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I have updated the game, finished chapter one and removed the problem with the south gate. :)

Thanks for your review. Indeed, once you go down the south gate, you can not go back. This gate wasn't supposed to be open.
This would be easy to fix, if I still had this version of the demo.  Unfortunately I do not. I hope you made a back-up save?

I am working on something else at the moment,  so this project is on hold for now.

Thanks. I think it just shifts much more quickly than I expected. :p

Then I might do it wrong. 

I delete the old zip and replace it with a new one, with a higher version number. Is that right? Or does that seem like a complete new project?

My game was getting high in the list Most popular free HTML5 horror game. I was on the 4th place 2 days ago. Now I am dropped to the bottom of the list.

I've have just uploaded a new version, after debugging the downloaded version, could that have anything to do with it? Or did I do it wrong maybe?

I tested the game, if you use the itch app, and download the game, it will now work as intended.

I mean doorbell :p (Did it wrong again)

I was wondering the same thing.

It was made using RPG maker MV.