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Ok, we need the ability to change the controls!

A topic by dragontamercos created Aug 15, 2016 Views: 367 Replies: 5
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I hate the controls and the only way around them for me is to use AutoHotkey

The problem is that most people dont know how or hell wants to use autohotkey.

Please let me change the controls.

actually i would say we need option to change controls
and disable gamepad support

cause im gamepad user and if you ever seen playstation controller then for me fire is triangle and jump is circle which is retarded
i can use external program like anti micro or xpadder to map keyboard keys to my controller but then i have conflict with triangle which should or could be turbo fire

also are there controls for player 2?

It has multi controls support.

hey dragontamercos

with this

you can at last add different keys

Of course yes but not in the next release i'm afraid.

FYI Manual input mapping is officially supported in the version 1.1.1