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This is why I made a video. XD I expected most people wouldn't know what to do...

Royal Jelly lyrics... alright. Enough internet for today. 

this is so long ô.o guess I wasn't the only one.. Nice floaty controls, unreasonably large hitboxes, obnoxious SFX etc. XD almost missed how to geet past the dice guy because I didn't realize you lose the dice when you die :X

Not an idea I've seen before, and you executed it quite well. This really makes placing down towers a risky move where you have to think hard about whether you want to risk using the most powerful towers a lot.

iirc you missed when I playing your game on stream, so feel free to check out the recording while twitch keeps it up! (

Crazy game. Looks really cool. gameplay confused me at first, but worked out well once I got it. How the frick did you do all this art And gameplay within 48h tho O.O

Not sure why, but I was really lagging on this game despite having a pretty good computer oO Must've been some compatibility issue with other stuff I had running or so...

the changing movement direction like this is a really cool idea though. it's tough as heck to control, perhaps starting out with even smaller rocks before scaling up would help at the beginning, but with some practice it's a solid system. Looks decent too with all the space-junk XD

Cool stuff, I think you can go further with this idea given more time. One issue I had was 'tie' situations, where I'd end up walking back and forth a lot waiting for the right item to pop up, which can slow down gameplay a lot. But if you figure out a way to reduce/avoid that the random-weapon method works well.

The asteroids didn't collide for me at all o= always full health even trying to crash into them. Seemed like a bug, but here we are XD
The concept is cool though, throwing stuff out to move... (where is all that stuff coming from?!)

Some great voice acting in the intro btw

I don't remember what time I got, but I think it was slightly under 1 min? XD simple but solid take at the changing controls idea

The game looks solid, has some very fitting sounds, and plays well, though sometimes it's hard to tell where kids can hide. Perhaps you should add different challenge levels to torture the clown even more? XD

Much funny. Excellent dating sim (or is it more of a parody? XD). Sucks you couldn't finish it up with a clean ending, but hey that's 48h jams for you. 

Pretty fun puzzle-platformer. Really gotta think about how to pick up which potion-thingies to keep the keys you really need... positioning~ Cool stuff. Perhaps it could help to reduce the text by making the level design imply how things work a bit more at the start? Probably worth playing around with, anyhow.

Crazy people just implementing like 7 different games in 48 hours and combining them into one... it's really fun, too. Good Job~

Still scared of you, but some solid gameplay ;) The funny graphics are a pretty good match really. Now just make it compatible with different keyboard layouts and add more content in a post-jam version?

Very fun game, pretty challenging at times, but I like that kinda thing so no complaints here XD I do quite like the central mechanic a lot, having the charges increase your options while making them harder to execute

Yeah I couldn't really remember the combinations, but if you make it a bit easier to tell what's what this could get quite cool. A random gun with lots of different effects... I do think you could do more with that given more time o=

Hey, though I couldn't entirely get the controls to work, it looks like a crazy little shooter. Cool to see you around again anyway ;)

This crazy plane is dangerous and must be stopped! And where is all that stuff coming from XD funny game anyhow

This crazy plane is dangerous and must be stopped! And where is all that stuff coming from XD funny game anyhow

This game is really cool. Haven't had the time to finish playing it off-screen yet, but still planning to!
The platforming challenges are fun, the timing is close at times but not unfair, only issue I had was that it wasn't always predictable how many boxes would break below me. 

Interesting story, a nice concept with electricity-based gameplay. If you're doing a post-jam version I'll check it out

Tough challenge here. Keeping track of when to switch waves while also balancing the current one takes some solid concentration

Simple but effective. The option of getting stuck running out of keyboard keys seems a bit counter-intuitive, so I suppose you could smoothen that out a bit still.

Very cool concept and I'd love to see it polished up a bit more with a smoother learning curve. I set git to watch releases on your repo, so if you use the release system I should get notified later ;)

Huge game, a basic but solid turn-based combat system, and quite fun how I can steal stuffs shape. Went back to play the entire thing now after the stream, too. A lot of quirky skills later on~