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no keys binded to controller but it still uses default keys

A topic by ZeroX4 created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 278 Replies: 9
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so i downloaded version for windows

and my problem is even so i dont have any keys binded in controller section it still uses default binded keys so i have (if you would look on playstation controller) triangle shoots,circle jumps and square and x is zoom in/out not to mention L1,2 and R1,2 rotates screen

so when i set it up like original nes controller to shoot with x and jump with circle

i zoom while shooting with x and shoot while jumping with circle cause of default bindings

so in the end i could not much change my controls why is that?

please expkicitly map zoom feature to other buttons

i binded all under 1 key

and same thing happens

there is no difference if i bind it to different buttons or dont have any bindings or if i bind each action to different button

so problem is not in that i dont have binded any buttons or that i should bind them to different buttons

problem is in that no matter what i do default controller buttons binding are still there (even so no controller buttons are binded)

what i need is to remove that default bindings

Ack i will add a clear button in the future release

maybe i just miss the point but what clear button will do? i got no keys binded but 3dnes acts like there are key bindings

so for me just removing that bindings would solve the problem

its like aside from normal bindings that i can make in emulator it have some bindings hardcoded

well i didnt think about it but i in fact have here like 10 controllers (was testing/looking for perfect one) i need to try them out if they have same issue

There is always an initial binding. When you create a new binding, normally the old one will be removed. Maybe this is a bug with a specific controller that the old one had not been removed. A clear button will make sure every mapping will be cleared then you can assign all new mapping one by one. This is a workaround for your problem i guess.

my problem would be solved if i would know where that bindings are saved

i have the last 3dnes version which dont have mapping input option i just downloaded the latest version to desktop launched it changed bindings and the bindings from previous version was still there
so i removed latests 3dnes version from desktop and even cleaned registry from 3dnes keys then downloaded latest version again and same problem there

only thing i can think of is if 3dnes creates some folder in appdata or some other location like that with settings

It is saved in windows registry so i'm sure it's a bug with some specific controllers. Let's try with another controller to see if the same thing happens again.

ok so it goes like this

(DEFAULT BINDS) = i have them from the start and cant remove them no matter what

(WORKS 100%) = 3dnes recgonize it with no default binds i can change input in 3dnes

(NOT DETECTED) = no default binds 3dnes dont recognize this controller cant change input


PS(R) Gamepad <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Trust GXT 30 < (DEFAULT BINDS) < *** this is my main controller ***

Natec Genesis PV44 < (DEFAULT BINDS) < *** this is my secondary controller ***


Generick USB Joystick <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Tracer Scorpion TRJ -114 < (DEFAULT BINDS)

Genius Maxfire Grandias GamePad < (DEFAULT BINDS)

Trust CXT 24 USB GamnePad < (WORKS 100%)

Media-Tech Pretorian USB GamePad < (NOT DETECTED)

Media-Tech Rogue MT1504 USB GamePad < (WORKS 100%)


USB Gamepad <<< how it appears in control panel > game controller

Trust Predator USB GamePad < (NOT DETECTED)


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btw are there any other registry keys that DO NOT have 3dnes in path name?
cause i did search 3dnes in registry and removed only that keys with that name in their path

dont lknow if it matters but im on win 7 ultimate 64