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The movement felt odd, and the camera sensivity are very low, I couldn't rotate the camera really, even with a high DPI.

The movement also seemed to have a slight delay when letting go of the move key (might be because the move input is always being normalized, even when letting go).

But other than the movement, I believe the game is interesting. I like the level selection a lot :-)

Very satisfying game! The last 2 were a bit challenging but I managed to get through all levels in one go without dying completely :-)

Love the music, and the beat it did when the comet hit the purple things :-)

The gameplay is awesome, and I believe with even more polish, visually, and more features, this would be a very interesting game to have and play.

Very well done on this game!

Gets intense really fast, but I like it even though it is very short :-) The game feel is very well done, the shooting sfx is lovely, and the shake gives it some extra sauce. Overall I enjoyed it :-)

Great short game :-)

The movement felt a bit weird though. The camera is looking angled horizontally, so the world space movement felt weird to me.

But other than that I found the game quite enjoyable, and I really like that you can move under the camera :-)

Well done on the game :-)

Very nice game, it looks really good!

The gameplay feels awesome, and the music, sfx is really great too :-) I like what you did with the menu, interactive in a different way.

Only thing I really would have liked is maybe have the camera look slightly ahead based on where you aim, like in the game RUNNING WITH RIFLES :-) The map overview helped seeing where the enemies were, but sometimes they were blocked by a big tree, or by something else :-)

Other than that it is really well done! :-)

Will have to wait till tomorrow, got home late today :-)

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! I will check out all of ya games today or tomorrow :-) Haven't had a lot of time these days to play & rate stuff :-)

And thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated! :-)

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it :-) It definitely needs more sfx yeah.

I didn't get to balancing the higher difficulties (medium and hard) a lot. Easy could also use a bit of work, but it is more of an easy introduction to the gameplay :-)

Medium and hard is basically the same, didn't adjust many properties on hard.

But I'm glad you liked it anyways :-)

Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback :-)

"Ooh, just try it! I had no experience with art/pixel art before this jam. It's a matter of try, error, redo, improve. Using references and taking some basic courses helps A LOT!"

That's awesome, I might just do that. I did have a few attempts a long time ago, but I stopped all of the sudden. I want to get started again, because I really want to learn, and hopefully keep doing it without stopping  :-) I do have experience with basic 3D art, but my desire lies mostly with 2D :-)

"I'll probably do an article requested by Yang Pulse about how I did it and if you are interested check it out! Maybe you can get something from it. :)"

I'm very interested. Where are you going to post the article? :-)

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"Yea, making it on your own it's really hard but rewarding. I did that on mine too. There are a lot of things we whish to add or to do differently huh?"

Definitely, I just wish I had more experience with art so I could make something more unique.

" Like I said, you did great! o/"

Thanks, you too. Really impressed with yours, I could see myself playing it again if you decide to make it even more complete than it already is (I saw you mentioned that you were thinking about doing it) :-)

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Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :-)

There is a sfx when picking up powerups, just not health pickups. But yeah, some vfx and maybe a slight screen shake would have made it even better :-) When you pickup powerups though, it gets added to the active powerups UI below the vitals UI :-)

I wanted enemies to be able to get hit by asteroids, but was unsure if I should do it or not.

Tbh I was 100% on my own on this game, I didn't watch the Laser Defender section, I have actually barely watched the course :-D I only used kenney's assets due to the lack of skills in art, but I have years of C# programming experience though :-)

Thanks again for playing, and feedback :-)

Hilarious game, and it plays very well. Really a fan of the shooting mechanic, it's a bit hard at first, but after a while it definitely gets easier to use :-)

Very well done game, good job! :-)

The game feels a lot better to play now that you have changed the keys :-)

A well done old school game :-)

The artwork is impressive, it is really impressive  :-) The mood is great, the enemy sfx are scary. I was terrified to try and sneak past them :-D

Well done on this fine piece, especially with the artwork :-)

Man the game feels awesome to play, I like that everything is having some movement to it, it feels alive.

I really like the mechanic where you have to color the enemies and other stuff to continue, or attack them. I suck at mixing colors though, but I managed :-D

Well done on the visuals, and the game :-)

Could have used some work on the game feel, it felt quite static. But a great attempt I must say. I would continue working on it if I were you, it could be fun to see how much better it becomes with more polish, features and mechanics :-)

But good job on having something playable and submitting it :-)

The big skulls are tough :-D But I really like the tower mechanics, and the seasons.

Well done on the game :-)

Very short game, but it was great fun. The art looks awesome, and I really like the feel of the main menu :-D

Nicely done :-)

Great platformer, and visuals, I especially like the dash visuals. The controls also felt decent.

It took some attempts to get used to the wall jumping, but it worked well once you learned it properly :-)

Great work! :-)

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Amazing game you've got, it was fun and it kept me interested all the way through. The level transition effect felt awesome, the game definitely got some nice juice. The visuals are amazing. Lots of levels, this game is one of my favorites so far.

It is so simple, yet so awesome and fun to play. The only thing I had problems with was jumps at the edge didn't register, but other than that it felt awesome.

Amazing work!

