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more simple/useful editors interface

A topic by ZeroX4 created Aug 19, 2016 Views: 181
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although i was shock how easy to use is editor interface and how fast you can learn wtf all options there do i think there could be done few things that would make it even more simple faster and easy with few options that would make it more useful

ok 1st of all this is image of how it could look

i just wanna say im not master of aesthetics and placement so this is just my concept same as my english so dont cry (for sure that window is too big now)


instead of drop down menu in layer and pattern we could have RADIO buttons (it dont make sens in my language but works like this if you select this option it will automatically deselect other options in that section and choose that only 1 you selected)

instead of being only able to typing numbers we could have arrow buttons above and below each square where still we could type number but just add that little buttons so we could change numbers with mouse click in range from 0~9

add option to auto adjust changes whenever we change something (on and off switch)

add option for us to hold SHIFT to select multiple objects and CTRL to remove objects from selection so we can edit many objects at once and only the ones we want

SAVE to 3DN file button should be ALSO in editor window

and preset option and tabs

so like when we configure lets say our main charracter layer depth zscale and pattern so we could save it to preset then rename this preset to lets say characters and then click on enemy and load that same preset so we dont need to configure it from the start checking zscale layer depth and pattern on our character again to go back and set it up on enemy

just click enemy load preset puff done

add and remove presets buttons so we could just with few clicks edit more objects more quickly without doing same configuration over and over

i dont know how much of this is possible but i know much of it would be worth it cause it would speed up a ton making 3DN files