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Great work! The aesthetic is on point, and the music matches really well. The idea is also great, and you did really well to get it implemented. Good stuff!

Great concept, really addicting. Great work!

Really good work, I love the whole concept, and the reveal of the second character, as well as generally the whole introduction of mechanics was great. Very well done! Only thing I would say is have a little bit of buffer after you leave the end of the platform that the jump still works, it really makes platforming feel a lot better. Great stuff!

This is really good, the only complaint I had was the camera was a bit tough to wrestle with at times. Controls were great, and I love that the level would change up. Great work!

Really like the mechanic. The aesthetic is nice as well. I found it hard to actually get around the levels, I found the hitboxes a little sticky. With a bit of polish this would be incredible. Great work all and all!

really really well done. I hope you continue with this afterwards. You absolutely nailed the metroidvania feel. Music was great, fit the aesthetic really well, and while the controls were a bit unweildy, it felt intentional. Great work!

Really good job, I would love to see this fleshed out into a full game. Great work!

Neat idea, really liked it! The controls were great, and the gameplay was good. Great work!

Great work! Definitely could use polish. Something that would be good is to have a bit more to telegraph what you have to do. The health of items being different states on the objects is a really nice touch, and I really enjoyed it overall. Well done!

The audio and aesthetic really complimented eachother. The gameplay is also absolutely incredible. Controls felt great, and everything had the right amount of weight to it to feel great. Great work, definitely one of my favourites.

Really good concept, the difficulty ramping up was really smooth. Very well thought through. Great work!

Great work! It was satisfying to get everything lined up just right, and then zap the whole lot of them. 

Great job! definitely could use some additional logic to stop you from just being able to sit at the top of the level, but great concept. 

I was unfortunately unable to play, as with my build, I would instantly just pass each level right as I loaded in, every time. It looks like a great idea though, and the aesthetic is really nice

Interesting concept, liked it! With some additional polish, it would be quite good!

Your aesthetic, while simple, really works. the only thing on that front would be to make the exit much clearer. Good work

This is really good. The difficulty ramps up nicely, and it introduces concepts really well. Great work!

Great job! Having an end game, something to do when you are large would be good. I also think hitting space to pick up food feels a little counterintuitive. I like the idea though. Great work, especially for 48h!

Really great concept, it is quite difficult though. Almost too difficult at first. The jumps being inconsistently high was really hard to wrap my head around. I think the idea is very good, just could use a bit of polish. Great job!

Great work, got a lot of half life grav gun vibes from it. Great concept. Could use some polish to bring it that last little way, it was a bit fiddly to get things to work, and some visual indication of what mode the gun is in/if it is currently active (esp. on the move setting) would be good! Great job!

This is amazing. I spent far longer than I'd care to admit on it. I really love it. Very well done. One thing I'd suggest is have the clocks emit a slight hum when you get close to let you know you are near one, I died so many times from a clock just slowly rotating into my head. 

I liked the concept, however, the controls got a little in the way, and I found I was fighting with a really floaty feel. Definitely has a lot of potential with some general polish. Great work nonetheless!

Great job! the puzzles were super satisfying. Very well done!

Great concept. Really well executed. I could def see myself playing for hours. The music was also rad! Great work!

This is really good. Very good concept and the pacing and audio really make it a nice, serene experience. Great work

Very difficult, but quite good. The controls were very good, never got in the way. Great job!

The executable isn't set to be executable, but then when you get that set, mac's security system will not allow it to open

Great work, the concept was very strong, and the visuals are great. FYI the Mac build doesn't work

I like the concept. It could do with checkpoints, and something a little more obvious that tells you what happens when you get out of range of the ufo. Otherwise a great game!

Great work. Love the humor throughout, the tutorial was great. Nice pacing to bring in the different game elements. It gets so chaotic so fast. Love it!

Looks good. The controls are pretty hard to wrap your head around. It would also be good to have a tutorial walking you through the different mechanics, introducing them slowly. 

Other than that, very fun. Great work!

Great work! love the concept, and the ability to buy more things when you lose your balloon is a nice touch. Well done!

Great job! Clean, good controls. Nice addition to a classic game idea. Great work.

I managed to continuously get a bug where the balls would get stuck and just spin beside the paddle, having to reset. 

Yes, they are! Thank you for your kind words!

I really like the concept. A little like herding cats at times, but very good. The controls are quite good, and the visuals look good. Great job

Great work. The platforming feels great, the controls are super tight. The contrast between the two modes are balanced really well. Really enjoyed it. Great stuff!

Very difficult, but very well done. The tutorial was great to help you get into it. Great work!

Great job. Really good polish for a gamejam game! Love the concept!

Man, this has taught me that I am terrible at focusing on 2 things at once. Very good though, controls were tight. Great job

The visuals really do the fantastic idea justice. All and all, a great game. 

Controls are very tight, it feels really natural. Great work

Incredible. The controls are super tight, the idea is great. Well worth a play. Very well done.