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I liked how figuring out which number keys to press was a bit challenging at first, and then just as I was getting used to it you introduced the 90 degree rotating spaces which bumped the challenge back up. The quick time limit really puts the pressure on, which makes it more satisfying once you solve it. Excellent job!

I'm sorry to you (and everyone else!) that it's so hard! I guess I got too used to it as I was making it. Thanks for playing and commenting though!

Haha thanks! I wanted it to be abrupt so I guess that worked!

Nice job! I like the little art flourishes around the levels (leaves and torches and such) and the lighting is really cool. You have a player size and scale and levels that work really well for the low resolution, and the levels you've designed work well for the mechanics.

Your page says you didn't finish in time so I didn't give a rating, but felt compelled to comment that I thought your game was really well done! I'm very terrible at shmups so I did not get very far but the presentation, gamefeel, and mechanics are all great.

This is great, especially for a first game dev project! It was a very bold move for your first project to be a jam but you did a good job. A couple specific points:

  • Having some sort of feedback when a monster hits you would be helpful
  • With the mouse buttons controlling the sword and the knives, I wished that I was able to aim them with my mouse pointer
  • The sprites you made are great! I hope you keep at it!

Awesome job! It got a little too hard for me on level 3 haha. The graphics are great, the gameplay is simple but also interesting and the music responding to your speed is a really nice touch.

Very cool game! The aesthetic is top-notch, and the design of the game was creative, and more complex than you might think at first glance. Good job!

Thanks for playing. I believe in you!

Thanks for playing! You're not the only one who has told me it's very hard... oops...

Thanks for checking it out! I did think about that while making it, but it seemed to me to be too difficult to be an effective strategy. Maybe I'm just not fast enough at button mashing...

Thank you for the feedback!

Cool style and mechanics! I agree with the other comments that the RNG can feel a bit unfair, but I get the reality of trying to properly balance a jam game and I thoroughly enjoyed your game nonetheless.

Really beautiful game you've made here. The graphics, sound, everything is wrapped up together in a fantastic package.

This game is adorable in every way. Boops for everyone! I liked how you had a few different colored snakes that each worked a little differently.

I don't really know if the one time I won was by doing anything right or by dumb luck, but this game is beautiful in its silliness and I have a great appreciation for that.

I agree with renato_grottesi's comment that the delay between pressing X and the aim arrow actually stopping was a bit annoying. Despite that, I really enjoyed it! I liked the presentation, and the variety of holes and obstacles to overcome was very fun and impressive. Great job making a complete, interesting 9 hole course on a jam game!

Cool game! My only complaint is that I got impatient at times waiting for the ball to stop moving, but that seems to be on me. I was pleasantly surprised at how visible the shapes and slopes of the courses were despite the low resolution, great job with that!

Very cute, and a nice amount of polish for a jam game! As littlecoffeetables already mentioned, a readme or just a little blurb about the controls on the game page would have helped--I didn't even know there was a dash for several minutes while staring at that second ledge and pressing every key on my keyboard. But once I got past that I enjoyed working my way through the rest of the game.