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Thank you for playing, and for the great feedback! I'm glad you liked the concept and the sound design - those are the two things I focused on so it's great to hear they are working.

I'm also very grateful to know about the approachability issues you raised. If you can believe it, the map actually used to be even bigger - I pared it down a couple times during development, but it sounds like I still haven't found the sweet spot for it yet. Regarding the controls, it looks like we're allowed to update the description, so I've tried to clarify them a bit on the game page.

Thanks again!

Interesting game. The idea of swapping your moveset is pretty unique, but I feel like it would make more sense if the double-jump and the dash used the same button: then the crystals would be controlling what action that one button does, rather than feeling like an arbitrary limitation.

I had a similar issue with the inconsistent double-jump until I realized pressing and holding the jump button would cause both the first and second jump to trigger. Maybe that can help you as well?

Fun game. Dragging the platform around reminded me a bit of Trine, but the constraint of only one platform that you have to bring with you made it play quite differently.

Great game - really infuriating (in a fun way!) It seems like it might be even more fun to spectate, have you given any thought to making exportable replays or gifs?

Have you found the river crossing? If not, I'd recommend looking for that first. Once you've crossed, looking in the woods should help you go in the right direction.

I haven't found anything mechanically similar (yet) but I have found one other game that shares a theme.

Single Sighted (mine) and One Pixel both use "only one pixel" specifically referring to the viewport size. Mechanically, however, they couldn't be further apart - mine is a simple exploration game while One Pixel is a precision platformer. I feel like 1x1 viewport as a theme could be diverse enough for a whole game jam itself.

Very interesting design - it's amazing how the tiny field of view makes mundane things like jumping over a gap into a real challenge. After struggling to orient players in my own game I'm really impressed that you were able to make a real-time precision platformer under those constraints. (The game I made also uses a 1x1 FoV, but the core mechanics are completely different.)

Is your browser set to allow third-party cookies? I've seen that error on other Unity games on itch, and it went away for me when I allowed third party cookies.

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Game credits:

Design, code, and visuals by myself (mark@hedberggames)

Ending song, playtesting, QA, and emotional support by my wife

All sounds are sourced/derived from CC0 works on

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Have any thoughts? Feedback? Post it here!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!