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This feedback is very helpful! We were worried the spikes were too fast at the end. Maybe after the jam we can tweak that and make it slightly less difficult (though we intended for it to be difficult). The distance between the two can be an issue. We wanted them to have to stick together in order to utilize whichever one has the light (it switches to the dark character when the background is white), but when you get too far away it is an issue. I remember suggesting that if you get too far apart we trigger a death because the point is to be near each other and cooperate, we just never had the time to add it.

This feedback was very helpful! thank you so much for leaving a comment :)

Thanks! We didn't want to spend too much time on audio so we just recorded ourselves. One of my team-mates recorded the button noise with his mouth and it totally works!

I appreciate your  comment. I would have loved more time to refine the level and introduce more mechanics but we ended up keeping it simple. Thank you for playing :)

i do have the time and am excited to see it :)

I wasn't able to make it past the wall jump area at the beginning!

I have always wanted to do a game with an art style like this! I think the game was delightful and full of character and good puzzle ideas. I'd have loved to see where this goes with more time sunk into it. The main character sprite is very good and the animation feels awesome. Would have loved to have sprite animations for NW,NE,SW, and SE directions as well but I understand that is a lot of work :P. Overall, I enjoyed the game but I do have to call attention to some of the issues.

  1. Collision did not feel great. This can be hard to do with 2D sprite in a 3D world but is not impossible.
  2. I would recommend a system for scraping the scene during editor time and adjusting all the z positions or sprite sort orders so that things appear as if they were sorted in 3D. I found a few cases where sprites did not appear sorted correctly.
  3. I think picking up items and placing them was harder than it should have been. I am not sure why this was happening but it would make this game even more magical if that barrier did not exist.
  4. The boss was neat! I think it would have been neat to change up the colors of fireflies to keep the players on their feet.. Also remember that anticipation is an amazing tool for empowering your players! I found that the hands of the boss would shoot up without warning and I felt discouraged because I never knew when or where they would appear. Making the gravel break before the hands shoot up or showing some indicator there would make the fight feel more fair.
  5. This is me being pedantic.... How is granny so fast that she pops up immediately after the boss? 

Very magical game and art style. Please do more with this! You have something special here!

Unable to play the downloadable version because it is for mac and unable to play the web version because it is WAY too big for my screen

Same thing as everyone else. Unity requires the unityplayer.dll file and the _Data directory for the game to run.

Nice! I like the idea here a lot but a few things could have been more clear. I wish there was better feedback to let me know if my solar panel was the correct angle. Also I ended up losing my batteries and having to wait for the entire night cycle to circle around. I with it would have fast-forwarded to the next day cycle but cost me some points or something. Also, after recovering from losing my battery, I ended up moving directly into a shadow cast by the leg of the spacecraft and was instantly out of batteries during the daytime. That aside, very good idea and a lot of fun!

I enjoyed this game. Very short, but the start of something fun. It's been a while since i've played a game like this where you use the mouse and avoid touching obstacles. Good work!

This was a nice little experience. I think it would have been nice to spawn some baddies from the bottom to throw the player off. That aside, very good work!

Neat idea but has some experience halting bugs in it. Not sure if you are using physics and rigidbodies to move the character around but if you apply a physics material to the player you can remove or lower the friction which will prevent the player from getting stuck to walls. Nice idea though, I like the work on the lights and how they beam through the doorways and various openings

I felt like I had no control over the camera. Usually if you pick a point on your player that won't move around that much it makes the camera more stable. Also doing interpolation to the target position each frame (using Time.deltaTime and a speed multiplier) can really reduce the amount of camera movement noise. I was not able to catch any fireflies :(

I couldn't get the worm to move at all. I tried everything I could think of and it wouldn't work. Providing feedback on how to move (not just what keys do what) would really help.

Wow. This is a really nice game! Very good work all around. I had fun and most importantly was unable to leave the game because I kept wanting to beat the next section. I found some of the later areas to be a little too difficult and ended up getting frustrated. That aside, just really good work!

Believe it or not, My keyboard does not have a right control key. I ended up stuck not being able to jump high enough at the beginning of the game and was not able to switch characters. The art looked cute to me. I didn't leave a rating since I was unable to play it but maybe if I could swap the control key for something else I could give a run through

Neat idea! I think that having a better indication of when it is safe to move or not would be really useful. There are certain shades of color that would cause me to sit in fear of moving because it was an orange or yellow. Other than that, neat idea :)

No idea what was happening!

This was a neat experience. I love the way you drop the player into the gameplay and use text in the world to act as a menu and tutorial. Note that the tutorial says left mouse button for the light and it was right mouse button on my machine. There were a lot of long uninterrupted walks through darkness for me and the enemies seemed easy after a while. The boss was really neat! I thought I was going to just reach the end but you tossed a boss at me and it was a pleasant surprise :). I think the introduction of a few more game mechanics and some polish can really make this into something wonderful. Good work!

