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My perspective: A glitch fighting with clocks

Reality: A human character fighting with eyes

:) thanks for the addictive game, I could never use the Q and left mouse, they just dont work, but cut them out, This is a really nice keyboard only game, I think this kind of game doesnt need mouse Intraction at all. Tnx

Nice game, But it closed after I keep pressing all my keyboard buttons :D

I played, I liked the creativity, But I didnt know how to play, Tnx

I played first version to rate thejam, Its very good looking, the visuals are very good, nice work, I just dont like the way new weopon (Tripple shot) has a timer, Congrats

The game is s fun, I ended up holding W S A D together and on the level 2 this is the resault :D You have a 3d competitor in the Jam aswell but Yours has way better player feedback :) 

Very well made, very well, Sound effects great, visual feedback cool

My keyboard breacked :D

Never seen a game like this, Just a bit too heavy

Character is so smooth, This was not my taste of game, but  the thing catched me was the engine you used, also I encountered a bug which made my movements reverse :) thats was a good poin tho :D I liked it

Green lantern :) Just to mention

the games good, reminds me of my own games, I love the particle effects behind the scene, This is kind of Insane game where you just  Scream and shoot around. tnx :)

Personally I dont like the character, but the game reminds me if my childhood NES, game, Tnx

I like how the bug looks and moves

It was fun, reminds me of X O, I couldnt quite get how the game works, but I was playing around foor 10 mins and I liked it, Im sure placing a bot for enemy would be hard because of complex AI algorithm for games like chest, but anyway, Very nice 16 mg gamem Congrats

Nice game, rapped up well

Very well and complete, seems already a complete mobile game, I love the simple shop as well, well done, your skilled

Hey dude, nice idea, that Magnifier was awsome

Oh yeas dude, Great bug usage. tnx

Nice game dude, tnx

Very nice design, Jumping from line t line could be soft :) nice game overall

I cant download it! its a 6kb .unity file and nothing!!!

I really enjoyed the story and it was quite fun playing as a granny who runs like an assasin ;D

Intresting Idea, its unique. If it was for Sega, It would be nostalegy

Very funny game,  Not sure what the character is, It is not a rectangle :)

Are you kidding me! 6mg this game? So nice man sooo nice, I dont know how you managed to do this but its nice, the heartbeat also perfect, overall, a good ending would be nice

Ive never seen a game like this, I dont like the background grid, but over all its so polished game, I also couldnt even destroy 1 computer, hard for me :D

It was weird, but seems a lot of work is behind it, congrats for achieving a complete game

Oh wow, Impressed! good job

The game visuals and music where good, I just skipped the first descriptions :) Also when the game ends the farm stays empty. I love the game cuz your chickens are so funny. tnx

I liked it, Got tricked alot :) creativity was awsom. It would better be a sprite instead of ball for a better feeling but nice job. tnx

Very very fun animations, I loved it, I couldnt pass I dont know the level but I assume the final level. The game is perfect. Great job

Oh my god, such a nice IDEA!!!!!! great game, a backgrounds music would be good, also I love the size of your game, 10mg is greatm How did you made this? game engine?

Nice game there, I ended up killing myself because I didnt know how to win, Colliding with coins was a nice Idea, The menu music didnt match the ingame background music but menu music was great. Tnx for accomplishing this game.

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The game is as optimized as possible in 3 days, for more information about where everything is being drawn and how the functionality works you can check the p5js docs here: The game graphical performance is depending on webgl which is directly using your graphic card and all the drawing functions are called inside the draw() method of p5js which will optimize its speed according to your computer resources, basically it means that if your computer needs its power somewhere else, it will slow down my game because the priority is other apps and my javascript app is not on top; also all the logic is written on the server side so cpu is quite resting. If you only open my game and there be no other tabs, games or anything eating your graphic card, your computer will focus on the javascript p5js draw function. You can get the source code from my github and check the client side. Thank you very much for paying attention to qualities like this, I love pro devs like you, Tnx for playing :D

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Im sorry for the bad experiance you had, The lag is due to a free serverside 1 core hosted on heroku website :) The game is pretty much optimized for any graphic card also so simple, no oddly graphic eating code, you can get the source code from my github and check it out. tnx for playing. <Your GPU is completely fine>

Sound and simplicity, Perfect; but I rather like it to have a score or atleast finish somewhere, I was sitting on the button right of screen and just playing for ever :)

I guess this game is a time recording game, but I couldnt see my high score saved anywhere. The game is so beautiful made and is complete, after 2 minutes and Half It was so hard, no way to improve :) Also I didnt quite undrestand what are those empty grounds are for, I just placed my water and electric and that green food somewhere. So clean game you have, Feels like you can sell it already on the play store :)

Nice Hyper casual game, I hate that green color but I love that pink color :D, Nice Idea

So creative, nice job, I just accidentally won :D

Nice Idea, and good graphics, I didnt like the camera position but it was so fun