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Lovely aesthetics and a nice exploration of a simple concept! It got a little confusing at times trying to remember which key swapped to which dimension, but overall I think it worked really fluidly. The ending was fun too. Nice job!

Nice tight platforming with a great variety of level layouts. You had a wide variety of mechanics that all worked really well together!

I agree with what's been said already, it almost felt more like a horror game than anything else! Being pursued was frightening when you'd enter a room, turn around, and whap! Regardless, amazing looking game! I may have discovered an exploit where you can use the dash forward to pass through locked doors, eliminating the need to find the keys. 

Really excellent use of foreground vs background. I like how much you managed to cram into the small resolution, the different enemies, and the wagon that rides by. It was all great!

What a wonderfully odd concept for a game. Nice usage of the limitation and with a great variety of people to mulch!

This game looks great despite the low resolution - loved the towering buildings on all sides. Obviously the game would be a little easier if you could see further ahead where you are going, but that's just a side effect of sticking to the game jam's restriction!

Great level design! My favorites were the ones that involved multiple player characters that had to interact with each other in order to line up properly. Really well done!

A cute little typing test, much more enjoyable than any other wpm test I've done before!

It was fun having a computer to compete against! And it was an interesting choice of game genre for the restriction.

Sad but touching.  This was a lovely little jaunt on the ocean and had a uniquely wonderful atmosphere. Nice job!

Haha what a twist! Loved it, plain and simple.

This was a tough one - I couldn't get past the second jump! Still, loved the cave aesthetic and the music.

Nice and simple, yet challenging! The atmosphere and music work together nicely.

Fantastic pixel art, music, and gameplay. Found all the secrets and made it out in one piece - and had a lot of fun while doing so. Nice job!

Fun controls with really nice effects and music. It was hard, but enjoyable!

Cute game with easy to understand objective/controls. I liked how for the most part the player is pretty hands off with what's going on and is instead just sort of chilling and keeping an eye out for your buns. Nice work!

Nice work finishing your first game jam game! When I first started doing these the time limit made me so anxious. You'll get used to it and everything will come easier and faster the more often you do it!

Loved the combination of solving simple math problems while also being on the lookout for your parents. It's so easy to get caught up in solving them that you forget about the looming threat.

I know it's been said already, but the hand drawn style was excellent - even if it was just a product of limited time! It wasn't the most challenging game, but I greatly enjoyed it.

Nice art style, controls, and stuck to the theme well! This was really unique because pretty much every other game has involved the player hiding, not the other way around!

Cool concept for a game! Personally I liked the minimalist pixelated style

Restarting from the beginning each time was a little frustrating, but it did feel nice building up the muscle memory to breeze through the earlier levels consistently.

Got the treasure! It was a little frustrating sometimes when an eel would randomly decide to look my way with no warning. I'd suggest making them turn towards their new direction over time instead of snapping from one angle to another, that way the player could have a little more information and plan ahead!

Definitely the most unique one I've seen so far! Very well done. That guy's soulless eyes are wildly uncomfortable. 

This was a fun little platforming challenge with a mixture of risk/reward when deciding if a gem was worth trying to get or if you'd just get obliterated. 

Nice entry! Sure your development time was over, but the art and music are great and the puzzles are good too. In a more flushed out version it would probably be easier for the player to have each mechanic introduced separately instead of all at once in the text dump at the beginning. Still fun to play though! I averaged 2 stars across the board.

Very surprising combination of genres! It was fun and approachable due to the relatively low threat of missing a word or getting getting hit. Nice job!

Really solid submission! The variety between cell types was fun and they all had different enough playstyles to make them feel worth separating. At first I thought the platelets were going to be problematic, but even they felt well balanced. The only thing I would change is the cell type prompt that shows up each time the level starts. Initially it was helpful, but after a bit it felt like more of a disruption to your gameplay loop than anything else. Having the option to skip that phase would really smooth out the transition from one section to the next. 

Very polished in terms of aesthetics, but the gameplay itself is a bit lacking as the enemies just slowly move towards you and all have the same firing patterns. A couple easy ways to spice it up would be to have them spawn anywhere around the edge, or mix up where they aim relative to the player. Also, the leaderboard was a nice touch!

All the effects were great, from enemies pausing when hit to the blood splatter they leave after you've finished with them. Good simple fun!

I really liked the idea that there was no distinction between player/enemy bullets and that everything could damage anyone. For a game like this, though, my only suggestion would be to ramp things up a bit and make the player and enemies move faster. You could also make the bullets bigger to increase their threat and presence in the level - as it stands it feels like they are not much of a threat. Just a thought!

Really great artwork, everything felt like it had a cohesive artstyle and that did a lot. The weapons were fun to play around with as well and also had nice variety!

Really challenging entry! Great music and sprite work, though the hitboxes can be a little unforgiving.

Nice one! I made it all the way through and found it to have a good difficulty level when figuring out the best way to avoid getting sniped or locked up.

Had a lot of fun getting all the upgrades and blowing them away, nice job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I ran into the same bug you did after I had finished my submission. It turns out it can only  happen in one particular room under certain circumstances. Sorry it stopped your run!

I am wondering this as well! I’ve already noticed a few bugs that are in need of squashing. It’s totally understandable if it’s not allowed, though I’m sure many of us would like to fix a few things now that they’ve become more apparent.

Cool game! It felt really satisfying weaving through incoming bullets to drop a bomb on them all at once. The explosion effect was sweet and you had a great use of the theme.

Tough one! The learning curve was a bit steep with that first room, but once I got the hang of the moving and reflecting simultaneously, I made it a lot further than I thought I would initially! Cool blend of platforming and dodging.

This had much more intense gameplay that I was expecting! I was frequently panicking when locked in with a bomb and then a wall would come down at the last second and save me.  Really simple and easy to grasp the mechanics and objectives, nice submission!