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I see... maybe a "press M for map" could be interesting. 

Not knowing the way is also a type of "difficulty feature". Once you get used to the roads, you'll get better at the game. 

But in a casual game like this the map seems more appropriate indeed!

Thank you for the comment and suggestion!

Interesting mechanic. The changing from Real to Underworld could be with a keystroke instead of clicking. I think it would enhance gameplay flow!

Very good!

Very interesting take on the theme.

I didn't understand if the deck was infinite, burnt a lot of cards and got to a point in which no more "feed" cards appeared and I couldn't keep playing (no more dust...).

I think that you if have the time, you'll end up with a great game! Congrats!

Very nice! Congrats!

Hello good folks!

We have been receiving many comments regarding the truck driving being difficult/weird.

What do you think would make it better? Which were the problems perceived? Turn velocity? Forward velocity? Controlling the Truck when going backwards?

We are aware that when going too far offroad the allignment of colliders make it hard to get back on track fast. We are planning on tackling this problem with collider material configuration (the colliders have actually no material at all atm... blame me!) 

Thank you for all the feedback!


Thank you for the comment! Yes, some king of upgrade or even different truck models with pros/cons would be fun! I don't know if we will keep developing the game, but we got some great feedback from the community!

Nope, thanks. I chickenned out.

Good game! :D I just don't like horror lol

Good idea!

As mentioned in other comments, the click and drag is a little cumbersome. A more manageable way to responde to the events would be nice (like the use of QWER as suggested)!

I liked the game nonetheless! :D

I didn't understand what was "killing" me until the third time I played! Stealth and backstab guys!


Very nice!

I just felt like the lightining could be clearer regarding the area of effect. Many times I thought I would get all the wraits but some always survived!

Cool and fun! Great work!

I'm still laughing lol Great work! Very fun! 

Almost had a heart attack. Great! lol

Thank you for the comments!

The choice of U, R and L were related to the action verbs (Unload, Refuel, Load), but you are correct in asking for a more ergonomic key binding!

And we're very sorry for the loud refuel sound! We'll test to get to a more confortable but yet noticeable volume!

And regarding the collection with the car, a "collecting" animation would be a nice touch! Maybe the player character could go out and collect the corpse... if we can pull it out and keep developing the game we'll try to add these features!

Thank you for the comments Cosmic!

Yes, creating a "living environment" is a great challenge, but will certainly make the game much more interesting!

The idea is always continue with the project, but the reality somethimes makes it quite impossible... but we'll try!

And I'll take a look in the accessibility settings of  Vampire Overlord! <3

Ooooh, now I get it! You know, reading is hard... sry kkkkk And my game has a similar approach to the theme! My bad!

I liked the gameplay and the sounds were very funny!

I know it's a jam game, but if you keep working on it, I would like to see an "objective pointer". Someone on the comments said that he/she felt a little lost. Maybe an arrow pointing to the zone where the hunted monster spawns would solve that issue!

Hello! And thank you for the feedback!

We actually have many things in mind. A full day cycle with light changes, traffic, opening os new areas with time progression, an economy system to have variable costs/profits... all sorts of stuff. 

I have a mini story in the back of my head too, but it would take a long long way to learn how to implement it!

Regarding th UI... I really don't know, haven't had that issue... it's probably my inability on configuring an responsive UI ... sorry for that!

By the way, you're game is awesome! It bugged out after a few deaths (... a few to be kind to myself...) but I loved playing it and the story is very instresting. I'll try it again to see if I can go past mage stage 2 (too many firaballs on ma face!)

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Thank you PcKaffe!

Yeah, camera could be a little wider, We'll have to better tune it! Good thing we added the minimap, game would be terribly frustrating without it!

Thank you Domenixius! We're glad you liked it!

We actually want to add a lot of things to the game, one of them beeing traffic! But it is a huge task to come up with a good trafic system (withou constant car crashes lol). 

But I'll try to come up with something and add more vehicles! (Imagine if those vehicles actually created the carcasses... with roaming animals and all... every time I think about the game, the scope grows kkkk) 

I had fun, but didn't understand the connection with the jam theme...

Nevertheless, keep up the good work! :)

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Incredibly fun, congratulations!

I re-bound the keys to have a better ergonomics and it's great. I don't know if I have played too little, but I want new powers too... xD

Unfortunately the game bugged after a while and I couldn't move anymore :(

Excellent! Great work!

Very cool and a good interpretation of the theme! Congrats!

Onion Ninja attack...

Great experience! Nicely done! VA very touching! 

Great work! I had a good time playing!

Very cool! I got a little confused with he cloning at first, but than I got it!

Nicely done!

Nice game! I liked the vibe and mechanics! Congrats!

Thank you for the feedback!

We are happy that you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for playing and providing feedback!

I'll tune the Timer for sure!

I meant the areas like ramps in which you go down and than lose the vertical alignment of the character ("it falls on its face", but "ragdolls" is probably a better term lol).

But, if it's intended, than it's intended! It's just a feature that I personally got frustrated with. I bet many others would say it's a good feature!

I like the idea of informing that you'll lose the control, maybe an icon above the character head?

Good work nonetheless!

Thank you!

By the way, I played your submission and I think it's very cool! :D

Really good game! I liked it a lot!

The mechanic is very interesting and it really gets harder!

Great Work!

Take that Necromancer! kkkkkk

Really good puzzle platformer with a funny story! I humbly request and end game scene!

Art was great, sound/musc are good too!

Great work!

Nice game, interesting mechanics, but I think that making the "bodies" static after rebirth would be better fot the intended use! And preventing the "alive" character from falling on its face and moving weirdly afterwards would also help a little!

With more polish this will be a very fun game! Congrats!!!

Yes, I think adjusting the hit box a little bit to be more forgiving would be better. But beware not to decrease it too much and make it impossible to land on the other side!

Do I NEED the cheat code to find the level? I clicked a lot of places and tried to "walk" but to no avail... if I can access the level without "cheatcoding", I'll look for it later with more time!

Thank you for the comments!

I actually want to take this mechanic and add a story on top of it! 

The tunning of day timer is really necessary, I just hadn't have the time to do it! But the jam community feedback is of major help! 

I'm really glad you liked the interpretation of the theme!


Nice puzzles! I thought level 3 was broken, but managed to squeez after fine adjusting the "mirror"!

I didn't find the extra level... xD 

Thank you for your comment plackett!

Well, I don't know how it really works in real life, but in the article I found regarding the theme ( it was said that this service was actually hired and paid "a good money"!

Regarding the side of the street in which to drive, I laughed when I read it, because  it has never crossed my mind! I really wouldn't know, so it's up to you to decide (I personally drive all around like a maniac in the game so...)!

And the Timer needs to be better tunned for sure! Maybe even a "day/night" effect... but that's for the future!

Thanks again!

Hello! Nice game!

As mentioned in other comments, I would like to have better control of the aim or speed up the "auto turn" a bit. The upgrade on death was unexpected, I even reloaded the game the first time I "died" xD Especially because you said in the description "if you can hold out long enough you can be upgraded", I was waiting for upgrades over time, not over death.

It was fun and hard! And I'm bad at it! lol