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the perspective worked really well for this game. also good use of the videos, although i'm not sure if i have just been abducted by a toaster :D

i liked it, the gameplay is very relaxing, and the audio does a good job.

The image gets a bit blurry on high resolution, I imagine you're using sprites, so make sure to change the "Filter Mode" to "Point (no filter)" in the import settings on your .png in unity, so they should remain crisp when upscaled. (filtering is more commonly used for textures on 3D meshes).

You might find some fun in implementing raycasts for the enemy vision, so boxes will cut the line of sight :D

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haha, no. i totally forgot to build the roof in that room. thanks!

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It might not be the user-friendliest game in its current state, but you created a working new concept with really immerive aesthetics as your very first game. be proud!

So it took a lot of trial and error out to figure out the mechanics and finally get that A soup, but it was fun digging around. who knew spiders were so sweet? :D

This entry is just damn impressive. Bravo.

(P.S: Melee is not pointless, it shreds the last 2 mechs pretty easily ^^)

very cute. the tutorial level is well explained, and the movement feels super fluid even with the restricted resolution.  good job! 🐝

these asteroids really don't like happy endings, alright.
quick and simple fun, good work :D

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cool game, I like the addition of a point system. is it possible that killing enemies while in the air gives double points? i love it :D
The main character moves very fast which makes the platforming kinda tricky, especially if you try to use the enemies as jumppads, and then try to shoot them while landing on the next platform, but it's fun xD

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cool game, especially the last level is very enjoyable to play.

As for the difficulty, consider giving more information for the moving sprites (like the exploding rects or the sinewave). You could for example draw a grey line half a beat early where the rects are going to shoot, or render an additional sinewave in grey half a beat earlier so you can evade the whiplash in level 3 and not just tuck yourself into a corner and pray ;D

The lighting and design is fantastic, and the CCTV is a very good addition. Gameplay falls a bit short, as you are forced to build an optimal ratio of resources. If I'm honest, half of the fun in a sim game is that mayhem ensues when you neglect the need of your population. So let the residents be dirty, uncultured and primitive if you can't take care of their district ;)

The visuals don't translate that well into lowrez, so i'd love to see a higher resolution version of this. Well done!

This game is gorgeous. the 1.5 hrs it took me to finish the game might seem very long for a jam entry, but it kept me hooked all the way.

While the resolution and design stick true to 64x64, the sprites and lighting don't move on the 64x64 grid. Despite this making the movement fluid, I feel like that would have communicated the battle a bit better aswell. Apart from that, i really have to commend the completeness of this entry, Great job!

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This game really has potential,  I really liked the complexity of the battle system and exploration.

A major problem i see, is that the game likes to throw you into fierce battles without giving much of a progression (except for the final boss). I ended up dying and losing my small progress for the first 20 minutes straight (save for crucifixes which don't appear to increase your max HP, unfortunately). So i took to the save.ini and messed around with it to see what items would have which effect.

While the combat is great adaption to the lowrez theme, my bad skills often made me wish that it had an autobattle option. Nevertheless, this is a really solid entry and you can tell that a lot of work was put into it. Great job!