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Well, I don't know anything about the systems, but PSP is already obsolete and PS Vita is still in his Prime and has more potential

what you have in mind is very good at issue the portability

I googled and found this

PSP-Series - (1000 = 32 MB Ram), (2000 = 64 MB Ram) and (3000 = 64 MB Ram). with just this amount of Ram, won't tolerate the Unity engine

Exactly, PS Vita, here where I live, we talk only PSP (Play Station Portable), but yes, it would be PS Vita my question :)


Would it be possible a port of 3DNes for SONY PSP?
  • My donations have started from the next month!

work fine :)

Oh yes, I get it now, I use IExplorer, but now I managed to download your file, I edited the link by adding the number 1 at the end of it and it worked
of >> 3dn?dl=0 To >> 3dn?dl=1
So it worked well here, Thanks Poudink
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Here the Dropbox simply does not load the page, The partial file Posted for you at the top of the page I managed to download

I see that my browser has problems with Dropbox page .O.

Poudink, I haven't been able to download your file, but thanks for sharing anyway. I'm working on currently in 3 games and soon I will share here for everyone.

This is amazing, I really enjoyed knowing that it is possible and which also has plans for the future. Support to Snes Roms would be great! and a 3DRetro with more support for other platforms would be wonderful! :)

Thank you for reporting this. I'd like to contribute to the costs of this project, but I don't have a job yet that it's a pity :(

First, I congratulate you with this amazing project that is the 3DNes Emulator. It made me go back to being a kid again :)

My question is: would it be possible for us to have this same treatment with 16 bit Snes roms, Megaman X, Super Metroid, and others in the future, something like 3DSnes emulator?