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Early screenshots [Share your work]

A topic by Kalinarm created Aug 08, 2020 Views: 382 Replies: 20
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A thread to share early test/feeling about the jam. (Let me know if a discord was set for that)

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I’m going with Hold the gates, a kind of tower defense with VR-specific mechanisms.

And this ***** tray is not horizontal :p

Good luck on your project!


Nice idea, looks great!


This looks awesome!

No idea yet if I'll be able to finish anything, but here's what I'm looking at right now anyway.

Nice ! What is the concept ?

The idea is that you have to hold the gates up for the character to reach its goal. You don't control it, it will just dumbly try to reach the goal. Well not so dumbly, I'm using (and learning) Unity's navigation components so it's pretty smart about picking a new path if a better one opens. I'm hoping with more complex layouts it could make for interesting gameplay…


Oh, very cool!


I may have went a little ambitious so not sure if I'll be able to finish anything in just another 24 hours, but here is a screenshot of where I am at. Space card game with FTL Gateways that you have to fight your way through to fight back an alien attack and ultimately get revenge for their attack on earth. 

I kind of like how it is coming along so will probably continue to work on it even if I don't have anything to submit tomorrow. 



Sure it’s ambitious, but it’s loook really great !! Visuals are stunning !! Well done so far ;)

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Wow! Looks great!


Thanks all!

Made quite a bit of progress last night, so may yet be able to submit something for the jam (probably a windows build of a barely "playable" prototype, if anything. We shall see). I'll be streaming my development on Twitch today if anybody wants to follow along:

Looks amazing!


Hello everyone, here is a screenshot of my submission. The game is called "And Or Or" and is a puzzle game with logic gates.


Looks like it is coming along nicely!

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Here is a trailer of my game "And Or Or" 


We are making a VR game where you create gates (portals) to guide airships to their corresponding landing carriers.


Looks very interesting!


So was actually able to submit something. Definitely a very rough prototype still with tons of bugs. Still, proud of what I was able to get done in 48 hours. Excited to try out all your games! Here's the trailer for my prototype:


That looks really good! Nice effects!