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2 quick questions

A topic by Zetsuei created Aug 03, 2016 Views: 535 Replies: 12
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1) is there a way to return to the default angle after I rotated the picture (using mouse or gamepad)?

2) Does this emulator have a save state feature? "(S)ave 3DN" supposedly creates a 3dn file but nothing happens for me and I don't see a load state option either.

1. Yes but you have to do it manually

2. Save 3DN is save the 3D interpretation not save state. Save state will be add in v1.2

Ah, thanks.


First, I congratulate you with this amazing project that is the 3DNes Emulator. It made me go back to being a kid again :)

My question is: would it be possible for us to have this same treatment with 16 bit Snes roms, Megaman X, Super Metroid, and others in the future, something like 3DSnes emulator?

geod has said he would like to do that in the future. He's working full time with overtime on this right now and I assume he's got bills to pay. We need to get the word out and get more support and backers for this amazing project. ;)

Thank you for reporting this. I'd like to contribute to the costs of this project, but I don't have a job yet that it's a pity :(

Everything is possible.

Firstly 3dnes is in development and still many thing to do with it, secondly i'm still living with my own saved money. So let's try the best together. My ultimate object is 3DRetro but it's a very very long way to go ...

This is amazing, I really enjoyed knowing that it is possible and which also has plans for the future. Support to Snes Roms would be great! and a 3DRetro with more support for other platforms would be wonderful! :)

Maybe this could be used as a quick questions thread? I happen to have one: where does 3DNes store its base config? I messed up the controller configuration and I wanted to restory it to default, but deleting everything and re-unzipping did not do the trick.

All config info are stored in the registry at HKCU\Software\Geod Studio\3DNes

Just delete them all

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I found the folders \Geod Studio\3DNes (not HKCU\Software\ maybe because I'm using Windows XP)

Deleted the 3DNes folder, this seems to have restored the default resolution but not the controller input. Strange :\

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Just click on Start, then Run. Then type "regedit". (You may have to say yes to making changes to your computer).

This will open up something that looks similar to Explorer. For me it wasn't HKCU (Geod may have been abbreviating). One of the 5 main folders on the left side should be "HKEY_CURRENT_USER". Click on that, then click on "SOFTWARE", then "Geod Studio", and finally "3DNes".

You can just delete the "3DNes" folder, or delete all of the files that show up on the right window. (I had 7 of them).

Found it, thank you both!