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Emulator Not seeing roms

A topic by Ethanst created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 563 Replies: 8
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Hey I was wondering if I was doing somthing wrong but the emulator keeps not reading the roms

if there is any instructions that you could give that are updated or an older verstion that would be great

also I can't read the instruction given with the emulator

I don't have microsfoft office yet my other computer dose but it is extreamly slow

please get back as soon as you can

I'm also wondering ^-^. I can't help without more info + screenshot. You can use Google Doc or LIbre Office to open Microsoft Office file.

not reading or you are not seeing them? i think they need to be extracted not zipped

Zip have been already supported.

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Same thing is happening to me. The emulator and all 3dn files are in the 3dn folder for the emulator. But when I hit load and navigate to the folder. None of the 3dn files show up at all. Act's like nothing is there. Is this just a problem with windows 10, or latest update is bugged?

The idea is amazing to me and really want to use it as i just downloaded it but a turn off as I cant get anything to load or even show up in the first place to be able to load....

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Here are screenshots of what i am currently talking about.... The 3dnes emulator of the bug The folder with all the 3dn files...

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No, 3DN files are not rom files, they are 3d patch files. You will have to prepare the rom file yourself. Match the name of rom file and 3dn file then open the rom file. lease read the Manual to know more.

I'm unable to get it working as well, same problems as watchersgrim, i referred to the manual, the first instruction is "LOAD: open a rom file (nes/zip) or save state file (sav). You mentioned that the rom files need to be created ourselves. I don't see any instruction on how to perform that process. It seems to start with the understanding that we've already done that. Some advice on this would help, otherwise i'm just going to be stuck. Have tried several things already.