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For now, the time-based system I made, has multiple main features in 1 plugin:

  • It has a clock and a calendar
  • It has a day-night cycle
  • It has a hunger/thirst/fatigue

To make it easier on the user and on myself, I will split this plugin up in 2 plugins. One for the clock and calendar, including the day/night cycle, and one for the survival states. This will make it easier to make the plugins even more customizable. 

When those new plugins get uploaded, you can simply replace the old clock-core with the new one, and add the survival one. In the clock core, you will have to set 1 parameter from False to True, if you want to use both plugins. In the survival plugin you will have to select your states again, and then you're ready to go.

The plugins are finished, but I still need to rewrite the help sections on the plugins. Hopefully this will be done before the weekend is over. Otherwise it will have to wait till next week. But it is coming!

(Oh and thank you al for the many downloads. That is the motivation I need to keep doing this.)

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For those who do not want to learn how to do this, or just feel like it is easier to have it all automated, I wrote a plugin that does everything the workshop does. 

You can find the plugin here:

Yes. Sorry for the late reply, but the assets used are the Pop!Horror City and Pop!Slasher Forrest sets by Vexed Enigma a.k.a Malibu Darby.

BiteMe! Season 1 community · Created a new topic PvP

I am very sorry for the few who bought the game, since the story had not proceeded for a while now. The card game is fully functional, but the story came to a halt. However... I have big news!!!

First, why am I not updating my game anymore? I've been working on the game, but it is going very slowely, since I now work full time, to pay my bills. 

To make up for this, all games I make in this series, will be free for the ones who bought season 1, but only got 2 chapters so far. (More chapters will come, some day. I just can't say when.)

Now the big news!!

I might have found a way to make the card game PvP, online! This means when you and a friend both play the game, on your own PC, and then challenge each other. 

Yes, this would be fantastic, but I have a long way to go before I am actually there. Even longer now, since I had a computer crash and need to replace some hardware. 

I can't make any hard promises, yet, but I am very hopeful and I think I can pull this off.

Thank you very much for your patience and support. 

This was made in MV and can't be opened in MZ. But this method once learned in MV can be used in MZ. 

Thanks for trying the system. 

The demo indeed freezes when you talk to John outside in winter. This is an error in the demo though, this should not effect your project at all. I should fix this some time. :p 

The time is not shared in between save files.  It is based on the players play-time, so that should not be possible.

You could show the time trough a hud, but there is a big downside to that: The time only changes when you run the common event. So if you want the time to update every second, the common event has to run every second. This can cause lag. 

Freezing time when the menu is open or during cuts cenes is also a hard knocker, because the time is based on the players play-time. 

Waking up at 6am should be perfectly possible. Just calculate how many hours are left between the time they go to bed and 6am, and let that be the amount of hours they sleep.

I'm happy you like the system. :) 

Oh, and happy new year!

Cool. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Oh... The last part, about the 100% discount, is not related to the rewards, right? That was confusing.
I've been looking for that bar, to set the discount, but I couldn't find it. 

Also it tells me the price I put in is too low. This goes away when I click save.
I think there is a little mistake in there.

Haha. Nee, steam kost geld! :p 

Good news! The full game will be a downloadable version. Only the first chapter will be playable as HTML game.

Thanks for trying my game! Did you enjoy it so far?

No problem. I've been new at too, long time ago.

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Oh okay, I thought something went wrong. :p But if it was intentional, then I said nothing, haha.

Tip for updates in the future: Best not to delete the old version till you are ready to upload the new one. That is what I do to avoid people who try the game find an empty page.
If in any situation you delete the old version and are not able to upload the new one right away, mention it on your page. 

Anyhow, I see the demo is back on. :) I will give it a try.

(Edit: I think the empty page is more a problem for my games, since those are HTML games, playable on the page.)

I don't see the demo. Just a black image with the words "Silent hill, the final nightmare demo."

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No problem, I can understand you perfectly fine.
Good luck.

When I try tp play the game, it asks for a log in of another website. When I cancel, because I don't have an account, I get an error. 

I think you accidentally have uploaded your gamejolt version to itch. (I thried the web-version)

I played this 100 years ago. Okay, maybe not 100, but a few at least. And this is still one of the best indie games I tried.

True, I played it once and then I was done with it, but still... I finished it in one run, and was kinda sad it was over. 

But this did inspire me to make my own "chatbot". It was more advanced than this one, but not nearly as pretty. And once I finished the system, I never created a game with it, because it was too complicated (meaning, hours of work for each command...)

Even though I never finished a project with that system, the system is there, ready to be used... And that was inspired by this game. (And a little bit by another game named Sarah Is Missing...)

Anyhow, I loved this, and it inspired me. I also love the 1998 feeling. Well done, couldn't look more like 1998 even if it was 1998.

First of all: Looks amazing! But... I am unclear about the rules. I do get the basic idea, but what do the extra rules do? 

Sudden death is explained in the demo...

Those, are completely unclear to me:

  • Plus rule
  • Same rule
  • Combo rule
  • PlusWall rule
  • SameWall rule

Anyhow, nice work. I would probably like to use this, if I understand all the rules. 

Just here to point out the irony in the name of the organisation that funds one of the partners: COST.

Oh bummer. Might be a great option if that is possible in the future.
Knowing someone tries to hijack your game is good, but knowing who it is would be even better.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

I noted a weird link in my analytics, as source of traffic.
It started with and then a bunch of numbers.

Clicking it, I saw someone tried to steal/hotlink my "game" (which wasn't even really worth stealing.)
But I can not see which site tried to hotlink my game. 
Is there a way I can find this out?

This looks pretty useful. I only saw the 3 screenshots so far, and already have so many ideas how this can come in handy. I don't have a need for it now, but I did have events in past projects, where I could have used something like this.

I did download without naming a price, sorry... :p  If I end up using it in my projects, I will come back to buy it. Promise.

Okay, maybe always wasn't the right choice of words... :p But in this case I don't see how it can do any harm for a randomized dungeon like this.  Specially since it is endless. As long as you don't make too make unbeatable ones, or required ones.

If the format stays the same, I think you can not add too much. More monsters and items would always improve any game. :p 

I'd say: Keep it coming. If you add a few new things every once in a while, you will end up having a big little game. 
Just hope that, when the game grows, the game type stays the same. I loved another very basic RPG before, then the dev made it all big and added free walking and stuff, and then I lost interest :p 

Funny little game. I played a few rounds to just check it out. I just miss some menu to change equipment or see the inventory. Other than that it is a nice game.

I didn't get this far yet, but I kinda hope that when you die, you have to start all over. And so far I only saw snakes and fairies. I hope this will change when reaching a higher lvl too. :p 

I love that you thought about making a game for sinterklaas. This game would be fun for so many kids, if it was in Dutch. I don't think people from elsewhere know who those people are. But a fun game anyway.

Nice. :) Well done. 
This might be hard, but maybe you could make an AI to play against?

Anyhow, that you have a multiplayer online with MV, is pretty cool.