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This "Superman UE5" is only 3 Unreal Engine assets from the marketplace.

  1. City Sample by Epic Games.
  2. Superhero Flight Animations by Indie-us Games
  3. Superhero Constructor by BL

It's a 5 minute mesh swap and drop the character in the level amount of work that even my grandmother can do with minimal UE4/5 knowledge. He's not stealing this guy's work because there is no "work" to be stolen. Don't assume things you don't know.

In fact, SHEOL from the video you linked seems to have done even more work on their project because there's a FPP camera mode and a sonic boom midflight and the locomotion animations are from Hammerhead whose Flight Animations are arguably better than Indie-us' IMO... and in a later video, heat vision and vehicle destruction.

And no pay?

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We're in need of a long term partner who can model and texture a variety of asian styled buildings and props, relatively low poly and somewhat stylized (think Wuxia games from 2000s), please post your Discord if you're interested.

Hey, what's your discord?

Discord please?

Disc as in discord, how do we contact you?

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What engine? Do you have disc?

Why would you say that?

Do you have any idea how analytics work in this day and age? How do you think google, facebook and youtube show you ads, they randomly guess your tastes and interests? No. This is called data gathering so you can cater content for your users. Next you're going to tell me that that there aren't websites that don't track what you look at in order to  toss you some ads related to what you've been looking at.

Also, OP said he wants to see unique players and not stumbled-across viewers, not to mention that how would you even spam them? Look at their profiles and hope they've commented on another game or community thread just to reply to them "HEY I SAW U R PLAYIN MY GAME. HAHA. U SHOULD GIV ME FEEDBACK."? You just sound like a troll.

In any case, offers Google Analytics support so you can track even more data than the basic one provides which honestly is a bit lackluster and sometimes isn't even accurate.

RPG Maker is a good example

No, that'd be more juicy needed and useful analytics

If you're in EU, go with Scaleway. £2 for approx a month of 2GB of RAM, 50GB of space with Ubuntu Xenial, never gave me problems hosting a few Disc bots, so a LAMP server shouldn't hog that much power. Dirt cheap.

I think the US equivalent of Scaleway is DigitalOcean, but I've never used them, although I've never heard anything bad from them.

Why wouldn't you use MUGEN?

I agree with Midnight Spire, just make something small and free to start with if you don't know much about coding. You can also opt to use Rom Hack tools which allow you to modify existing PKMN Roms quite a lot to the extent of basically being able to make your entire own PKMN clone. Needless to say though you can't sell that either because it's copyrighted by Nintendo.

If later on you'd prefer to make your own thing inspired by PKMN you could try GameMaker which has a free version now, although don't go expecting plugins and scripts to be available for each and every thing you want to do on the project.

Right, WHICH FlamePlays? Not exactly the most original name.

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Just use Mixamo? Rigs any OBJ for free and you can use the animations commercially.

Oh wow I wasn't expecting a comment like this... 😂 yeah, it is quite unpolished because I made this in under 6 hours left for the end of the jam in the biggest rush, so as soon as I got the buttons jumping and realised the buttons wouldn't run away sometimes I added a bit of a silly ending without any polish really, IIRC one of the screens disappears so fast you can't almost read it.

I definitely wasn't happy with the screen where there's no button to click (which you're meant to click around randomly at least 5 times) I'm also not exactly happy with the fact that there is no sound, but again, I was scared to miss the deadline so I left it as it is, all in all it was meant as a bit of a joke really, I didn't set out to try to win anything with it, making stuff is just fun.

Thanks for your comment, it makes me want to polish this a little bit more! Might do that when I have some time off work! Might even add an extra build that will shutdown the user's pc 😂😂 with their prior knowledge ofc

This puts Sharknado and GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack to shame, amazing 😂

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I mean UI isn't all that great looking, the sprites are okay and the concept isn't exactly anything new but, it's feels pretty solid and decent for your first.

And the audio isn't exploding on my headphones. Thank you for that. Could have some SFX though.

Keep making stuff!

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Also, you should actually download and play my games before you decide to comment on how they suck and make those claims on here. Pitiful behaviour, but what can you expect from a 10th category "dev".

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Wait, he's checking EVERY FRAME if he looking at something?? Why would you do that! No seriously, even Yandere Dev is better than this...

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Thanks for deleting my review, it just goes to show, how proud you are of being the developer of a lump of code that even Santa would stray away from. If you don't like bad feedback, don't post games, simple as that. You post them, so you subject yourself to any kind of criticism, both good and/or bad.

You can look at my games all you want if it makes yourself better about your complete lackluster of skills, but we both know that just because you think it doesn't make it true, specially going on the fact that I only have 2 things published on this account that are clearly sattire trash as mentioned in the descriptions, but r/wooosh I guess?

You're not doing better than me, not even close. I've seen people with mental disabilities pull off something that actually works, because this is just the incarnation of paper taped to more paper and then called a modern art sculpture. I looked at this game and all I can say is that this isn't a game, this is what you'd get of playing around with Unity in a couple of hours in one day. Even my sister can pull this off in a couple of days of training but better, it's seriously that bad, and it shocks me that you're trying to defend it rather than admiting that it's just a lump of unplayable trash.

