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I have always wanted to do a game with an art style like this! I think the game was delightful and full of character and good puzzle ideas. I'd have loved to see where this goes with more time sunk into it. The main character sprite is very good and the animation feels awesome. Would have loved to have sprite animations for NW,NE,SW, and SE directions as well but I understand that is a lot of work :P. Overall, I enjoyed the game but I do have to call attention to some of the issues.

  1. Collision did not feel great. This can be hard to do with 2D sprite in a 3D world but is not impossible.
  2. I would recommend a system for scraping the scene during editor time and adjusting all the z positions or sprite sort orders so that things appear as if they were sorted in 3D. I found a few cases where sprites did not appear sorted correctly.
  3. I think picking up items and placing them was harder than it should have been. I am not sure why this was happening but it would make this game even more magical if that barrier did not exist.
  4. The boss was neat! I think it would have been neat to change up the colors of fireflies to keep the players on their feet.. Also remember that anticipation is an amazing tool for empowering your players! I found that the hands of the boss would shoot up without warning and I felt discouraged because I never knew when or where they would appear. Making the gravel break before the hands shoot up or showing some indicator there would make the fight feel more fair.
  5. This is me being pedantic.... How is granny so fast that she pops up immediately after the boss? 

Very magical game and art style. Please do more with this! You have something special here!