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Love this! Simple concept and well executed. Great interpretation of the theme. 

I'd love to see more levels, with more operators and more complex structures, but the foundation is all there. 

I think there's also an opportunity for some cool theming, or maybe multiple steps to get to the right thing (power up *this* section to unlock an &, and then complete the puzzle a different way). If you think really outside the box, there might be a cool way to really lean into the VRness of it too. 

Overall really cool, and it made me feel pretty smart ;). If these got harder and harder I think it'd be really fun! Excited to see where this goes.

Nice job! Definitely a goofy experience but there's something there. I had a little bit of trouble getting myself into the right position (you might want to make sure your camera is in the right place in your build and check the "Floor Level" vs "Eye Level" Setting. Also, I know I had to play a lot with the physics settings to get my game (which is also physics based) to work at a small scale. Might be worth taking a look at that too.

But it works! I'd love to see more defense in there eventually. But its a great start!

Really great work! This is such a cool little concept. I ended up really getting into the rhythm of it and getting pretty good, if i do say so myself (7200 is the score to beat >:) ).  I had a lot of fun with the loop of like, See Ship > portal > check color > other portal, and just really getting into the rhythm of it (maybe there's a rhythm game here??).  As Micreps said, I probably ended up flailing around enough to knock out a neighbor, but I still had a lot of fun!

The visuals are really slick. The RGB neon idea is awesome for a jam like this. Gameplay wise it makes your goal super clear, and it ends up looking really polished. and I think the indicators are really slick too. 

There's already a lot here for a prototype, and for 48h it's super impressive. After playing, here are some game design thoughts you can take or leave:

  • What would happen if instead of portals being created or destroyed, it was about manipulating existing portals and juggling having them in the right place?
  • It would be really cool to have a reason to chain portals, maybe ships have to avoid obstacles and pick up cargo before they come in for a landing
  • What would omnidirectional portals add to it? What would they take away?
  • Where can you add some decision making on top of the twitch reaction gameplay? Is there an opportunity for triangularity (high-risk-high-reward vs. low-risk-low-reward)? Maybe this could come in the form of loading up ships first, so they might take some of the good with them if you're not careful, or so they get heavy and have to opportunity to damage the carriers, or be a big payday. Maybe instead of lives theres a health score and there are non-color-coordinated repair ships that you can send to the carriers.

My mind is racing with the possibilities. It strangely makes me think of one of the GOAT flash games Arachnophilia. Maybe some inspiration to be taken from there.

Overall super cool. Really impressed with what you've been able to put together!

It's a really cool concept! Totally understand it's a quick turnaround. Things to think about as you continue to work:

Visuals are really cool, I think you could definitely go all out with some effects and have it feeling really good (especially with some more audio). The first time I used the shield card I started to picture what a fully juicy game could be. I know it's supposedly bad VR visuals, but i think a TEEENSY bit of screenshake (or even just shaking the ship below you and not the player) would go a hugely long way.

For the game design, it's obviously crazy to balance a CCG in 48h. I'm not a big card game player, but it seems to me that just adding one more thing to keep track of would really bring the strategy alive. It seems like there's the beginnings of an energy system there, so even just adding a Charge card to add energy for the next round and allowing for multiple cards per turn would be amazing. But I'm sure there are plenty of great examples from the CCG world.

For tray-table-ability, this really fits the bill! It would be cool to see an iteration of the control scheme where you could actually hold your cards and push the big red button with your hand :)

Fully fleshed out, I could see this being an awesome game for a long flight. I can't wait to see where you go with it!!

Thank you to everyone who participated!! Whether you made the deadline or not, I'm so glad people got into the idea and tried their hand at some Tray-table-able games! Please do take the time to try, share, and comment on the games that got submitted!

That said, here's a thread to post about what you had, even if you didn't finish! Screenshots of unfinished games with half baked ideas are extra welcome.

Outside of the thread, I also encourage anyone who's able to post it on the social media feed of their choice with the hashtag #traytablejam, to get some buzz for the next one, whenever that may be (which may be extended to a week, if people think that's a good idea)!

Anyway thanks again!


This is mostly to cover my bases in making the announcement (for those that didn't get the email or see the updated jam description but are somehow looking at this).

But hey! What do you think, I guess?

Sorry you won't be able to join salomonsson :( but for others reading this:

 To be clear, Moss's interaction scheme is a great example, as long as your hands can generally stay within your tray table area. It's totally fine for game's visual action to go outside of that, as long as you don't have to turn in your seat to see it. 

Keep in mind a major (albeit somewhat downplayed) thrust of this jam is accessibility--and the ability to actually finish a VR game in a weekend--much more than the literal smallness of the game (though i think the idea of teeny games is still a lot of fun). Immersive worlds are all-the-better!

And to you salomonsson, I hope you take this inspiration to make your own Tray Table VR game and spread the word! Keep an eye out for the next one!

There will be a plane seat model available to all jammers. I'm almost done with it. It will be available very soon!

I've got one that's almost finished! It will be available to all jammers very soon!

I don't want anyone to get to far ahead of themselves without the theme announcement, but I'm curious where people's heads went as soon as they heard about the jam! What tray table-sized VR experience did you first picture?