I was playing in the browser.

The pacing was very slow (with nothing along the way to provide entertainment or nothing to make the goals obvious). I found an axe, with no idea how to use it. I placed all my lights on accident and was unable to pick them up. Light color toggling didn't seem to work and didn't provide any feedback when I pressed keys. I think with some more work you would be onto something fun :). I also agree with not having an installer. It's just an extra step I have to take to get the game running.

I noticed some hitching when riding platforms. Make sure and update the player position in fixedUpdate to avoid this :P. I think the game was fun but could use some polish and maybe new mechanics to change things up. Great work!

Would love to check it out! I don't see a version available for windows (you have a archive uploaded as if it should work for windows but it is all MacOS stuff)

I REALLY love the sprite work done for the boy and the monsters! A game with an art style like that would go a really long way! As for the game itself, I found myself not knowing how anything works and getting stuck in a place where two monsters were standing and I was unable to pass. I killed myself (the resurrection button appeared) but I was still able to play the game without consequence. I think that with some more time put into this it can be something great!

Absolutely no idea what to do. Looks like either a very strange shader was created or lightmaps were not properly baked. I know there was a robot with light, but had absolutely no idea how to get him to follow. It would have been nice to have the controls and goals listed somewhere.

I was not able to kill any enemies! I thought it was cute and lighthearted (loved the music) but basically just ran in circles until I decided I can never win and then died.

My feedback is split into two parts because I believe that spreading awareness about depression is a good thing, but is not necessarily joined at the hip to this game or it'd design.

The game:

  1. I never really felt like things where getting better. Maybe portraying happiness as brighter lights or happy songs or happy objects appearing in the room. I felt like I was constantly overrun by the blocks the entire time. This could be a good representation of depression but not necessarily a good representation of overcoming it.
  2. Not entirely too sure how light (from a flashlight) plays a cohesive role in the theme.

The message:

  1. I think spreading awareness is a good thing, but maybe focus a little more on getting back to the good than being overrun by the bad.

It's tough to make a game with so much meaning so fast. I think you are on the right track! Keep it up!

Great idea! I thought the idea and art was great. Here is my feedback:

  1. As others have mentioned, I didn't know you could upgrade because it was never called to my attention. Making this more obvious would help
  2. I simply held down the space bar and never let go to have an endless beam of damage. Having some kind of counter-measure here would be great... like a cool-down on the light or a special enemy that is designed to encourage you to stop blasting light in order for them to become vulnerable.
  3. I got to a point where my speed and damage where too high and creatures would die the moment they touched my light. I was too powerful!
  4. Upgrades should be more expensive after each purchase in order to pace things out a bit.

All-in-all, great work and fun game :)

Really neat concept! I think you could take this and run with it and make into a fully fledged experience. Really nice art. Here is some of my feedback:

  1. Don't start the player with the light on. My first impression (meaning the first opportunity I have to look at the screen and interpret all of the information presented to me) was simply me watching myself lose at the game. I took too long to observe everything and ran out of light and died.
  2. Monsters seemed to not spawn frequently after wandering into the woods for a while.
  3. Adding audible cues to the monsters would be a great way to improve the experience so that you know when they are coming.
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Really looking forward to trying this out! Once you get the entire unity deployment uploaded I will come back and try it out! Remember that unity requires the UnityPlayer.dll file and the corresponding _Data folder to work.

I really enjoyed this game! Not only does the main sprite look like omochao, but the visual theme was cohesive and cute. I enjoyed the tower-defense nature of the game and instantly got hooked trying to figure out the best way to protect my base. Really good work!

Here is some feedback after playing:

  1. When placing lasers or blasters, having an outline of the attack radius helps to know how far apart you can spread them
  2. there were moments where my laser or the placed lasers and blasters didn't seem to work. I am not sure if they were just blocked or if there is a cooldown. Any kind of in-game-feedback to tell the user why would go a long way.
  3. Health bars! Having visible health really helps the real-time aspect of it. Little bars above your shed, lasers, blasters, and enemies would really have helped me survive some of the nights.

Great work!

Neat game! It took me a while to figure out that the enemies were after the light and not me. Would have been nice to know ahead of time. Seemed like the light should have had more of a visual effect than it did (the environment didn't seem to light up as I moved around). This is minor, but it seemed like the player jittered a little when moving around.

I had a good time tricking the enemies with fire! Keep it up!

The idea of combining a wave based survival game with light that runs out is neat. I would have enjoyed a simple item or upgrade system that does things such as temporarily give you a light shield or do three way shooting or things of that nature. Making the timers on lights more obvious would incentivize the player to rush away and turn on lights.

Overall, good job on the game! I think it has some great potential :).