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Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the mechanics and sound. 

I can't take all the credit, but apparently I forgot to enable display of contributors, so hey, thanks for reminding me! :D 

I really like those ideas! Especially having some sort of exploding dice! That would fit perfectly with the broken physics of the game :D 

Thanks for the inspiring input :) 

Thanks for the nice comment! Credit goes to Andreas's niece. She did us the favor of drawing something based on the game concept :) 

Fair enough ;) 

Thanks for playing! 

Haha that's awesome to hear! :D thanks for the nice comment

Thanks for playing! I think Haioner did a fantastic job with the pixel art!

Thanks for playing! Good thing our buggy boat can bring some laughter and joy into the world :D 
I laughed pretty hard when I found out a few minutes before the deadline, how wonky the boat physics actually was, haha. 

Glad you liked it. Yeah, we hoped to have more mechanics like interactions with seagulls and dolphins, but we ran out of time :D 
Thanks for the transparent rating! 

Thanks for writing! I found myself a team. Good luck with the jam :) 

Hey thanks for replying. We're not settled on either 2D or 3D, so that's no problem. Do you have a discord user? Then maybe we can talk more there :) 
We might have found a team, but not sure yet.

Hey jammers! 
Me and a friend of mine want to make a team. I'll do the sound design, and he does the music. 
I've got some experience with using Unity. As an example, here's a rhythm-based action-puzzle I made with Unity:
We need someone who can help make the game pretty (an artist: 2D or 3D), and someone who can code. Maybe I can help out with the code a little bit, but I would prefer not to, since I want to focus mostly on making sounds. 

If you might be interested in teaming up, let me know :) 
And to everyone else: have a happy jammin time

Hi everyone! 
Looking for a composer? I can do sound too if needed, but I would love to mostly focus on making music for the jam.
Game audio portfolio stuff:
If you're interested in teaming up, feel free to send me a message on discord: EsbenNyboe#7392

Ps. if you have a few minutes, then check out this rhythm-game I made!!! :D :D :D

Hi, if anyone's still in need of a composer, maybe I can help out :) 
You can check out my work on game music here:
I also made a rhythm-game you can try out here:
I'm usually working on both sound and music, but I would love to try doing a jam only focussing on making music. 

Hi guys! Anybody wanna team up for the jam? I can do sounds and music, but also have some experience with game design and coding. 

If you want to check out some of my previous work: 
I made a browser-game with Unity called Orbit Crusher that you can play here on itch.
Or you can check out the music I've made for other game projects over here:

Happy jammin!

Wow, dude, as far as I know, you're the first to complete it without dying. I'm impressed! Maybe I should put in a zero-deaths achievement called "True Gamer" XD 
And thanks for the nice comment! Glad you to hear you enjoyed it, and see some potential in it :)

cool! thanks for the reply :)

Yeah, I know what you mean. I was on a mac for 7 years until recently. 
I'll let you know if I get a mac version up and running anytime soon :D 

Thanks for playing! So glad you enjoyed it :) 

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the helpful feedback! 

That's a great point! How do you think I could implement such feedback? With sound? Or visually somehow? I'm not sure how to best go about it :) 

Awesome! Thanks! :) 

You're welcome! :)

Yeah I couldn't make the game audio sync when building for mac or webGL, sadly... 

But I've got a video where I play through the game, if you wanna check it out :)

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Cool! Well you managed to make some great music that really adds to the mood :) 

Oh I totally missed that :D seems like a good idea in theory, though. 

I think it's pretty difficult making a clear tutorial. I got some friends to playtest my game, and everytime I got some feedback I had to change the tutorial, haha :D 

You're welcome :)

How many levels would you have made if you had the time? 

It sure does :) 

Wow, such a great and helpful comment!

It's so nice to hear about a positive experience like that. Glad you weren't dissapointed :D 

And super-thanks for the font-tip! I'll definitely try if I can find a good font in there :) 

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I wish! For some unknown reason I couldn't get the music to sync on mac or webGL unfortunately. Super weird!

Hopefully I can get it work on Android & iOS :) 

You're using mac, I assume?

I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the comment. I'm definitely gonna work on the visuals. If you have any ideas for improvements, I'd love to hear it :) 

Wow, this is some really good advice! Thank you so much! 
Those games seem like a great source of inspiration for this. And that pallete website sure is handy :) 
It's funny how it never occurred to me that "having too many colors" could be an issue :D 
I'll definitely try and go for a more simplistic color pallete, as you suggest, maybe limited to four, like white, magenta, yellow and cyan or something. 

Calling all visual experts! 

Hi :)
I've been told my game needs better UI, but I'm a total noob when it comes to visual design :D
So, does anyone have an idea for how I could improve the UI look of my game? 
I would surely appreciate that! 

Here's a few screenshots of the game:

I don't know if posts like this are allowed. If not, I'll remove it right away!

The game page:
(...other suggestions for visual improvements are also very welcome, btw)

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Oh really? I looked around quite a bit and didn't stumble across any items unfortunately. If I knew there was an item I would've kept looking, though :) 

Pretty cool mmo-like world you created here :) 
I couldn't figure out what the right-click ability was doing, and what the loot was for. 
Were you pressed with time making this? Seems like a pretty ambitious project, so good job making it this far with it! :) 

nice :) 

Unfortunately I couldn't use space to jump after I died the first time, so I got stuck at level start and had to force quit.
But I have to say, that clock character TOTALLY reminds me of the avatar in "Cool Spot", I played as a child. They both have that swaggering walk cycle, haha :D love it!

cool looking pixel-space-art! the difficulty is pretty extreme - I couldn't survive for very long XD 

wow, thank you so much! ! !  :) 

Nice concept! Some of the mechanics kinda remind me of Celeste. Was that part of the inspiration for this? :) 
I had to give up at the level where you recharge your dash in the air. I thought it was a little too brutal having to repeat those puzzles leading up to the recharge-challenge, but maybe that's just me :)
Other than that, it was very fun to play! Well done :)
Awesome tutorial btw.

You got yourself a good team then ;)