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First of all: Looks amazing! But... I am unclear about the rules. I do get the basic idea, but what do the extra rules do? 

Sudden death is explained in the demo...

Those, are completely unclear to me:

  • Plus rule
  • Same rule
  • Combo rule
  • PlusWall rule
  • SameWall rule

Anyhow, nice work. I would probably like to use this, if I understand all the rules. 

Just here to point out the irony in the name of the organisation that funds one of the partners: COST.

You wishes have been heard. I nearly completed an updated version of the game. It will be online soon... And I mean... Within 24 hours!

I love that you love this so much. :p You are the one and only real fan of this little experiment... But hey, at least I can say the complete fanclub of this game want more... I might do a remake of this, like you've asked me to do so soooo many times. :p (It is appreciated, though. I'm not complaining. ;) ) 

However... If you like this, you might like the zombigotchi game too. It is even smaller. You got a zombi, and you just have to feed it every dat... (Yes, that means chasing and eating screaming residents) A fully fed zombie will last 48 ours... If your zombie starves to... uhm... death? Well, when it starves it, you will get a new zombie, and you have to build up it's age all over again.

I sure hope you like that as much. If not... Keep asking, I might end up updating Chick Hunt anyway.

(By the way... Remember what I said about the screen format of the game? You can see this is very old, because I still used the 816x624 setup...) :p 

Oh bummer. Might be a great option if that is possible in the future.
Knowing someone tries to hijack your game is good, but knowing who it is would be even better.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

I noted a weird link in my analytics, as source of traffic.
It started with and then a bunch of numbers.

Clicking it, I saw someone tried to steal/hotlink my "game" (which wasn't even really worth stealing.)
But I can not see which site tried to hotlink my game. 
Is there a way I can find this out?

This looks pretty useful. I only saw the 3 screenshots so far, and already have so many ideas how this can come in handy. I don't have a need for it now, but I did have events in past projects, where I could have used something like this.

I did download without naming a price, sorry... :p  If I end up using it in my projects, I will come back to buy it. Promise.

Thanks! :) 
Can you tell me what you did or did not like? This will help me make better games in the future.

Can I share cheat codes? Sure... Will I? Hmmm... Maybe. I will give you the cheat code, if you can answer those questions:

- Who broke the window when you first see a zombie?
- Who resurrected the twin?
- Why do the characters in answer 1 and 2 hate each other?

If you answer 2 out of 3 correctly I will share the cheats. How is that?

I do have one more question, though... How did it happen that you ask this in a reply here and not in a reply on BiteMe!Twins? :p 

(1 edit)

Oh I am sorry... You didn't read the description. This means you are disqualified and you lose all winning. Better luck next time. :p
(In the description it says: "This is only a game... You don't get real money")

Glad you like the game. 

Whahaha. Any deal in the first round is more than I have in reality. Even if all the big prized are out right away. :) 

Thanks for your reply. It is nice to see the game is being enjoyed.

Okay, maybe always wasn't the right choice of words... :p But in this case I don't see how it can do any harm for a randomized dungeon like this.  Specially since it is endless. As long as you don't make too make unbeatable ones, or required ones.

If the format stays the same, I think you can not add too much. More monsters and items would always improve any game. :p 

I'd say: Keep it coming. If you add a few new things every once in a while, you will end up having a big little game. 
Just hope that, when the game grows, the game type stays the same. I loved another very basic RPG before, then the dev made it all big and added free walking and stuff, and then I lost interest :p 

Funny little game. I played a few rounds to just check it out. I just miss some menu to change equipment or see the inventory. Other than that it is a nice game.

I didn't get this far yet, but I kinda hope that when you die, you have to start all over. And so far I only saw snakes and fairies. I hope this will change when reaching a higher lvl too. :p 

Please tell me :p Human error, or bug, if there is a mistake, I need to fix it. :p 

I love that you thought about making a game for sinterklaas. This game would be fun for so many kids, if it was in Dutch. I don't think people from elsewhere know who those people are. But a fun game anyway.

Nice. :) Well done. 
This might be hard, but maybe you could make an AI to play against?

Anyhow, that you have a multiplayer online with MV, is pretty cool.

Cool I have fixed the bug :) And tested it properly as well this time :p
I'll send you a cheat code in your inbox if you like. It will give you a gun and some ammo, which you normally get at the end of the 3rd battle ground. 

