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How do I go to the non vr version?

A topic by Marusame created 73 days ago Views: 389 Replies: 3
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Long ago I bought this and it had no VR thing at all really, I just want 3d nes, now i cant even play it as I think it requires vr and most of the buttons dont work and its in this weird spherical Ui.

I will release it later. Please be patient.

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I think the question is that when we initially bought 3D NES, it came with a non-VR downloadable application, but at some point the download was removed and now all that is left is a placeholder file. I don't mind waiting for updates as long as you need, but can we at least have the last release of the original download so we can use the emulator?

The last release of the 2.x build is up again for download.