Sorry about that, I wanted some lower pitched sfx but I used bfxr to generate the shooting, powerup, and explosion sfx, so they had that distortion, and high pitched sound :-) Don't know if I could change the pitch in bfxr, didn't understand most of the settings :-P

The game feels great. Sometimes the toys would spawn too close to the clock arm, so I didn't have enough time to lob them over :-)

Also on my first play I picked up a letter cube thing, but a cube was on top of it so it bounced up in the air, and landed on the clock arm, resulting in me losing lol :-D It actually happened in 2 of my plays :-)

I see you fixed the controls text though (I remember part of it being out of the screen) :-)

Well done on the game :-)

This game is awesome. I lost all my chickens except 1 in night one though :-D I could keep the last chicken alive for a while because I only had to focus on one.

My VR system didn't boot up, which is good. So I could play (I'm Mr.Sunshine from Discord). 

Great work, it feels quite nice to control. I used an Xbox One controller btw :-)

Nice and challenging game, and really great concept. I like it a lot :-)

There's some odd bug in level 5 though, it teleports you back to level 4. To trigger it, I walked up the stairs and close to the wall :-)

Great work on the game! :-)

When you moved the mouse too fast it controlled weirdly. I think the movement would have been better if it used keyboard input, because then it would be a constant speed and easily controllable :-)

Great and simple entry though, good job :-)

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Definitely, it is perfectly fine for a jam game. Short, and fun :-)

Great game. The gameplay is fun the visuals are great as well :-)

I just wish there would be checkpoints, which when you die you can choose which checkpoint to start at :-) You could deduct the time based on the checkpoint you choose to start at to compensate.

Example if I have picked up 200 seconds worth of time, then when you have reached a checkpoint and die after. The player would maybe choose to start from that checkpoint, and you would deduct the seconds it took to get from the very start to the chosen checkpoint ( you can have the time it took saved somewhere ).

That way players wouldn't have to fight their way to get to the place they were at when they died. You would still have 200 seconds worth of time if you  decide to spawn at the start spot again though, even after having chosen the checkpoint earlier. So the time would only get deducted temporarily (if that's the right word), based on the checkpoint you choose :-)

I hope I explained it well enough :-)

This is really well done, the feeling of the game is fantastic, the visuals are fantastic. The overall game is amazing :-)

Really great job on this one, it feels like a complete game :-)

The shooting, enemies, and audio are really great. The movement however feels very wonky, that was the only thing that was missing to make the game feel great :-) It movement needs work.

Good work  otherwise though :-)

Great work on the game, the visuals are pretty good too :-) I see you adjusted the amount of money you get when killing, and the amount of enemies that spawns :-D It also seems like you reduced the damage of the enemies a bit which is good. Awesome :-) :-D

Ah right, I see that now. Then I did see it yesterday :-D I just had a go at it today again to make sure, and yeah it was the thing I saw yesterday :-D

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Really great looking art. The mechanic where you make a specific part go to a different time is quite nice.

The ending though, I believe there should have been something to indicate that was the end (like a big text fading in saying THE END and a bit of story telling what the end was about), and have the crystals HUD disappear. I mean it is of course obvious that it is the end, but in the beginning I thought it was a transition to a new level, until I realized nothing else happened :-)

Fantastic work though! Short but great :-)

I encountered some bugs, but the game is fun when you understand it. In my first 3 attempts I misunderstood the game completely, so I just thought it was a lot of bugs I encountered and got annoyed, even after seeing the tutorial :-)

I had a bug though: it was, the car wouldn't go where I pointed it to, after changing the direction after a rewind. I had to restart the level.

So my first 3 play attempts didn't go well. In my 4th attempt, I began to understand how the game worked a bit more (like if you don't move, the time you didn't move will be rewinded. I might have missed that from the tutorial though, not sure. I initially thought it was a bug). So I managed to finish a few levels :-)

Well done on the game, I like the concept of the game :-)

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Just tried the game again :-)

I still can't get past the first ancient egypt level no matter what I try. I kept it balanced in near the center but it probably took 4-5 attempts before I found the first and second relic, I thought that was it but when I got to the portal it didn't glow. I might be missing something, so I had a few more attempts with no luck. I find it hard to have the time to find anything without dying constantly trying to find everything. I don't feel like there is room for mistakes either, I have to rush with no time to read the dialogues either :-)

I do like the game mechanics, it is just the difficulty of the level that I have issues with :-)

I wish I could have gotten better sfx, but I had a hard time finding something. So I just went with using Bfxr for the gameplay sounds.

It is just a basic take on the theme "Survive for as long as you can" game, which is time based :-)

But I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

Hmm I thought I did win :-D Because I didn't die. I believe I saw a win animation on the character. I can't remember how it looked though. I might have a quick run again to see, when I get on my pc again :-)

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Oh, well then it is the first ancient egypt level, never got past it :-)

Thanks glad you like it :-) I like the overheating suggestion, I will add it to the ideas list and develop the game further when I get to it :-)

The ancient egypt level is the one I have to rush, due to getting old way too fast  :-) But no matter the level, the time doesn't pause when a dialogue is shown :-)

I'll try the ancient egypt level again tomorrow (about to sleep) , but I seem to get old too fast in that level to keep it balanced :-)