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I like these puzzles :) I feel like the gravitation and acceleration needs a bit of fine-tuning. Often I got pulled into planets, and it didn't feel ike there was a way for me to react anymore. 

Hehe the game is very bare, but it was quite entertaining to play. There didn't seem to be a way to die, is there? I never lost my 1 HP. 

Haha, let's say I also made it home :)

I love the retro design of this game. Good job! I feel like the movement could have been a bit nicer, repeatedly pressing arrow keys is a bit annoying ;) Also I think adding a coin sound when collecting coins will make this game more satisfying haha.

Since you've written this in lua: Could you make it work in the browser using something like lua.js? :)

This is a solid game. I would move the explanation on ? to automatically appear in the beginning. Or alternatively find another way to show how the game is played. I loved that you used a blow fish to blow things up. That way it was clear to me right away what it's for :). I also like how you designed the Game Over and Menu part. That's something may jam games forget about.

I like the idea. It was a bit unclear to me when the falling objects will stop, so that i can jump on them .

It took me some time to figure out the mechanics. I have never played Hoplite. Didn't even get in the beginning that I'm the red ninja. So yeah, adding different levels with tutorials and slowly introducing the combos would be nice. Otherwise it was very interesting to play.

This is a really cool art style! Also the sounds when collecting the trash was pretty great. It would be nice if you would add a tutorial or explanation in the beginning. I guess for people who haven't played mine sweeper yet it's a bit harder to understand.

I agree with Alec's Games that the mechanics are pretty good. I was quite enganged in the levels. I would suggest not only investing some time in the assets/graphics, but also in general game design/user interface conventions. For example it would be nice if the game would automatically redirect you to the next level once you finished a level.

Haha the idea is great. Especially with that sound, it felt nice to catch the cars. Also it was easily clear to me what to do. 

At first I was confused because I didn't get that the map had camera movement. Also I didn't get if there how I can make the camera move. Also I don't think I understoof the game mechanics. Maybe you can explain it a bit more?

The pixel art style is great! It seemed a bit weird to me that i was traveling into one direction all the time but the enemies came from different directions. I liked the sounds and the atmospheric music, but I feel like maybe having a bit more upbeat music would fit better for this type of game.

I like the idea :) Overall it was a bit dark on my computer, even with the flash light I couldn't see much. But it created a nice atmosphere!

The juciness of this game is great! If you're in the flow it also plays really nice, but it seems a bit too hard to get into that state.

I really loved the level design. Also how there was a small explanation between each level. You're really doing a good job in introducing the concepts of the game.

Haha I don't get it. Somehow I am the ball, but what am I supposed to doooo?

I like the pixel art :) However I didn't figure out what I'm supposed to do. All I could do is walk slowly through the world. Care to explain how it works?

I loved the pixel art of the dudes! The game in itself was a bit too difficult for myself :O 

Hey, this is a pretty awesome idea! It was very stressful to play, but tat also made it really  fun.

I would love to see the UI be improved, so that everything looks a bit simpler and more focused on the actual game play.