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4100 is a great score! 

 We’ll update the portal’s collider so that it is more forgiving.

Thank you for playing and providing feedback.

One of the most fun games in this Jam!

The art style is SUPER cool! Great job!

Really liked the idea of the being on top of a VHS tape. It's quite original actually and it stands out from the other games.

Good job! Keep making games! The more you create, the better you'll become!

The game is still a bit buggy. My cursor disappeared and I couldn't click anywhere. The camera is too fast and UI button could be bigger.
I really like the idea though! The color choices and overall mood is very 80's.

We had the same idea, and even the same name.

Great implementation and awesome result! It took me a while to get the flow, but then it was super fun! Great work!

This was surprisingly FUN!  Lots of different mechanics!

Great graphics, solid mechanics, well polished game... one of the best entries so far!

Hey! It appears you, me and a lot of other people had the same idea!
I really liked how you implemented the partial rewind system and the clients queue. It's really fun! Good job! 

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It's a shame we can't play each other's games. Yours looks like fun!

If you'd like to watch, here's a gameplay video of our submission:

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Yeah, that's a shame! A VR game jam is already restricted to number of players that would try the submissions, and even we developers can't fully test our colleagues' games. Anyway, your idea looks pretty cool!

We have uploaded a gameplay video for our game, if you'd like to check it out!

It's hard to control and aim precisely!
Really cool atmosphere! Great game overall!

A lot of games with the same approach but yours feel so well polished! Great game! Nothing more to add!

I believe the difficulty curve could be a bit slower, so that it is not so hard!

We had the exact same idea and almost shared the same title! lol

I also made jokes with known movies names. I have to admit you made a much better job than I did and your game is more fun!

I also had the idea to create a VHS rental store. My game is a bit different but I believe you implemented the idea better and your game ended up being more fun.

I think your idea is pretty cool but the difficult progression should be slower... I was not even close to the $400 necessary for an upgrade!

Anway, great job! I'd to love to see some updates!

How to get past the first purple gate?

It's an interesting idea but the controls are a bit weird to control.

The graphics are actually quite cool. Nice colors!

Level 1: piece of cake

Level 2: bullet heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell

The jump feels really weird.

The graphics are simple but they fit the toy style pretty well! Good game overall!

The first was a bit hard to start with... could be simpler so it is easier to understand the mechanics! 

Great graphics and interesting music! Nice work!

Super cute graphics and atmosphere. Interesting mechanics but really hard to control. I couldn't get past the Hanoi Tower.

I think it was a very original idea. The initial double of the caveman was kind of hard for the beginning. The progressive tutorial was spot on! Great graphics as well! 

It is still very buggy, as you already stated. I tried 2 times and after I destroyed one the ships, the turn would not complete and neither of us could play. I could still move the controllers and click everywhere but my turn would not end. I tried everything.

It lacks audio.

Even with that, the battle is very engaging. I can totally see myself playing this game for hours while on the airplane seat without bothering other passengers.

The graphics are really good! Great effects! The clouds on the planet gave me the impression that I was moving. Did you make this all by yourself? 

Anyway, please continue working on it. This game has a lot of potential! I hope to see future updates from you! Great job! 

It took me a while to figure out how to steer. The instructions are not clear and, at first, I was moving both my arms wildly, but eventually I think I got it.

After the initial frustration, the game was actually quite fun. The combo meter was a nice touch. The music is relaxing and the graphics are simple, but they're quite pleasant to look at.

As far as level design goes, I believe it would be nice to have less trees at the start of the level and a larger area so players can move around more freely while they get the feeling of the game.

I don't know if the game ever ends... this was my best score!

Good job!

Is the game only playable on the Oculus Quest? I'd like to try it but I don't have a Quest.

Is there a way to play your game on either the Rift S or HTC Vive?

I wish I could play your game. Do you have a build that works on the Rift S or HTC Vive? I don't have a Quest here.

That looks really good! Nice effects!

Only 2 ratings so far:

Here's a gameplay video for anyone interested:

Galaxy Gates is a VR game where you place portals to guide airships to their landing carriers.

Developed by:

Available for download at:

We are making a VR game where you create gates (portals) to guide airships to their corresponding landing carriers.

Nice art and idea, but the controls just feel too unresponsive.... it's not that fun I feel like this could be a great game!

One of the most original mechanics I've played so far in this Jam! This game feels very polished and should definitely be on the TOP!

45sec.... once I learned how to reload! :)

Great game.... one of the best so far!

I could not figure out what to do... even so, the music and the art are so good, they really fit together! Good job!

An idea well executed!

Please change the apple grabbing sound, it's super loud!

You had my curiosity and my attention! Very cool art and intriguing story!

Nice art, nice music, nice atmosphere!

Very nice art and music! The gameplay is kind of hard to figure out!

Era inevitável ter ideias parecidas. Além dos nossos, eu encontrei mais 2 jogos com essa mesma premissa, mas eles tem um ritmo mais lento. Os nossos são mais parecidos entre si, mas felizmente cada tem um suas particularidades que o fazem especiais!
A arte é mto bacana e o jogo de vcs merece estar no Top! Parabéns pelo resultado!

Wow! The art and music is great! The character are super cute and I definitely see myself playing this game in a full version! Great job!