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hey cool game bro can you add my new account on discord?


ill see if i can


pls windows version

for whatever reason i decided to speedrun it

lol ok xD

yes! i plan to make this game even longer this was just testing if the public was interested... and seeing this i will most definitely make this even longer! i am super glad you liked it

your going to get sued xD watch out

awesome! ill check it out tomarrow!

i love the game i got scared when it reminded me to run i was like "OH HELL NO" and left the game i can't do that at all!! i love how it puts you in this position great game wish i was not such a pussy and actually finish the game the graphics are amazing my favorite part!

what language was it built in? and its pretty fishy windows blocks it and it asks me if ill allow the game to make changes on my hard drive..

thank you :)

audio IS WAY TOO LOUD.. it hurt my ears haha and its pretty laggy

wish there was more to look at so i can see what the game looks like

i think bruh the

impossible ahahaha

(no need to paypal me) i like where its going i got addicted to it for a bit but its just a little too hard for any real progress to be made. i understand your idea for the game is it to be hard and it very well is but soon or later the player will just find it annoying that they can't even pass 1. i think it has potential for a mobile game

cool game (sorry for my music playing at the start)

remastered wont have any flipped assets

it mght be a little laggy but it would be playable. you can check also keep a heads up We have taken this game and remastered it which will be including all of what you had said above. This will be including, Rivers, Crafting, Fishing, Hunting, Drinking water from the river, Chopping trees instead of them falling from the ground, Aiming system, Better gun position, Better daylight and night cycle, Weather system, walking sound is better, Better grass, Better trading system 

Yes! we are growing as a team and it will be for release for FREE, in late 2021 we believe


regarding this review thing that sounds awesome! im always looking for people to try out "Survival of the Fittest" on my profile.

no pressure if your busy!

thx for trying

oh yes i will! keep making games you have a bright future!

p.s the game is really short would not even call it a game.. maybe some more updates its a good start.

Hey, Roam, we were thinking about having you on the team more then you are, we are still looking for a better modeler and your amazing at your work. hmu in discord if u still interested

:O going to try!

Cool game i love the style you choosen!



im been using unity for 3 years now so yeah

press "I" to open inventory we dont have a tutorial setup

and we wont listen to some guy that is you we are remaking the game dont worry your comment means nothing thanks

we are good if you dont like our game then simply dont play it and im pretty sure that you sucked too when you started out and plus this is my first team project ill make sure not to delete this comment i guess even though a lot of what you said is wrong. i dont know why you would waste your time writing a whole school essay to make someone feel bad for trying something new


Demonfly Studios

thanks for the feedback and this is our first team project game, try not to expect much!


Demonfly Studios

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Hey Players, if your wondering why we have not made a update yet its because we are working on a Remastered version and we will release it late 2021! thanks for all the new people trying the game in the remastered it will have multiplayer and better logic, incl better building, Enemy AI, and better and new mechanics such as fishing and cooking food. stay updated on "Survival of the Fittest" to hear more devlogs from us. dont mind the hate comments as you can see i had to delete some, not because we are ''hiding' anything because the comments where not appropriate for my team to view and had nasty words. thanks for trying our first team project game. sorry for any inconvenience if you 'hate' the game. please understand this is our first game of a team project what i already stated.  


Demonfly Studios.

!! Great game! <3

thanks for the feedback sir/ma'am  yes it is we are making remastered version that will have uncountable more mechanics and multiplayer... it will be released 2022 or late 2021

:O amazing game man!! graphics are impressive and beautiful! great job!

thanks so much for feedback we are planning to make this like rust and the forest combined but different with different mechanics.. dont worry it will NOT be a clone we are also very excited... we are planning to release a whole new Remastered version with fishing, better enemy AI, and hunting mechanics... we are also making a multiplayer for it too the next release date will be early 2022 or even before.. if you like it share it with your friends! again thanks for the great and valuable information you gave us and we now its not really immersive how wood spawns from the sky we are still working on that with only 4 people on our team we are working really hard and excited for you too see whats to come to Survival of the Fittest. 


Demonfly Studios