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Yes that's right. I was somewhat guided by my native language, German. There Sugur Cube is called Würfelzucker (Dice Sugar).

Really nice game!

It was really fun, very creative!

It was really fun, thanks! Well done overall.

Nice game!

Great concept !!  Already good and has potential to expand. I hardly believe that the lives are not always displayed correctly, but I am not sure. Great work!

Hey thank you for playing! Thanks for your ideas!

Yes, that's exactly what I planned then, with real bird sounds, pictures and information, especially for children. As an educational game for children, I'll try that.

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Thanks for playing the game! 

Yes, that's a bug. The leaves only fall from the tree when you let a bird sing, not when it is wrongly assigned. The bird is only set back. Thank you!

Great game mechanics, it's really fun!

Great idea and well done. The player could be guided and instructed a little more. Music fits very well. Great job!

I really like the game. That's fun. Music fits well.

Nice job, very interesting art! The controls are a little tricky. Music goes well. Overall very interesting.

Very interesting mechanics and looks great. Music goes well with the game. Nice game!

Nice! It's very hard, but I really like it. The music fits well!

Looks good, good atmosphere! Love the colors and the idea. Restart does not work yet. Keep it up!

Hello, yes unfortunately only runs on the Quest. Unfortunately I can only test the oculus Quest games. It's a bit difficult with only 6 titles and different platforms to rate.

Looks very interesting!

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Here is a trailer of my game "And Or Or" 

Nice idea, looks great!

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Wow! Looks great!

Hello everyone, here is a screenshot of my submission. The game is called "And Or Or" and is a puzzle game with logic gates.

The game fits the topic well. The presentation is good. It was fun too!

Thank you so much! 

Wow, great game! The presentation is great. Music fits great, graphics are good and a nice tutorial.

I think it's great!

Interesting game. Originally it is definitely. The effects are a matter of taste. The music fits very well. It was fun! It is well presented.  A little more variety would still be good. Well done!

Thank you very much!

Yes, the menu could look better. Thank you for playing! Displaying the area of the fan could make sense, that's right.

Thank you very much!

It was great fun! Very interesting game!

Very interesting game!

It was great fun!

I really like the game!

Very cool! It's a lot of fun.

Thank you very much for playing my  game and for hosting the jam.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to play and give feedback. This with the rhythm game is a good idea, I'll give it some thought.

Many Thanks. Nice that you like it.

Hello, thanks for your opinion and for playing. Collecting things is a good idea. I will probably do that. Nice that you had fun.

Hello! For me comes the message the .zip folder is invalid.

Good game! I found it hard to start but after a while it's great fun playing the game. Good work!

Glad to hear that you like the game. Yes, it could happen a bit more if an obstacle is hit. Yes, sometimes it's hard to see where the obstacles are. - Time was also short and I had a lot to learn from this game and some problems. Thank you for playing!