As a kind thank you for your feedback.

Ps. I don't see a way to DM you here, but I noticed you follow me on facebook, I'll send you the cheat code there.

I see what happened... The zombie doesn't drop the item that is required to trigger the completion. 
I am fixing this right away. Thanks for letting me know.

You need to loot the body. However.... This should happen automatically. 
I'll look into this right away, thanks.

Oh, and spam that Defense button. Buffs stack up twice and take a great deal off of the damage you receive. Zombies will learn this spell when you level up a few times.

Oh talking about leveling. Zombies get stronger, the higher level you get. The high of its level depends on the level of the active battle character. So if the main character is level 5, and you have Maaike selected, who is level 1, you will fight zombies of level 1. This doesn't depend on what area you're in, but on the characters level. (Although nurses are weaker than cops).

No, leaving zones while in battle would be too easy, you could just run past all the zombies without a single fight. Also the system can't handle it. So even if I wanted to make it possible to leave zones while in battle, I couldn't.

You can heal up during a fight, if you had any items set up on your action bar. If you followed the tutorial, you were instructed to equip Small Medicine.

If you run away from zombies, they will give up the fight, they retreat to their original spawning point and you can leave the zone. But you're not supposed to pass all the zombies without a fight. Specially not if you just run past them. I might even disable running for this same reason. You can make it to the other side without battle, if you're careful.

Zombies notify with a (!) when start attacking you. When you see a (!) above a zombie, you know it comes after you. 

I feel like you just want it to be easier, but... The plan wasn't to make an easy game. Getting passed zones should be a challenge. Staying alive is just a matter of focus. Use ranged spells (Maaike has one, and the main character gets one pretty early in the game, you also can find or buy ranged weapons) to avoid bites. Use your grenades when zombies lock you in... And bring the pizza with you. (There is one in the oven in your home.)

If one of your characters is about to die, you can switch characters in the menu. You have to be out of battle for this. You can indeed not open the menu during battle. You have to make sure your action bar and weapon wheel is setup before you start a battle.

The trick is to not stand still and fight as less as zombies at the same time as possible. If you just don't run into a group of zombies at once, you should be fine. Just don't stand still, and don't fight more than 1 zombie at the time. If you have to, throw a grenade.

The gun and others uncommon weapons are indeed not cheap, but they do drop regularly, check your inventory. Drops have semi-randomized stats (they can be 2 points stronger or weaker than the stats given in the database) So if you have 5 pocket knifes, there is probably one stronger than the others. 

Maybe good to know if you want a better weapon: scientists carry pockets knifes, guards carry bombs and ammo, and cops (undead ones) drop guns, ammo and army knifes. If you get a gun though, use your bullets wisely. Bullets are pretty rare to find, and are 9g each, or 99g for 12. Early in the game, you're better off spending your money on beer for AP (mana).

I hope this helps you survive longer, maybe even not die at all. Should be doable, I can do it too.

Known bug: When passing Derck, some players try to flee and run in the bar. 
The door should have been disabled during battle, but isn't. This causes you to be stuck.

Hit A to attack if Derck is close enough, and W to follow him. If nothing helps, wait till Derck decides to stop looking for you. 
Best to just knock is ass ass out when he attacks you. He deserves it. 

This problem will be resolved next update.

I think that might be a problem with cookies. Do you block cookies somehow? 
Do you get an error like this with other games you try to save online?

Yes, I realize this is feedback. Well, you report a possible bug. And it is appreciated.
But it doesn't really tell me what you think of the game itself. :p 

I'll look into the error though, thanks for letting me know.

Any feedback is very welcome. Found bucks? Did something glitch? Did I make a huge mistake? Or did you love the game in stead? Please let me know what you think of my game.

Happy halloween!!!

So, sorry. This is made to be played in the browser. If played in the app, it will crash, unfortunately. 
Your save file should be fine, till you delete your cookies.

Did you play the game, though? I have many visitors, but not really have any feedback yet, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on te game.

I have updated the game, finished chapter one and removed the problem with the south gate. :)

Thanks for your review. Indeed, once you go down the south gate, you can not go back. This gate wasn't supposed to be open.
This would be easy to fix, if I still had this version of the demo.  Unfortunately I do not. I hope you made a back-up save?

I am working on something else at the moment,  so this project is on hold for now.