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Nice game, esthetics on point. The gameplay is quite simple but effective, well done !

Great artstyle and ambiance. One of the best takes on this gameplay on the jam, congrats !

I feel a bit uneasy after playing, well done with the atmosphere shift !                                        

Incredible indeed, thanks a lot for the opportunity, the relevant questions and the kindness, that was an amazing moment for us !

I loved the arcade vibe of your game. The concept is quite original, but I felt that the controls were a bit rough. I sometimes could'nt even dodge a red area, but that might only be my low speed reflexes. Nice entry !

Nice little game, the mechanics is simple yet effective, very fun to play. The music and art are on point. Congrats !

Well done,  impressive mechanics depht ! The art and sound design deliver a strange, moody atmosphere completely fitting the story. Great entry !

Brillant idea, great realization. The poetic layer atop of it with the painted backgrounds, colours, the music, all of it make your little game a really good, unique entry for this jam, congrats !

Simple yet effective mechanic, good design, with a ton of polish on top of it ! Great entry !

I loved the ambiance. The combats themselves might be a bit too random, they could use another layer of strategy.

The presentation works fine, great entry !

Really nice concept, loved it. The randomness of the dice is nicely balanced with the strategic approach, avoiding an easily frustrating effect.

Congrats !

I like the concept, though the randomness can be sometimes quite  frustrating.

Nice entry !

I really dig your game ! The 8th level gave me some hard time, but I finally managed it. 

Creative and interesting mecanics, game on point to the theme, nice music choice. Well done !

I played the web version, and got stuck indeed after killing the Skeleton (doesn't remember if that was right after, or after a few turns though).

Such a unique game, congrats ! I managed to beat the three bosses, but not that easily, it feels well balanced.

I feel like some gameplay informations could be displayed on screen, like the bonus of the special ingredients. But that's just some minor remarks, the game is overall reaaly enjoyable !

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Great game ! 

The idea is unique, and very well done. The balance between the random of the dice and the strategic choices is on point.

The environment is very effective, though I'd have loved to see it with subtler lighting.

Some little problems I noticed : the ground tiling isn't perfect and I did see Unity's skybox sometimes. Also, once I arrived to roughly 3/4 of the max distance, it stopped going forward there was no obstacle anymore. I could just draw the dice. 

Overall, I really enjoyed your game, with its refreshing concept and tight realization.

Harder than it seems ! 

I encountered a few bugs, like a combination of both the menu and the game musics after restarting a game. I also got stuck once after the end of my turn.

But overall, I envoyed it a lot, the music is great, and the gameplay has a lot of depth for a jam game, congrats !

I love the idea of cheating with care. Too bad for the main game, but the tutorial shows your idea quite nicely. 

This take on the theme is really nice, congrats ! 
The controls are on point and though the map is the only one, there is a lot to discover in your little game ! 

Nice take on the theme ! I also liked the mash-up between classic dungeon crawling universe and... guns!

Fun little gam, well done ! The controls are a bit clumsy sometimes. Nice use of the random weapons !