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Future VR support?

A topic by Jayjay created Jun 27, 2016 Views: 831 Replies: 16
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Looks great! Any chance of this getting future VR support in some way? (eg: Being able to walk around it while playing on a Vive or general accelerometer tracking to tilt at different angles as the viewer leans in their seat?)


Many chances. I think it's the natural evolution to have maximum profit from 3D scene.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply!

hey geod, I had commented before on your forum post about this, but i'm a VR dev who does a lot of work in Unity and would be willing to help out if you want/need it. Either directly contributing code, or even just to answer any questions you have about VR in Unity. Feel free to message me.

Thank you very much!

I will definitively ping you at the right time. For now other things are prioritized more than VR.


Hi again,

Firstly i want a little bit of brainstorming.

Could you tell me the list of most popular VR device for PC? Do they need different SDKs?


Most popular VR is probably the HTC VIVE, with oculus rift at 2nd. Oculus has been getting into hot water with trying to buy up exclusivity and i warn you, any dev that takes up their offer have been getting a LOT of hell from gamers so i wouldn't recommend it.

Oculus has been trying to force a product/game exclusivity to THEIR vr headset which as you know amongst pc games is not cool so keep that in mind.

There is also the GEAR, the Playstation VR coming, Google Cardboard (both gear and google cardboard use smart-phones? i guess)

Safe bet since its on PC, the HTC Vive would good since all vives come with the two controllers, the oculus is meant really to come with an xbox one controller so in that respect you can assume everyone with oculus or vive will have access to a controller of some sort or keyboard. Vive uses two motion controllers a bit like advanced wiimotes. If you wanted to do VR you should include at least for now 3D modes to make the 3D area curve.

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HTC Vive definitely looks like the best PC-VR gear.

Google Cardboard viewer-to-PC support shouldn't be too hard to add through Unity with a free plugin like Trinus (a fairly popular method of streaming from desktop to cardboard and getting gyroscope data back/etc.): https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/43781

Even just rendering SBS (Side-By-Side) there's other streaming apps that take care of it from there.

Perhaps it could even eventually run natively as an Android app with a bluetooth controller like the MOGA Pro (should have decent performance considering the hardware of newer phones? Eg: I can run Quake 1 in VR at a high speed on an LG G4, Open Arena, open source Quake 3, even runs on it although at a lower framerate).

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Thank you guys for feedback.

The vice is 700$ and the Oculus is 500$, i'm just speechless. Moreover i don't think 3DNes will be able to profit any of their advanced features.

Google Cardboard is probably a good approach as i imagine 3DNes VR is just SBS rendering with head motion tracking to rotate the camera a little bit. Users will still use traditional controllers to play the game. Trinus is an interesting solution for 3DNes :)

Just check it out, Trinus costs ~ 8 or 9$. Not a very comfortable experience for the mass :)

There's other streamers for phones which I think are free or cheaper (maybe even for Vive and Occulus too?) that support SBS out of the box too, so that should be a solution that works with most rendering-wise.

As for taking input, the Trinus plugin is just one of probably many different ways of getting the Gyroscope information back to the app. I think I've heard KinoVR works well, but not sure how that would be implemented in Unity.

Good news! VR support (with Trinus) has been added as of the PRO version of 3DNes v1.2.

So no Vive - Oculus vr support afterall ? :( Geod let me know if you change your mind, i own and work with the hardwares and i can do or simply help with the Unity VR implementation, that should be straightforward. Even ability to switch vr devices/desktop at runtime if needed. Split screen option is not enough at all to use it, mainly it lacks full motion tracking, and native support. And just in case, reading previous messages, there is no need to publish on Steam or Occulus store. Let me disagree, 3DNes would really benefit from PC's VR headsets features, and it would be a huge selling point. Feel free to contact me if needed or if you have any question.

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There will be Oculus/Vive support in the future! Just not right now.

- My Oculus is on the way from Europe.

- I will have to purchase a fresh new PC that is strong enough to work with VR Headset.

It just costs a lot of waiting time and money :)

That's good to read :) I won't go into details publicly but also, just in case, you can contact companies as a developper to ask for hardware, if not already done.

I won't go into details but that's exactly how i get the Oculus.

Do you have any idea about the PC part? ^-^

i wish i had ^^

Just saw this, awesome job and thanks for implementing!! :)