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A VR game where you place portals to guide airships to their landing carriers.
Submitted by Giancarlo Taveira (@giantaveira), Diego Barboza (@diegocbarboza) — 7 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Galaxy Portals


Hold the trigger button to create an entrance portal to guide an airship to the corresponding landing carrier. Hold the trigger again to position an exit portal. You may press the Grab button to delete the most recent portals. It's an arcade style game where you must aim for higher scores and the game ends when you let 5 airships fly away.

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Really great work! This is such a cool little concept. I ended up really getting into the rhythm of it and getting pretty good, if i do say so myself (7200 is the score to beat >:) ).  I had a lot of fun with the loop of like, See Ship > portal > check color > other portal, and just really getting into the rhythm of it (maybe there's a rhythm game here??).  As Micreps said, I probably ended up flailing around enough to knock out a neighbor, but I still had a lot of fun!

The visuals are really slick. The RGB neon idea is awesome for a jam like this. Gameplay wise it makes your goal super clear, and it ends up looking really polished. and I think the indicators are really slick too. 

There's already a lot here for a prototype, and for 48h it's super impressive. After playing, here are some game design thoughts you can take or leave:

  • What would happen if instead of portals being created or destroyed, it was about manipulating existing portals and juggling having them in the right place?
  • It would be really cool to have a reason to chain portals, maybe ships have to avoid obstacles and pick up cargo before they come in for a landing
  • What would omnidirectional portals add to it? What would they take away?
  • Where can you add some decision making on top of the twitch reaction gameplay? Is there an opportunity for triangularity (high-risk-high-reward vs. low-risk-low-reward)? Maybe this could come in the form of loading up ships first, so they might take some of the good with them if you're not careful, or so they get heavy and have to opportunity to damage the carriers, or be a big payday. Maybe instead of lives theres a health score and there are non-color-coordinated repair ships that you can send to the carriers.

My mind is racing with the possibilities. It strangely makes me think of one of the GOAT flash games Arachnophilia. Maybe some inspiration to be taken from there.

Overall super cool. Really impressed with what you've been able to put together!


Really cool! Took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once I did I really enjoyed it. There were a couple rounds where it seemed like the ships were just going straight through the portals, but I don't know, maybe I didn't put them far enough in front those times. 

I also had an issue where my portal ended up on the bottom of my hand. I think it happened turned by accident. Minor issue though for sure. 

I think I ended up scoring like 4100 my best round. Fun game! As far as the traytableability, I think I would probably be punching the person next to me in the face, haha! But it certainly is a nice stationary VR game!

Really like the color scheme, and the whole presentation just looks very polished for a 48 hour jam!

Great work!


4100 is a great score! 

 We’ll update the portal’s collider so that it is more forgiving.

Thank you for playing and providing feedback.