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I think it also a good idea too since it’s like PICO-8 but can be programmed in any languages.

Is it allowed to use license not approved by OSI/FSF? (e.g custom EULA,, …)

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My game actually not using any custom font or font icon. I only use default system font which have emojis and unicode symbols. The pause button actually not a gear⚙️ emoji but unicode symbol . Unicode symbol has consistent offset than emoji so it’s easier to center. Play▶️ or pause⏸️ (or both⏯️ would likely not fit since it’s emoji while the button shaped as circle and have double line border when hovered/activated. I apply that animated CSS border-style on all buttons in the game.

My current options to provide visual cue for my first patch:

  • make it animated (require change on the plugin I use)
  • add black outline, dot, or sparkle (require change on my tileset.png)
  • just stack additional tile in the insert tile object (not sure if Tiled editor can automate this 🤔)

Thanks for playing and the feedback 🙌

Yups. Still working on the falling system. It requires a bit of change in the plugin I use. Rather than dying, I intent to teleport player to the top to give illusion that the map is endless. Although they might die from landing to hard (as long as they not set the status to be weightless).

Maybe I should give an option for playing in normal mode. I’m not sure whatever keeping this as a rage game or pivot it to other genres 🤔. In my tilemap, each object has a property to set the chance of player encountering that object but I’m not yet implement this in my code.

Thanks for playing and the feedback 😊

Really cool level design! I really like how it has a risk of losing health if player solve the puzzle wrong.

One simple idea (not sure if it fits the game design), try adding either auto or always rotating mirror to increase the risk.

All the SFXs match with the music! except for the screaming and switch/teleport sound. The screaming quite brutal which didn’t match the calming music. Maybe stop/pause the music for a moment when it die. Also, try to lower the switch/teleport sound half or more. Hopefully it help.

The puzzle is really challenging and engaging. Really like this game!

(the custom level text remind me of ascii-mapper)

The text garbled on google-chrome desktop but not in mobile. I like how it keep auto shooting when I play it in mobile screen. I think you should set the orientation to potrait in the settings since the desktop version clip the screen to potrait.

Love to read your review about LDtk after this jam over 🙂

Nice. A game made using Pixijs

I really like the music. It’s really calming. At level 4 I took a bit of brute force solution by holding jump button 😂 Nice puzzle! (didn’t yet finish all level though)

Do you render the text using Pixijs? Cuz it’s blurry. Try setting round pixel to true. If not work, also try disable antialiasing, set PRECISION_FRAGMENT to ‘highhp’, and/or set MIPMAP_TEXTURES to OFF. Unfortunately it really depend on the fonts.

First I bit skeptical about this but the difficulty is really ramp up. I think you should vary the slow down time. For example:

  • make it slower based on the total number of the bullets, or
  • make it slower/faster when player near either laser or bullet

Finally got this game playing after several refresh. Looking at JS console sometimes it says along play() interrupted by pause() or scene undefined.

It’s really clever game! My fav multiplayer game so far. I would say it’s more like battleships + go/reversi rather than bomberman.

Rather than holding [space] key, I think you should make it release/press [space] key to place the bomb. Keeping the cool down for placing the bomb is still fine. Actually, I prefer it that way to give me time to think.

Having isometric graphic for this kind of game is quite tricky for some player. Maybe adding settings to highlight the targeted tile would help.

me 4 times playing -> 1 win (bombed), 2 lose (stalemate), 1 lose (bombed) 😂

This is really cool! The laser tune is in sync with the music. You should add Try Play this Level button in the Level Editor.

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I try this in mobile screen and it’s totally playable. I chuckled when some of them say F- 🤣

Great game.

Thanks for playing 🤗

Originally I intend to randomize the parameters so that player have different feel each time they visit the game. However, the day before the jam end…

“Oh screw that. Let’s just make it slippery” 😂

Yups. Oh I though it’s unintentional. Well, it’s still quite challenging, especially when I switch to pirate character. It really exercise my motoric sync nerve.

Ah that’s make sense now. I see a bunch of animation properties inside @for and @if loop.

Thanks for sharing the code. New tricks I learn from scss+nunjucks combo.

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Thanks so much for playing the game. I guess I accidentally successfully making this as a rage game. I hope you get frustated in a fun and healthy way 😃

Wikipedia: John E. Sarno believes that repressed rage in the subconscious leads to physical ailments.

Btw, player can tweak the snake movement to make it easier or harder to control. Though I doubt it will make the game easier 😂

I guess this is the only entry that use Twine.

Some Tips about Twine: you can style and add custom animation using CSS for Twine. If you have a bit of knowledge with Javascript (via macro), you can also combine them with CSS variable to have a dynamic atmosphere.

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Ah I see. So the enemy sprites has transparent background with slightly off opacity.

Are you using context 2d as the rendering backend?

Share it to discord when you begin streaming. Would love to watch it 😉

Btw, there is still a lot of game still unrated and uncommented. Maybe start from there.

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I like the idea and it give me the eerie atmosphere. For the spotlight effect, are you using WebGL shader?

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Well, I have dilemma with using proprietary software. Mostly it’s hard for me to track down the current bugs they have and I can’t inspect how they implement some features. It’s quite crucial for me to know how the rendering engine works and the limitation of their physics engine.

Thanks for the advice. Is it good idea to bind HTML or SVG element position with Matterjs objects/bodies?

For example, drawing circle or polygon as an SVG element (e.g <circle> or <path>) then move it using Matterjs.

Despite how cute it look, it’s quite a hardcore puzzle 😃

But most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing 😂

Thanks for making this game!

This give me an inspiration to convert my first game (3D) in 2D using Matterjs to make it Instant Play.

Good takes for the theme! Have some difficulty to understand the game mechanics even after reading the how to play (probably because of the color contrast between the font) but overall it’s good mechanics.

Player usually like bashing their controller whatever it’s keyboard or mouse. So maybe just display the key (in your case [space] and [enter]) near the character or the HUD.

Btw, I can cheat by pressing both WASD and arrow key at the same time to make the inspector awareness almost zero 😃

I like how quick it load the game. Truly an instant play game 😃

I forgot to ask this. What game engine do you use?

Damn! I didn’t even see a slight hint of CSS variable. Truly impressive 😲😮

Love to read the postmortem of this game.

Still stuck in 16. I guess that’s my limit 😂

You nail it! I will play this in my spare time as a replacement for 2048

Great works for your first jam!

This is quite complex. Really like the atmosphere and how I can play it in fast pace. Since I feel this is a fast pace roguelike RPG, it should support keyboard navigation when entering the dungeon.

Finally finish all 10 levels. Really like the dynamic and the color scheme. Hardly find any bugs while playing. Good works!

I don’t know how to spend the coin but after some exploration I finally hear some eerie/mystery music play.

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this really made my day

chris nolan applause

I chuckle when Nolan’s effect kick in 🤣