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Thank you glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks really valuable critique will take into account for post game jam version :)

Cheers man let's see what we can do in our free time ;)

I think you nail the difficulty where it feels hard, but the player gets 1% better each time and feel like "okay not this time but I know I can do it", it is a really ny mechanic that feels good.
It would feel better if the character didn't jitter as much, might be worth checking whether or not you're applying force to your character in the physics update loop and not the normal.

Music and sfx also played  really well with how the game felt. 

Great submission

Thanks you for your in-depth reponse a glad you liked the game.

I think you overall assessment is fair and balanced. I have been thinking about how I'd make it more foddian and fair. I think having the camera scale it's FOV and look ahead with your current speed  would be one way, as you once you're doing that leap of faith you have more time to  see your landing. 

I think the difficulty with this compared to other Foddian game is that we really leaned heaby into the momentum theme from a physical definition and stand  point, where you constantly have to manage the change of speed making the game very dynamic which adds to the core game feel that makes it fun. 

I Liked you idea of a zoomed out camera though when you approach a long jump as I think it'd make you  feel small as a player as well and add to the feeling of being a daredevil skater, so if you don't mind I might steal that hahaha.

This was really valuable feedback and insight cheers :)

Really happy you liked our game!

We were going to add different parallax backgrounds for the different stages but ran out of time. We definitely tried to make the beginning a lot easier to intro the player to the controls, but I think the overall feedback is that the game was too easy. SO might have to crank that difficulty curve waaaay up in the future.

Hey glad you enjoyed the Game, I don't know how some people got the scores either it seems that there is a meta building up around the game on how to abuse the physics to gain enough speed to skip areas.
I agree that the game should have been a bit harder, we didn't want it to be as brutal as some other games but we didn't want it to be easy either for beginners.  We thought getting used to the mechanics to clear obstacles would had been harder ahaha and for games jams I tend to air on the slightly easier side as to not gate keep the experience and intended goal. But from people comments I can see we made it too easy for a Foddian.

I got a list future ideas if we were to build on it and a trick system for coolness factor is definitely a priority. It was something we wanted in, but again time :) 

Really nice looking game with a unique fun mechanic.
I did find that the sound started to glitch a lot when ever I tried to move which made the gam hard to play with my headset  on

Very creative mechanic, don't think I have seen this interpretation of the theme yet.

extremely polished game, love the back story and intro sequence. A lot of cre was clearly put into it. for me I found the grappling hook mechanic kinda unintuitive, and felt it got more in the way than help me which kinda broke the flow when I had a good series of jump/

I think it's because I can't use it when ever I want only at certain  scenarios .

Also love all the secrets and multiple path ways up made me experiment different directions when one way failed repeatedly

But the game is beautiful regardless well done.

Really nice hook mechanic, there is a real sense of gravity. Some camera placement improvement would elevate the game quite a bit

We strong submission. Anyone who says you need to drink more water or you're going to ruin your kidneys. Show them this game they can clearly take a beating.

Also love the sprint mechanic honestly adds so much to the quality of life so you can quickly skip the bottom bit when you fall down there for the 93rd time.

Simple and elegant, and sound and visuals were on point too.

Oh man thank you that's high praise, glad you liked it.

You beat the other developer ;)

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Hey thanks for playing our game,

Agree with the camera (you should have seen how it initially was) I am thinking of ways to best  let the player know where they are going next, but for a Jam a few signs here there would have to do haha.
We also wanted some parallax background, but neither of us are artist and getting everything else looking decent in the game was already pretty tough.

The music is from youtube's free Audio library, I will post it on the game page soon. The idea was actually to have the track currently playing displayed in the corner :)

Thank you
yeah we wanted everyone to be able to finish it eventually, but the masters who fully understand the physics and mechanics can gain a lot more momentum and pull off moves beginners can't imagine. just like  a new skater might look at an older and more experience skater, to figure out how they improve.

Nice submission, I would have wished there was a bit more visual feedback like squash and stretch, and particle effects 

Game is actually more forgiving once you get used to it still frustrating in a good way.

I think some quality of life changes like  a reset button would go a long way to improve the user experience when playing :)

Cute game, I like how once you get good you can pull some cool mid air maneuverers 

Solid game entry I like the controls them selves but I'd probably have prefered if the placement was a bit different . Like W+s and arrow up and down

I see the concept and the grappling hook mechanic is actually much better than some I have tried. I think if you polish it up with good visual feedback it would add a lot. Like a previous commentor mentioned even using simple shapes like squares and triangle look nice in an appealing colour palate.

Then you can add some squash and stretchy to make it feel that much more dynamic which barely takes any time.

I really love diegetic UI in games and I like the concept too, I think what holds your game back is that it isn't super intuitive. 
You don't know what a lever does until you pull it, and it not super clear how to reset it.  I think having symbols like arrows would help and even being able to reset a lever by clicking it again would go a long way.
I would love to see this further developed

It looks and sound nice, controller also feels tight especially when played on a gamepad.
for your first gamejam you did very well :)

Good spin on traditional Foddian Mechanics, The art is also awesome, and the game is easy to pick up.
I wish you could peek into the next screen when you're at the edge though to see where to go next, but I think your natural checkpoints in the level is a good design choice to make the game feel less brutal and unfair. Well done.

