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The "tutorial" of sorts is a few post it notes on the sliding door and the handbook which is in the back half of the booth.

The handbook explains in a bit better detail, but if you scroll the mousewheel up and down while looking at the microphones to speak with them you have a wider variety of options to interact with.

In order to correctly give a ticket out you need to: ask for what movie they want to see, ask for their money, ensure they have money to pay, and give them the correct ticket. If a movie is rated R, you must also check for an ID before handing them the ticket.

Sorry about the confusion!

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There are other ways to earn Arena Points, you can work at the farm, the mines, sell yourself as a prostitute, and trade with NPCs. That being said, the overall character variety is pretty limiting on our part so playing a purely social based character is not easy. Sleeping and resting also give back health, the doctor is just if you want to heal without advancing a day.

Thank you, we appreciate it!

Hi sorry about this, are you sure it is infinitely loading? The game takes a while to do it's initial load sequence so clicking or alt+tabbing or anything during it may cause Windows to think it is being unresponsive.

Well this sounds like a driver, hardware, or software related issue on your end. That being said, would you mind posting the output log located in "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Rising Sun Interactive\Angels That Kill - The Final Cut Demo" so I could better asses the problem?

If you happen to be using Windows 10 and a Nvidia graphics card this seems to be a potential fix for a similar issue: "Go To Nvidia Control Panel and change "Aspect ratio" to "No scaling" on the Adjust desktop size and position page (with "perform scaling on Display")",

Slave RPG community · Created a new topic Error Reports

Please report any game related errors here, thank you!

Thank you for the error reports, if you would like posting over on the Steam discussion boards would be better for us to log errors.

As far as not being able to launch from Steam goes, we had been playing around with getting a 64 bit version up and forgot to set the settings back so that should be fixed now, so long as you restart Steam. As far as the other issues go...uh, we're trying.

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Strange, does anything load in? The opening credits, information, main menu?

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Yeah, shareware means that it is a free version of the game with locked or restricted content, rather than a set up demo. You can also buy the game on here for a bit cheaper if you wish and get a Steam key for the game with your purchase here.

We also have a summer sale here on Itch that starts the 24th and are a part of the summer sale on Steam whenever that starts if you wanted to wait a few days for it to be cheaper.

Well I mean fair enough, I can't think of a better way to incorporate both a paid and free version on here without making a separate page, which seems pretty unnecessary. It's the same set up for our other paid game on here that has a demo, the way Itch displays it on the front page makes it seem like it's free, even though it is displayed under the games that are for sale.

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Are you playing the shareware (free) version of the game, or the paid version?

Edit: Why was this down voted? If this is happening in the free version it is an intentional restriction, if this is happening in the paid version it is a problem that needs to be fixed.

This was a really neat "tech-demo" kind of game, solid effects and the loop is basically seamless, would like to see it with more rooms!

Hey sorry about the troubles, we were using MEGA to file host the shareware version, but have since moved it to being uploaded to Itch directly, you should be able to install it with the Itch app now!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Not a bad idea, seems pretty easy to cheese by just dumping points into materials and then spamming as many turrents as possible, but still, good job!

Hey, thank you!

Another typing game! Honestly would have thought there would be more, overall the idea isn't bad but it definitely needs sound and better indications of what's going on.

Really neat concept, didn't really get the shooter aspect of it, it felt more just like a unique platformer, but unique never the less, it's also really fun to speedrun!

Cool idea, though I think dropping off ingredients to the same place that spawns bullets is a bit rough, would like to see it polished off a bit more and see what becomes of it!

Not bad at all! I thought it was neat how you could completely ignore the race at later levels and just bully the AI, would like to see the combat system be  little more complex and for there to be additional races though!

Neat idea, would like to have seen more variety however and the genres didn't seem too incompatible.

Very neat concept, threw me off a bit when the enemy team didn't stop moving, well done.

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback and good idea!

Thanks! and uh, sorry!

Yeah it's a bit different but thank you!

No problem, and thank you, keep at it!

Yeeeaaah, you get it.

Not a bad game, but could use some work, I found out I could move the character using the arrow keys and I'm not sure I'm supposed to be able to do that? I could also just hold down the special attack and endlessly use it. But everything, kinda sorta matches the rhythm and there is some challenge involved.

Very cool concept!

Pretty neat concept overall and seems like a pretty flushed out vertical slice for a TD game.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I liked the use of cards to select what towers/upgrades to place, but was a bit confused on which enemy types where which, as well as had a few starts where I had no towers to choose from and was only given upgrades.

Good start of something and seems fine, audio would have been nice, but you know, time constraints.

No problem! It is a solid game nevertheless, would like to see a larger scale game made out of it.

Honestly really solid game, I think the genres incorporate well together and the theme is present. It looks good, sounds good, and I honestly wish there was more here.

Very cool concept, seems like it has a solid use of multiple genres and they incorporate well together!