Let's look at it again, shall we?

1 - The map is just some plonked down buildings, which you very likely didn't make it yourself in baby's first landscape as it is full of lumps every 10 steps with some basic painted path, at least you used normals, but not gonna give you credits for that because I have huge doubts you even generated those normals yourself.

2 - All you can do is walk and shoot a gun, a gun that you can sometimes get by collecting a gold sack. Said gun has an SFX so loud and distorted that might as well be used as a torture device.

3 - There's a healthbar, hunger and thirst bars. Additionally there is roasted chicken and water bottles that magically fall from the sky. Only it's a shame that the chicken and water bottles do nothing, so you're stuck listening to some bored guy complaining how hungry and thirsty he is for about 5 minutes before you inevitably die.

4 - I mentioned there's a healthbar. No idea what's the point of it. You can find some enemies with levels above their heads (most likely a randomly generated number) that just 1shot you every time they reach you. The enemies are cubes with 1 eye. Nothing wrong with that if this was a greybox but from how you're talking "remastered", makes me wonder just what the hell this was before you decided to add trees and some random buildings without interior.

5 - There's also logs that magically fall from the sky which you can't do jack with because the "build mode" is coming soon, assuming there will even be one because based on the rest of this "game", it will either never come or be some poorly implemented tutorial OR be some asset pack from the Unity store.

6 - You don't need a team. You need to learn how to use Unity before you can even think about having any kind of team because if this is what you have to show them, you'll only get people who can do the same kind of garbage or worse than you.

7 - I repeat, this "game" is garbage, don't bother downloading and laugh at their sad attempt of censoring a truthful review of this thing.

TBH in your place I'd just hide all my projects and change the account name until I learned some skills (which isn't hard, but you can be lazy and if you're lazy that's your own fault).

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You didn't even download it, so your comment is pointless.

Attacking people's projects because of a bad review is just dirty though, you shouldn't delete people's reviews Informal Games/Demonfly Studios.

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I only tried the web version as I'm only looking to have a quick try at stuff
without a lot bother. If it's not playable right off the bat then it's not off
to a good start since when I pickup a pellet the game just crashes.

You need to code your jump better. It feels like you hit a cailing everytime.

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I'm not a 3D Modeller but I've tried before, doing some really simple things for a few of my games, I'll still give you my personal input if it helps:

1. "What did you do if you knew you wanted to model something, but didn't know how to make it or just make it look good?"

- I pull through if it's a simplet thing, otherwise I'll go find a free legal version on the web or ask a friend. If I can't find it, then I usually give up.

2- "Was learning how to 3D model things yourself hard/worth it?"

- Yes to both, but to me specifically what felt worth it was the fact that now I understood how UVs work. I am however traumatized by Blender's UI (jk), although I hope I don't have to do this again, at least too often?

3 - "This goes along with question 1, how did you gain inspiration, or know what you wanted to 3D model?"

- Planning the game comes before making the model, but what really inspired me to do it was that I really wanted to finish that game.

Having that said, I recommend you purchase models from a store or hire someone through commission, however if you're really into learning 3D modelling it should be worth it a lot more in the long run because that's a massively useful skill in indie game dev.

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Wow, I've never seen post stupider than this, clearly OP wanted tor make a tileset inspired by Zelda. wilsonscarloxy made a tileset that is inspired by Pokémon's, so he ripping people off too according to you

Should they give it to you for free because you're too poor to afford it and because they look too good for your poor skill (yes, you must have a very poor skill of making tilesets and anything for that matter if you have to cry about it on this page specifically)?

And then you tell people to commit piracy, are you a complete moron or are you just a very shitty troll?

And if you can create a tileset just like this one by ripping the assets from the Zelda game in 2 minutes, then I'll give you $100, no joke, but do it on video, separate each tile and organize it as a proper tileset within 2 single minutes, 120 seconds, you must be very good at pixel art if you can do that so fast, or are you just talking out of your arse because you only find solace in bullshitting due to lack of brainpower that you were missing when you made that comment and had a brain fart in it's place leading you to nearly having a stroke of having to think so hard and still concluding that you should tell people to not purchase something only because it's inspired by Zelda, that even you can do it and that you should have it free?

Get out of, dirty beggar. Begging is against the rules of, in fact.

Enjoy the report.

In a forum I used to visit, I found a guy asking if he could connect a desktop to a laptop via USB to use the laptop's screen...

There is one fact: it is possible, but obviously not easy, and like TheBoneJarmer said you need a deep understanding of networking and whatnot, however there are services that can help with that, like SpatialOS but my personal opinion in regards to using services is that you should definitely learn how to do it instead because I believe that being bound to a service like that leaves you with little control over your own project when it comes to such a core feature. doesn't have a "mailbox" or anything of the sort.

I'm glad that you're owning to your mistakes and commiting to doing better in the future. You're awesome, you just got a new follower!

This game is actually pretty fun, the design is pretty good and I like the bloom a lot. Gameplay is pretty solid as well, the rules are well set and I had no trouble whatsoever. Only lil issue is the animation you play when unarmed, it kind of implies that we can still do damage, but other than that 9/10.