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I made a Mac Port! (and need some help)

A topic by ehamawy created Jul 14, 2016 Views: 713 Replies: 4
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Hello 3DNes Community. I have just made a mac port of 3DNes. It works great accept for one thing, The Menu. On the main menu and rom directory selector, no text appears. The buttons are still visible, but are not labeled in any way.

I was wondering if there are any plugins or drivers or something that 3DNes needs to render text correctly. (once this problem is fixed I will upload the .app file here)

Thanks, -ehamawy

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I tried using Wine and playing it by opening the .exe file and the text works fine. So their must be some sort of configuration you can use to fix this.

Wine version = 1.8-rc4

I have no Idea what configuration/winetrick I could use though XD

Don't worry their is now a free Mac port of the game which doesn't have the same issues as the Wine port.