Q will do the same thing it wont disable existing controls

Thank you for the helpful post. With version 1.1.1 - 3DNes now supports fully manual input mapping.