Awesome movement mechanic and works well with the theme :)

Really clever level design, simple and clear controls that are easy to learn. The sfx and music really creates an awesome atmosphere to play through. 

The restrained VFX is also a very good addition not too much just enough to fit the vibe of the game. 

Only draw back for me is I don't fully see how you utilize the theme of momentum.

But other than really great game.

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Really good controls, easy to understand hard to master

Also like how you're a moth with a lantern quite funny

Solid piece of work well done

Simple and beautiful, probably my fave game I have played so far. The simple mechanic has so many layers with the mechanics, the different gravity levels, using the momentum of the central black hole to slingshot yourself. Very good.

My only pet peeve which isn't even a serious complaint is that the random rotation of your character, does make it feel like there is a fair bit of RnG on each run. And you can get quite unlucky with your positioning, which doesn't feel like the players fault. 
Imo giving some control or making it more predictable where the character is going to point after each launch would make the game feel more fair and Foddian, as every mistake would be the player fault for not reading the world or using the mechanics correctly.

However, I might just be dumb and not realise how it works, if so ignore me.

But again really well done :)

Really neat concept, almost felt like mario when you stomp a koopa. 

What would really bring out the shine of the game is to work a bit more on the controls as it feels like I am gliding on ice a bit.

Well done

Most unique control scheme I have ever seen I think. Which is aided by impactful and strong visual feedback.
Once you got the hang of the game it all make sense.
but I think from a practical standpoint sliding you hand across your keyboard might give each player a very different experience of the game depending of their size, and type of key board.

Really cool game though

I think my favourite trope with this theme of momentum is explosion based movement, and I think you really made it feel unique and your own.  I love how I can use the explosion to gain height, and then fire a projectile to precisely adjust my trajectory mid air to land on a platform.

really nice execution, the level design adds to the mechanic a lot

Lovely polished and unique game, music slaps, visuals are eye catching and gameplay is fun.

I think one note would to move the movement keys to the keyboard imo, because it gets a little uncomfortable after a while clicking and holding the mouse button. Also from a practical stand point it being a browser game sometimes the mouse can interact with the browser or unfocus from the game.

Really enjoyed it though well done

Nice solid entry, I liked the visuals and sound effects.

Also like how you used the level design to create psuedo checkpoints. The game was very easy to understand and pick up and actually completable within the scope of a game jam game. So I enjoyed not feeling terrible at a game for once. 

well done :)

Enjoyed this, easy to pick up but hard to master. It's difficult but also fair.

Checkpoint system was interesting too, and sound effects were good and never got too repetitive

Well done

Love the aesthetics, it's also a really clever mechanic. 

I do feel the level design especially in the beginning of the game makes the learning curve a bit too hard, to grasp fully.

I like the simplistic art style, the controller also feels quite good. and i also believe this needs a drift mechanic ( I demand it).
I noticed my joystick controls don't work (was using an xbox series X controller)
I also noticed a bit of jittering of you car, which if you're using unity usually means that you're using physics outside the fixed update loop (the car movement) or that your camera is on the wrong update loop.

Loved the atmosphere, good mechanic. Lowkey thought I was going to be a cowboy had a little out loud chuckle when I realised I was a gun.

I like how you have to be efficient with your ammo both to improve your time and to clear obstacles. Kinda acts like a multi jump in a platformer.

I did find one bug where if you land barrel down you can't reload or jump

I'd say the only thing missing from what I experienced is more potential pit falls to make it feel that little bit more Foddian

Well done :)

Even from the first 5 seconds, absolutely love the style you're going for! You've captured the feel of a foddian game immediately, and produced an interesting movement mechanic that's equal parts frustrating and rewarding. Although I wasn't able to finish it, can really appreciate the direction of the design on this. Great job 

I love the atmosphere of the game, it's a solid 3rd person platformer too. I think some guidance on the glowing buttons in the start would be good for new players as I managed to get to the 3rd platform using the nail gun, then couldn't figure out what to do for longer than I'd like to admit.

I really love the concept of you building your own platforms too, and the steam punk sound effects tied it all together.
well Done

Your game looks awesome man, and you really nailed the movement mechanic. Fun fact we were also thinking of using an explosion movement mechanic but couldn't think of a way to make it fun to play, so you beat us there man haha.

My only real note, is that I am not sure if this on purpose. But the ramps  half pipes communicated to me that you might be able to use your roll mechanic to build speed on them, but I guess the friction is too high as I still need the projectile to actually make any progress. Which does make the rolling movement feel a little redundant, but I can also see from a design perspective that's exactly what you want.

I also really liked the attention to detail that firing the projectile gives you a little boost as well allowing for some air control.
Really clever design and execution all round. 

Ahh game jam fallacy , time gets us all