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I cant seem to play it, i dont have any vr and cant even use the menu's much at all, the controller works but i cant select anything.

Long ago I bought this and it had no VR thing at all really, I just want 3d nes, now i cant even play it as I think it requires vr and most of the buttons dont work and its in this weird spherical Ui.

Oh the game is finally fixed! I can finally click the install button! 

I liked what I played, runs well and I LOVE the crystals, I have a thing for good looking glass effects in game engines.

Recorded a short video of it, mostly to test out using geforce experience i usually use OBS. Still hate how shadowplay cant split out mic audio from the mp4 file have to do that manually.

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the notice said nothing, apparently the database can take a few weeks to post the data using the url. Idk, I was able to download my own file so i had access to it... very confused. I assume they are trying to blanket dmca stuff with filenames. 

doesnt open, just pops up a window for a split second and dies. The .exe still exists in my processes so i have to close it manually so its not taking up ram. 

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I love you <3 This fixed the problem, just have to run it as admin. Also ticking the option reset the security rights so it may of been a moot point unless you do it AFTER you check the legacy direct draw box. But the .exe now runs when i launch it, you may of also just fixed another issue such as my problems with command and conquer red alert 2.

my guess is that if you carried over an OS from windows 7 or 8 it had more compatibility. I had troubles playing command and conquer red alert 2 with the same direct draw issue had to use windows 10 work around with a ddraw wrapper. Seems win 10 is fundamentally missing this feature if you never had any previous windows installed. Guess im boned.Will have to make a virtual machine just for the app it seems.

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Yeah after HOURS of trying, I simply cannot get this to run on my windows 10 machine WHAT SO EVER. All ive noticed is that for some reason it wants to keep itself as read only, but only on the top folder level, files in it are still fine. I tried allowing access through DEP, Through the Firewall, gave it every permission feasable next to god system access and even did a SFC scannow to make sure all my dll's were in order. Thats a giant bummer because this is the best rig i have to be able to record footage and id like to make some youtube vids or something in good quality.

My only guess is that the new cpu's or hardware simply dont have the old tech in it to process this.

After some sleuthing i found that it cannot creat the dplayx.dll for some reason C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dplayx.dll, access denied even with admin rights and given it everyone status. very weird.

yeah i just CANNOT get it to run on my gaming rig, but my frankenstein of a computer thats a 2008 mac pro jerryrigged to run windows 10 64 bit with the xeon processors works just fine. And Im using google drive so the file is synced so its quite literally the same file and folders and works fine on one windows 10 and not the other, though my current pc is running creators update and the other isnt, I will update it and see if i lose access to the files.

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Well im using the app which automatically downloads and installs the game to a folder so it extracts it. I also downloaded them seperately and unzipped them. v5 just has the music folder next to the .exe with a text readme file. Also you should delete the readme as the page leads to what could potentially be virus laiden websites, it attempts to load several redirected websites which my chromium blocks.

the v3 includes several folders, drum, wavC, wavE,wavG DAM.txt and the duncalomusic.exe. Ive also used 7zip to extract the .exe within the extracted folder just for kicks and still have nothing. Ive added the programs to my exception in the DEP settings, and ran the .exe in every compatibliity mode i can think of. I have windows 10 pro 64bit. nvidia 1050ti, 16gigs of gskill ram, and an i5-2500. And yes i know its just a small text based thing, but still wanted to post the specs just in case.

Oh the error i get is "this application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application."

Okay, tested this on another windows 10 computer and it works. Not sure why that worked and this didnt. Do you need java installed or anything like that?

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I tried to use these, it wont work at all, I allowed the exception in the DEP settings (you physically cannot turn it off in windows 10, just allow exceptions) and even used several compatibility settings and nothing.

(sorry for the multiple posts, the page kept saying it was having server trouble and didnt look like it posted )

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I bought this and it says not available on windows... So what is this for linux?or is this Unix?(macos) Because I bought this based on the fact it seems to be a windows game. Id feel terrible asking for the dollar back but still would like to know how to play it.

Edit: It seems the launcher doesnt see this as a playable game and I had to go to the purchases page manually and download the .exe. Thats misleading as it is for windows they need to fix that for .exes that dont need installing.

kind of yeah. You can never tell if it ever loads it, and even when it does and you SEE the changes, saving could write a new 3dn as if starting over. At least it did once for me.

What would be helpful is a simple on screen text saying "3dn loaded"

it was being saved, just it was reset upon loading. I loaded megaman 2 to start editing the 3dn again and never loaded the 3dn and saving just meant it saved OVER the old one, i had a spare but i decided to start over. It could be it doesnt like files downloaded the file may of not been unblocked since that is a windows 10 "feature"

You need to be able to select multiple parts at once, maybe a sort of cursor selection. Also better .3dn management and loading would be nice it doesnt seem to load them half the time.

A fast forward and rewind would also be nice.


and ability to load .zips and .7zips right now, it can only do unzipped roms.

Honestly i prefer Xpadder, its only 10$ or so and its better than joy2key imo.

Didn't know unity let you sell stuff made with free version unless you made a certain amount. Makes more sense when you see all those terrible steam greenlight games.

My megaman 2 .3dn ive been hammering on Ive put about an hour or so into it so far. sometimes the changes dont seem to save even after i save the 3dn a few times so i have to restart the program a lot.

roms are essentially full copies of what are on cartridges. Legality is always an issue on if you own the physical cart should owning the rom be legal and so on. That being said you can find roms online doing some searching but its best not to point where, its sadly something you have to find on your own but there are some sites that offer them.

If that is what your asking, not sure what you mean by ARoms.

Most popular VR is probably the HTC VIVE, with oculus rift at 2nd. Oculus has been getting into hot water with trying to buy up exclusivity and i warn you, any dev that takes up their offer have been getting a LOT of hell from gamers so i wouldn't recommend it.

Oculus has been trying to force a product/game exclusivity to THEIR vr headset which as you know amongst pc games is not cool so keep that in mind.

There is also the GEAR, the Playstation VR coming, Google Cardboard (both gear and google cardboard use smart-phones? i guess)

Safe bet since its on PC, the HTC Vive would good since all vives come with the two controllers, the oculus is meant really to come with an xbox one controller so in that respect you can assume everyone with oculus or vive will have access to a controller of some sort or keyboard. Vive uses two motion controllers a bit like advanced wiimotes. If you wanted to do VR you should include at least for now 3D modes to make the 3D area curve.

yeah the 3dn has to be the same name so you could do mario3.nes and mario3.3dn in the same fold and it should auto load any 3dn that has that filename of the rom.

the emulator should have the option to load 3dn's from a seperate folder or something though as a suggestion.

hmmm, emulators are actually LEGAL. So long as you dont include roms its fine. You can buy emulators on google play just fine, and they usually have dropbox support or something to load them easier on your phone.

But one thing i would advise is removing the megaman 2 gif off your store page, find a homebrew NES game and ask creator to use it, it will remove nintendo eyes pretty much from the entire thing. Also you could probably get in touch with some homebrew nes devs and maybe include a game plus 3dn as an example.

yeah, holding left control would work just fine, this game just needs a TON of keybinding support. Also the maker is using the personal version of unity which, since they are selling the game, could be illegal? either way, dev needs to update to the premium version of unity to get the rest of the features.

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Here is mine, its only partial though region is ntsc

says you have to request permission. Im not gonna give away my email just to view a file like this. make the link shareable