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Sorry about that, just removed the tag!

Hey, I just resurrected the highscore table :)

Thanks :) No you can get new minions through Level ups

Thank you :) Already the second time we've been using your tileset. Really loving it!

Love the idea :) Very good interpretation of the theme. And I see you've also used some of the dungeon tile set like us :D I think for the art style if would be nice if it was a bit more consistent though! Still very nice entry that made me smile :)

I like the hand-drawn art style :) Pretty cool and works well with the deck building. We actually went for a similar style of game but without the deck-building aspect :)

Love this  idea for a puzzle game!

Thank you for the sound pack :) We used it for our game jame entry here

We made a little auto-battle game for a mini jam :)

What a poetic wonderful game :) Loved how the text was interspersed between the levels. Also really liked the point on from where it was required to lure the monsters into a position to then sneak past them. Good job!

Hey, we used Pixi.js, you can find the source code here:

Hey :) I really liked this game, especially how the bunnies and the little world looks.

Me and my friend spent some days trying to recreate this game just to learn from it. I couldn't find a private way to contact you but I thought it would be fun to just share it with you (it's behind a secret link on

Hey  :)

Looking through a long list of clichés can be a bit daunting sometimes. I prefer to see one cliché at a time for brainstorming.

So I made this little website based on the list:

Thank you!

I love how this game looks, but it seems a bit hard to me. I'm very slow and I always die extremely quickly :/

This is definetely the most I tried to far of all of the games submitted here. The gameplay felt really nice and the different levels were challenging. The movement including the dashing felt really nice and I liked the perspective.

Would definetely love to see a post-jam version with more levels and some improvements.

Haha that was a good bit of fun. Especially because the sounds where so satisfying, so I really just wanted to feed it more and more villagers. It was also fun to see because we also made a game with panicking villagers.

I didn't quite understand what how some upgrades were helping, .e.g what did the speed up do?

Haha, didn't come up with those.

Look great! I'm unable to start the game though. Can switch between menu items with arrow keys but then no key does allow me to start the game.

Haha yeah at 2 am I decided I was too tired to add a limit on the number of villagers. That would have been the next thing.

The running animation kudos go to @lexenson.

Haha such a simple conept, but the most fun I had playing an entry here so far. :) I think my best was 48.

Fun game, the controls felt nice and the particle effects were bloody delicous! Would have been nice if dying would restart the level and not sent you back to the main menu.

Wow good job! Someone broke your world record though  😅

Our entry for Ludum Dare 48. I hope it's enough to qualify here, but we are really looking forward for you to try it out and give feedback. We are thinking of refining it and turning it into a mobile game.

You get random tiles that you need to place on a board that keeps growing once you fill one line. You need to complete challenges to not run out of move (like me in the video)

Really cute! Tried it on desktop, but this is probably more fun on mobile :)

Thanks, I hope so too. :)

Maybe you could open the browser console and see if there is an error message? If you right-click on this page and then select 'inspect' you should see the developer menu. If you click on "console" then you migth see an error message there. At least that's how it works in chrome.

Maybe your browser doesn't have WebGL enabled. Does this website work for you?

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, that sounds like a better movement system. I personally don't use a mouse, so I tend towards keyboard only movement.

We're not using a game engine, but we use pixi.js for rendering and for the particles we're using a plugin called pixi-particles.

Thank you for this beautiful assets <3 We created a small roguelike with it:

I like these puzzles :) I feel like the gravitation and acceleration needs a bit of fine-tuning. Often I got pulled into planets, and it didn't feel ike there was a way for me to react anymore. 

Hehe the game is very bare, but it was quite entertaining to play. There didn't seem to be a way to die, is there? I never lost my 1 HP. 

Haha, let's say I also made it home :)

I love the retro design of this game. Good job! I feel like the movement could have been a bit nicer, repeatedly pressing arrow keys is a bit annoying ;) Also I think adding a coin sound when collecting coins will make this game more satisfying haha.

This is a solid game. I would move the explanation on ? to automatically appear in the beginning. Or alternatively find another way to show how the game is played. I loved that you used a blow fish to blow things up. That way it was clear to me right away what it's for :). I also like how you designed the Game Over and Menu part. That's something may jam games forget about.

I like the idea. It was a bit unclear to me when the falling objects will stop, so that i can jump on them .

It took me some time to figure out the mechanics. I have never played Hoplite. Didn't even get in the beginning that I'm the red ninja. So yeah, adding different levels with tutorials and slowly introducing the combos would be nice. Otherwise it was very interesting to play.

This is a really cool art style! Also the sounds when collecting the trash was pretty great. It would be nice if you would add a tutorial or explanation in the beginning. I guess for people who haven't played mine sweeper yet it's a bit harder to understand.

I agree with Alec's Games that the mechanics are pretty good. I was quite enganged in the levels. I would suggest not only investing some time in the assets/graphics, but also in general game design/user interface conventions. For example it would be nice if the game would automatically redirect you to the next level once you finished a level.

Haha the idea is great. Especially with that sound, it felt nice to catch the cars. Also it was easily clear to me what to do.