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Hey I really liked that game! Really original idea. I loved the concept of turning these realistic characters into generic rpg npcs, and the cool map designs really drove it home that everything was becoming an rpg. I got kinda a creepy vibe from this, not sure if you were going with that but I really enjoyed it. It did feel a little too short, but besides that I had a ton of fun, great work!

That was so good! Definitely one of my favorite games so far! The atmosphere and music created such an immersive experience, and I loved the level design. It was such an original concept and the diversity in the different levels was amazing, I'd definitely play a full game of this. Gosh I can't get over how cool of an experience that was, you picked such a good soundtrack for it, it was so so so enjoyable.

There were a few bugs in the game, like the save feature not working and the game crashing if you opened and closed the options menu, but overall this game was wonderful!

That was fun! I really love hand-drawn characters and stuff like that, their designs were really cool. I enjoyed the different worlds to explore and the story was cool as well. The music was really good and fit the areas too.

Just one critique, but I felt like the enemy encounters could've been a little more diverse. The characters have such unique elements and powers, but most of the enemies can be defeated just by using the main magic attacks you have at level one. Perhaps it would've been more interesting if there were enemies with extra atk so you had to use the weakening spell, or enemies that shot poison so you had to use the roots attack. (or maybe there were enemies that shot poison, but they all died before they could attack for me)

Overall it was a fun game, and I enjoyed it! I really like this world and I hope you keep expanding it!

I went into this game expecting a trippy, stylized adventure. And I was not disappointed! I loved this. The environments were so clever, and the music really fit the vibes of all the areas. I also really enjoyed the simplistic, but unique battle system, it really felt new.

Just like most game jams, I wish this could've been longer, and if you ever have the chance you should definitely add onto this with more story and more trippy stuff, I really liked it!

That was a fun, different take on the standard rpg system. I really liked how you used the real world as the base of your story, you don't see that a lot in RPGs. I also liked the design of the two characters and their relationship with eachother.

I had a bit of trouble with some of the gameplay. The encounter rate felt a bit too high until I realized you were supposed to learn specific moves from enemies. I think it would benefit to have some indication that you're supposed to learn moves from enemies, as I spent a long time wandering the city area trying to find a way across the bridge until I realized I had learned the ice ability a while ago.

It had a good, modern atmosphere with the music and the setting, and I really liked that, and the use of the "contagious" theme was pretty original. I had fun!

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While the gameplay was a bit linear and dialogue-heavy, you had some really good characters and atmosphere. I really liked your level design, I really felt like I was aboard that ship striving to bring power back! I liked all the characters designs and different personalities, if there had been more time for the jam it would’ve been fun to see more of them.

I’m glad you liked the concept and the vibe! Yeah I wish I had put more character stuff into it, originally you were able to take your friend with you into other rooms, but that got a little too complicated for the time constraint. 

If it’s fun I might go back and try to add more to this sometime, thanks for the advice!

Quick question, is there supposed to be music in this game? Cause nothing plays past the title sequence.

If you did have music then it's probably the same problem I had, where you only had the ogg file and not the m4a.

That was a fun little adventure. I liked the concept of scavenging a dying boat for a cure, and the art direction really made it feel urgent. I seriously loved the art for this, reminded me of the older style, while still being new and fresh, especially the ending graphic.

I wish there would have been some music or sounds to bring out the atmosphere a little more, but it was still really fun! Also the title is just really clever. 

This was a fun game! I’m he strongest point was the atmosphere you gave it, I really liked the feeling of isolation I got from being in that tiny room. I also liked how nearly everything could be interacted with, so the world really felt alive.

At times the dialogue felt out of place, as it was a little too lighthearted for an isolated place, but that might’ve been your intention to juxtapose the two. 

I also really liked the dream aspect, I was somewhat confused at first, but  I liked the story the dream was trying to tell. 

Overall it was a fun, atmospheric adventure that felt cool to explore!

Thank you :D glad you enjoyed it

glad you liked it! I wanted it to have a creepy vibe but not be too over the top :D

I’m excited to play your game once I have the time, it looks pretty funny :p

dax is a good naem

thank you for naming your character after me

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This was a really fun, short game that has some replay value to it. I ended up going back cause I wanted to see how few people I could infect before I got to the end.

Also the ending was a beautiful work of art and I'm glad you did what you did.

But yeah, this was really fun and cool, and the level design worked perfectly for the kind of gameplay you had. I also liked that we started off almost to the kings castle, that way it felt more exciting once we finally got back to where we started.

But yeah, great fun game. Good job making it fun and memey